A weekend road trip to Tobermory, Ontario (Canada) - Final Part: Shipwrecks and Flowerpot Island

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Ahoy Steemians!     

My family and I were visiting Tobermory, Ontario (Canada) for the summer (Part #1, Part #2).  Tobermory is a tourist town with beautiful scenery for boat tours, kayaking, swimming, restaurants and shipwrecks.  It is our last day here so we were up at 6am, packed all our stuff and turned in our motel keys before heading out for breakfast.  Eating a good breakfast is one of the best parts to start off your day.     

Feeling very hungry, we parked our car and walked over to Leeside Restaurant for a bite while waiting for our sailing time at 9am.  Breakfast was simple & a very fulfilling meal.  I ordered the pancakes with strawberries and sausage on the side.  

The sausage was the best, really. Yum!   

After breakfast, it was time for us to head out for our boat tour.  We got on an early ferry to avoid the crowds and it was a gorgeous day!!  We took the non-stop tour with the Great Blue Heron cruise that takes us around The Fathom Five National Marine Parks and explore the shipwrecks.  The ship has an open upper deck and a covered lower deck with a glass bottom, both allowing awesome views.   I chose the upper deck as it has an opening view and better perspective than downstairs through the glass bottom, as the windows are kind of narrow and not as clear.  

We passed by some islands and a few lighthouses, on our way to the shipwrecks. 

Tobermory is known to have more than 20 historic shipwrecks in the area and we cruised out of the harbor to view one of the shipwrecks.  The crew was fantastic and helpful, very informative and provided great history of the area.  With the information our crew member provided, it is said that the Sweepstakes was built in 1867 and sank in 1885; while transporting coal the schooner hit a rock near Cove Island and was towed and sank into Big Tub Harbour, where it is now located at.  

The boat drives over and circles the sunken shipwrecks for a good amount of time from various angles so you can take neat pictures of the shipwrecks.  The water is so clear that you can see the sunken shipwrecks easily.  

The boat had a glass bottom where you can see under the water but it is much better if you stay on the top deck and just look over the rails- that way you can see more and move from one side to the other side for better pictures.  

An ever-lasting rare beauty!   

En route, we saw all the little islands around the area and the boat made its way to Flowerpot Island, the most iconic location in Tobermory.  

This island is so unique and famous for its beautiful natural flowerpot rock formations over thousand of years!  Flowerpot Island was beautiful and the water was a clear turquoise color.  Since we took the non stop tour, we did not get off to look around but you can see the island from a distance.

If you look closely at the right side of the big rock you can see a face with the nose sticking out. Do you see it??


It was a beautiful, sunny day and it was a pleasant ride.  Our wonderful journey has come to an end and this was an unforgettable experience.     

There are many places and activities in Tobermory that I'd love to experience still so I definitely will be visiting this place again. Next time I'd like to try driving my car into the big Ferry and ride it across to Manitoulin Island, where you can stay at a cottage and fish one of the many lakes within the island!    All pictures are taken from my Samsung Galaxy 7.   

Thank you for your support. As always, don’t forget to:   

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Such a nice outing and such yummy breakfast!


Yes, it definitely was very nice and relaxing vacation! Have a great weekend <3

Hey, very nice pictures! The pictures of the sunken ship are just WOW! We do travel vlogs on YouTube and would like to make some connections on Steemit! Please follow us back so we can be friends :) Looking forward for your posts

great blog @xredsoulles ..beautiful sceneries hope to see more of this :)

Such a beautiful place! Should add it to my to travel list!

It looks like you had an excellent day! I would love to be in that boat looking at sunken ships and the island and the rocks all so beautiful! And yes I do see the face!

Follow and upvote me.thanks :)

Wow looks like an amazing day! Beautiful photos! I wish I had seen this post sooner. I haven't been to Tobermory since I was a kid, and I would love to go back :)