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Hi everyone it's @LivingUKTaiwan here with the weekend edition of the #traveldigest. Our top 3 featured posts today includes a secret waterfall in Romania, over 22k skeletons in Austria and a tribal village in India. Hope you enjoy reading about these fascinating travel posts today!!

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Travel Digest

#1 Let's travel together #133 - Cascada Sila (Sila Waterfall) + Rain of Shooting Stars (Perseids) by @gabrielatravels

To be honest, the name of the waterfall wasn't too friendly while silă means loathing. But that didn't make us step back, but actually more curious to find out where the name comes from. As soon as we reached Mălaia - the village where the map was showing us the waterfall is located, we started asking the locals as well as the people who own guesthouses on there about this waterfall, but of course, no one knew anything.They actually were surprised to hear the name of the waterfall.

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#2 Market and Bones / Markt und Knochen by @johannpiber

When we visited my niece in the Austrian state Lower Austria last year, we were also in the state capital, Sankt Pölten. Because there was a market day with a farmers market on the cathedral square, today there are some of the few photos from me where people are on it. For me, the excavations and the cathedral were more interesting than what was happening on the market.

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#3 One day at with the Toda Tribe| Part II by @elsaenroute

Ooty belonged to the Toda tribe and it was known as Ottakalmandu which later became Udagamangalam and for ease known as Ooty. This is the land given out to Sullivan for Rs.1, as I mentioned in one of the previous blogs, in a time where these tribes had no concept of money. Ooty is one of the busy cities with booming tourism and the Nilgiris is a reserved biosphere and also got a World Heritage tag.

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Man..forget about it. I don't even find my words anymore!! I mean, look at you guys. You've been supporting my posts from almost my beginning on here. This is just so emotional to me that it leaves me speechless! Really! I love you all even if you don't believe it, lol!

Aww, thank you for your kind words. Or lack of! 😂

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very interesting...

Thank you very much for featuring my post, @steemitworldmap, I do really appreciate your service and support a lot 🙂


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