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Hi everyone @LivingUKTaiwan here with the weekend edition of the #TravelDigest. I'm going to do another shameless plug, all in the name of engagement on Steemit. I've just started a Show Me Your Fridge challenge today, my fridge has all my magnets from my travels, what about yours? Want to find out more? Check out my latest post here.Now, let's take a look at today's posts!

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Travel Digest

#1 Consonno the Ghost Town by @stefenne

Consonno is a tiny village now almost completely uninhabited, located in the province of Lecco, a few kilometers from the most famous Milan, and situated in a hilly area completely immersed in nature.In the 60s the small village was bought by Mario Bagno, a wealthy entrepreneur from Milan, with the intention of building a real city of entertainment, complete with a zoo, amusement park, hotels, shops, luxury restaurants, soccer fields , golf and basketball and even a racetrack.

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#2 Let's travel together #122 - Park Güell (Barcelona Tour) by @gabrielatravels

Even though you wouldn't know this art belongs to the famous artist, from your first steps made on the park you will discover the specific style of creating beautiful arts, remembering the colourful mosaic pavement with unusual shapes, the dragons and the lizards, the endless columns and so on.You don't need any more information to realize you are facing another treasure of this man.

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#3 A Month-Long Dream Trip to Ambergis Caye, Belize by @blueeyes8960

After many happy hours of research, we decided on the island of San Pedro in the Ambergris Caye area. We picked Belize for a few different reasons - the tropical climate and beaches, the value of their currency was 50 cents to our dollar, and English was the official language. The next decision was lodging. Being a retired postal worker, money was no object. Well I wish that was the case anyway.

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Thank you for honorable mention.. So many great contents..

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That was some amazing architecture!

Aww, no 2 in top 3. Wow!! Thank you so much! ❤️

Another great post about a great city!

Thank you so much for mentioning my post, @steemitworldmap, I appreciate it 👍

Thanks a lot @steemitworldmap, for mentioning my post.

You're welcome @leylar, hope to see more of your post on the map

Thank you a lot for the mention ^^

That's a very interesting tour of the site, great stuff!

Cheers for the honorable mention 🍺🍺

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I was very concerned when I read the title, nearly didn't want to read it, luckily there were no snakes!!!

Haha yes unfortunately we didn't get to see any snakes 😊 but watching the goanna walking on the beach was very cool!

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