Travel Digest #264

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Hi, @livinguktaiwan with our latest #traveldigest. I have three exciting adventures to share with you today. Come and take a look!!

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Travel Digest

#1 #letsgoto: Jaipur, India

Our first feature post is from @suitcasemama who's taking us to Jaipur in India. This is a lovely colourful city, and in fact it's known as the Pink City due to the colour scheme of of it's architecture. The city has a lot of interesting building such as the Hawa Mahal which has 953 windows, the impressive City Palace, the vibrant and forever busy market, the Amber Fort which is always packed with people, the Jal Mahal which is in the middle of the lake, and the Jantar Mantar where you can find the world's largest stone sundial. Wow! Seems like that there's so much to do in Jaipur!!

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#2 Ride With Me – Magical Lasqueti Tour

How do you fancy going to an island which is not connected to the electricity grid, only has a walk on ferry, and rumour has it that "Visiting the island without knowing someone is considered trespassing"? Sound kinda of weird and remote right? Well, @storebeker was so intrigued to find out that he hopped on the ferry to Lasqueti which is actually near Vancouver in Canada. He went there to meet up with another Steemian but was given no directions on the time or location they were supposed to meet up. Not to worry as he did have a nice wander around the island before they finally managed to find one another. Check out his post for his adventure.

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#3 Guatemala Part 5: Defeating the Vulcan Acatenango - The 7 hrs hike to the camp (Photos + Videos)

Our last featured post is from @lizanomadsoul, she went on a 7 hour hike in Guatemala to see the sunrise and volcano eruption. This is a two day trip and on the first day she had to ascend 1700m to the camp where she spends the night before hiking nearly another 300m the next morning to see the the natural wonders. It was a tough hike and she did wonder if she was going to make it. Of course she did in the end, and watching the volcano erupt in front of her eyes made everything worthwhile.

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You're doing a pretty good job! Thanks for mentioning my daily post.


You're welcome!

The flower in India is so beautiful.


That was a very colourful post in deed

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Thanks so much for the feature, I love India so much and love the @steemitworldmap project!!


And we love your great travels!

Wow I even made it to the top 3!! Thanks a lot :)

Nice top angle composition....Great!

Can you give some pic to me of India in high resolution?


Can you give some pic
To me of India in
High resolution?

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