My simple yet memorable birthday celebration 🎂

in philippines •  last year  (edited)

I thank the Lord Almighty for continuously giving me strength and life in this world. He is so good that He gave me a gift of a happy family. As long as I live I will continuously give Him praise and be thankful for His unconditional love for us.

Im so thankful as well to Steemit for giving me great opportunity not only to earn money but also to learn more about different faces of life. Thank you steemit community because you have opened the door for us stay at home mommies to continue dreaming and believing in ourselves and at least we can also provide for our family.


This day February 20 2018, I celebrate my 31st birthday at our favorite restaurant IL Padrino's in Clark Pampanga. I already featured this resto in my previous blogs. We keep coming back for their great taste signatured coffee. They also have tasty pizzas, pastas and sweets.


Photos taken at IL Padrino's earlier.

My birthday cake from IL Padrino's

Cheesy bacon Carbonara

Picture of my family :)

My Son..

My husband and I..

My happy Family...

Thank you so much guys for viewing my blog :)Dont forget to smile because god loves you!!!


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Happy Birthday
@teardrops SMT imaginary of @surpassinggogle has sent you a tear of joy.
We mention you here
A Tear Now Has Value #10


Thank you sir
@surpassinggogle.gobless you :)


Happy birthday,May God continue to protect you and be with you.....i love your pictures


Thank you :)

Happy birthday day buddy,i wish you got everything that you desired in your life.😇


Thank you buddy :)

happy birthday @sandaraclark
sorry, i late to say it 🙏🏻🙏🏻


Thank you @julian01 its ok.

Happy birthday to one of the beautiful and loving mother in the world!!! (^^) may God bless you and your family... Enjoy life while steeming!!! (^^)


Thank you so much kuya @kennyroy :).God bless you and your family..

Happy birthday ate!🍝🎂🎁🍻🥂🎉


Thank you sis

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