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Merry Christmas, my fellow Steemians!

First things first: I got to visit my granny for christmas and she is super happy!


Picture of my grandmother and me visiting my grandpa at the cemetery.

After Mt. Agung decided to stop me from visiting her on her birthday I can finally make up for it and spend christmas time with her! My brother and me will be with her for the entire next week. Our presence is the biggest gift we can give her. Remember to give back love to the one’s that took care of that clumsy child you once were! ☺

Still I gotta take the chance and hit the slope with my snowboard while I’m here! 110 km of snowy fun – one of the biggest ski areas of austria! Woohooo! :D

Travel Blog Bali

„Now... What the heck is up? Aren’t you on Bali? Where are the posts?!“
Yeah, bear with me! :D
As you know my blog is not up-to-the-minute - right now it’s somewhere in the last week of november. You may be happy for the delay because it means I had like the single most amazing times of my life after my last blog entry!
I went five-star surfing and hit the reef, I skitched a scooter with a longboard, I slept in the freaking Marina Bay Sands Hotel in Singapore and was nearly robbed by trickster in rome. You’re in for some pretty cool reads in the near future I tell you!


Poolside at Kima Surf - The Green Room

Christmas Times

For now I’m going to spend some time with my nana before I leave again for the world!

I wish you all merry, merry christmas! Put down that phone and spend some time with your dearest. Spread love and be forgiving! <3


Traditional „Adventkranz“ (advent wreath) at @martinamartini ’s place which I call home. My dad makes us green smoothies and the most amazing breakfast in the morning! Oh yeah, @martinamartini is my mom as one might guess.
Love you mom. :*

All the best and happy holidays,


Hello son :), YOU make the better photos and YOU write the better blogs but most of all, like your brother Edi, whatever you do, you light the candle in people's hearts! There's a wise soul in a young body. And therefore, this time, in the Japanese tradition that I am studying right now, from Burgenland to Carinthia, I greet you with a deep bow.... One tiny remark as you asked for feedback in your former Steemit posts. I would put one or the other hashtag here or there, what do you think about? How good that you tagged with steemit-austria. Where's my handkerchief???

Thanks mom :*
I tagged it with that s
#steemit-austria tag. Don't you worry! :)

Great, and you‘re about getting connected... ;)

#steemit-austria was the one Martina and being such a good Mom posting his link in our group.
Alles Alles Liebe und Fröhliche Weihnachten an Euch Alle.

Awwwww! That’s wonderful to meet you here. I lived in Bali for 16 years and now I am in Tirol for XXX Mas. Thanks to Martina on Discord 🤩😉💫

oooh, may I hit you up if I need some Infos about Bali someday? :)

Of course :)
It’s been some time I didn’t write about Bali because I came back for now to take care of my Mom.
I just found one article

Mein Keyboard kann mittlerweile wieder Deutsch

sehr lieb von dir, dass du dich um deine Mutter kümmerst!

danke für den Artikel :)
da hab ich wieder was gelernt!

Enjoy your time with your grandmother! Every second with our grandparents is more precious than gold.
My grandmother just passed away the day before Christmas eve, how I wish I could spend this time with her and hug her again <3

I surely do! And yes, it is. She lived like nearly 4 times my life span and I can learn so much from her. :)

I'm really sorry to hear that - hope you had enough chances to spend time with her!

All the best,

Thank you, I was lucky to see her 1.5 months ago, when I went back to visit my motherland. I had a feeling that it might be my last chance and that I had to go hug her while I can. So glad I did!

I'm happy to hear that you appreciate this precious time with her and learn and absorb <3

All the best to the both of you!

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