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Travel Digest

#1 Fordlândia - the "ghost town" on the Rio Tapajós by @kris-eklu

On my exploration of the city I quickly realize that refering to Fordlândias as a ghost town is an exaggeration. At present, several hundred people live here. However, you hardly see anyone on the streets. It is hot and very humid. There are two small shops, wich have a very limited range of goods. So my conclusion is: Time did not have stopped here, but is just running very slowly.

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#2 Philippines during wet season - A different story by @ivna

The other morning we decided to travel to the coast nearby. Bus ride was pleasant - enjoying the sceneries and a beautiful green nature. We arrived to a little place Baretto, near the bigger city Olongapo. This area is a part of Subic Bay - an ex American Naval Base, nowdays Subic Bay is a popular touristic place, more for local tourists than for foreign ones.

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#3 Traveling to spiritual boatyards by @yannay

Aktio is a penninsula on the shore of a channel separating the island of Preveza from the mainland. Preveza itself is a charming place where Ouzo is still prepared the traditional way by a local family. There's a new tunnel running under the water into Preveza. The tunnel is a treat for photographers as it provides super cool compositions, light play and movement

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Very cool features. Thanks for sharing!

Thanks for your support @trincowski!

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You're welcome. Hope to see more of you travel posts on the Steemitworldmap!

Thank you for including for the honorable mention :) The top picks stories look interesting!

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