Exploring Museo Orlina: Looking Through the Glass

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Hello again! :)

Last Friday, February 16, 2018, my family and I went to Tagaytay to visit a few places. One of the places included the Puzzle Mansion Museum as I stated in my recent post Trip to the Puzzle Mansion Museum! :).

Another place that we went to was the Museo Orlina. Thanks to Waze and Google Maps, my sister Hanney Lorenzo saw these upon searching for places to visit in Tagaytay.

Museo Orlina is a museum of glass sculptures by Ramon Orlina.

The photo on the left was the glass sculpture found at the entrance of the building.

Below the sculptures, would be a nameplate indicating the following:

  • Title of the Sculpture
  • Dimensions of the sculpture
  • Physical characteristic of the sculpture
  • Year completed

and some even contained description of the setting of that year.


"Burst of Sunflower"

"Blue Sapphire"

"Chasing Rainbows"


"Silvery Moon"

"Triumphant Harmony"

"Dream Lady"


Some details about Naesa

The rooms had open glass windows so I had to be careful in taking pictures of the sculptures such that their ambient lighting is not affected. This photo above, for example, shows how the photos taken can be darker than what the glass sculptures actually look like just because the angle on which they were captured was against the light.

"Profound Peace"

Means I Love You's Tag

"Swirls in Orange Amber"(left) and "Swirls in Pink" (right)

This was one of the biggest glass sculpture found there.

So, I definitely needed to have a photo with it. :)

This is the label found at the center of the bottom part of the sculpture's frame.



"Corazon Aquino's Bust"

"Timeless Music"

"Gradual Emergence" (front view)

"Gradual Emergence" (side view)

"Fertile Crescent"

"Le Mejor De Dos Mundo - II"

"Basketball Mi Mundo"

"Pamaypay ng Maynila I"

Also, there were several works related to the Quattromondial in celebration of the 400th anniversary of the University of Santo Tomas (UST).





"Quattrommondial Monument" (label of the photo below)

"Quattrommondial Monument"

A few art pieces besides the glass sculptures were found at the ground floor.


This is the label found at the right side of the bottom part of the frame.

"Lady Holding a Flower" by Isabelo Tampinco

"Bursh Yam Dreaming"

These are artworks placed outside in the garden.

So, a few more things to know if you would like to visit Museo Orlina :

These are posted outside the museum.

One notable thing is that you will be able to see the Taal Volcano at the roof deck.

I hope you will also be able to visit this place and enjoy as much as I did. :))

Thank you for dropping by this post!

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Beautiful sculptures in glass.
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