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Hi everyone, @itchyfeetdonica here with another edition of #traveldigest! Enjoy! =)

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Travel Digest

#1 Visiting with the Cambodian Monks by @paulmp

During my most recent trip through Cambodia I had the opportunity to spend the day in a monastery, documenting the lives of the monks. A few trips prior our "fixer" / guide / translator had organised a visit to this monastery and it quickly became a regular part of our trips to Cambodia.

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#2 Four unforgettably photographic days in Albania and Greece (70 photos) by @lightcaptured

It all started when my friends from Delta Tours, a great Bulgarian travel agency invited me to be their guide-photographer for a promising Balkan photo-travel with a bus and a small group of about 20 people, all dedicated to our favorite Eight Art ;) I was thrilled to go to Albania and Greece again, this time in a different month and season so I was sure that apart from the new friends I will also find new beautiful places and I am going to make good photos.

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#3 Hiking to the hot springs by @derangedvisions

Over the weekend, my wife, daughter and I went up Spanish Fork Canyon to Fifth Water Hot Springs Trail. Overall, this hike is pretty awesome. If you are in the area and wanting to do a fun hike with a nice surprise at the end, this is definitely one you will want to do. It does get very crowded, especially the parking area, so try and arrive as early as possible or late in the evening.

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Exactly! My feet get itchy too. :) Your tribe trip looks like an amazing experience!

It was. And literally just a couple of hours up the road from my home here in Chiang Mai. :)

Jealous! :) I loved Chiang Mai and thought it’s a good place to stay for longer. Didn’t know about that tribe there before reading your post.

16 years for me in CNX now... LOL - I'm a solo mom with a 15 year old half-Thai daughter. I run a herbal products biz here Moving closer to the Burmese border soon. Be in touch for a coffee next time you're in the 'hood. :)

Thanks for the honorable mention! ❤️

You are welcome! Thanks for the great tour in the Neon Museum!

Also myanmar as you

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such beautiful places, the image of the monk shows a simple life, I would like to visit that place someday.