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Hi it's @livinguktaiwan today. If you read our #traveldigest everyday, you will have noticed that we had a new curator yesterday. Today I'd like to formally welcome her to the @steemitworldmap team - @itchyfeetdonica. In her own words, "So I think @livinguktaiwan @choogirl and @martibis already knew me, and it's funny I have a bit in common with each - I am ethnically Chinese like @livinguktaiwan , living in Belgium now like @martibis , and used to live in Australia like @choogirl". I think she was destined to join the team. Welcome to the team!!! Back to today's #traveldigest. Today we were spoilt for choice for the featured posts and spent ages pondering which three to put in. After a lot of this one or that one, here are the final choices.

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Travel Digest

#1 Flower Battle Valencia 2018: Batalla De Flores

First up is @for91days and the Flower Battle in Valencia, Spain. This festival dates back to 1891 and the main event is the parade of floats decorated with flowers. The floats goesa round a few times and after the last round the Flower Battle starts. Thousands of flower bulbs are released and the crowds throw them at the Falleras, who are well prepared with their tennis rackets to protect themselves and to hit the flower bulbs back to the crowd. If you thought that was mad, the next stage takes things up one notch when the crowds scramble into the ocean of flowers and start throwing them at one another.

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#2 Travelling with Stabilo #27: Waimangu Volcanic Valley 经纬游踪 #27: 怀芒古火山谷地热区

The Rotorua Region in New Zeland is famous for the geothermal features and @stabilowl visits the Waimangu Volcanic Valley. It is one of the youngest and most active geothermal areas in the region and luckily still rather uncommercialised with not many tourists. There is a bush walking trail which leads you to the many small scale flats and pools with colourful mineral deposits and he takes a detour to the top of the hill where he gets a magnificent view of the crater and lake. Ok, this is pinned to my go to list now, need another trip to New Zealand again.

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#3 Travel Blog 46: First Time in Seoul,South Korea [ Gyeongbokgung Palace & National Palace Museum]

Korea is a country full of rich cultural history, and @explorenations takes us on a tour around the capital Seoul. In her post she takes us to the Gyeongbokgung Palace. Here you can watch the changing guard ceremoney, admire the Korea Drums on display, and follow the guide on a free tour of the palace. There is also a museum displaying relics from the Joseon Dynasty, and whilst you are there don't forget to checkout the water clock.

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Travel digest great initiative that we can support.
Thank you

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EEEEK! What a pleasant surprise. Thank you!!!!


How could we not when you braved the baking sun and flower bulbs!!!

Thanks for the honorable mention!


You're welcome

Wuhoo! Thanks so much for the feature :D Such a surprise :)


It was a lovely tour of the palace!

visiting your post is very interesting to me and I am very happy to do it because your description is very informative and the photo is also interesting

Hey, thanks for the welcome @livinguktaiwan! Just noticed it. =)

Thank you for the honorable mention!

I hope you enjoyed the video :)