Travel Pro Hotels #1: Rachada 17 Place, Bangkok Thailand

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My Steemit friends! Welcome to my new home base while passing through Bangkok; which happens often for those visiting Southeast Asia. Bangkok really is the gateway and hub city to this part of the world. The Rachada 17 Place is located a ten minute walk from MRT subway station Sutthisan and is off a quiet little side street. This hotel has it all and a great price too.

For $15 a night you get a clean room in a nine story high rise with a swimming pool, gym, 24 hour restaurant, massage parlor offering $6 an hour Thai massage, laundry service, room service, daily cleaning, and a very friendly staff. The room itself has AC, fridge, TV, sofa, work desk, great wifi, and even a bathtub and they supply the bubbles! They offer a monthly contract for those looking to stay long term which comes to about $275 a month.

I've never been so comfortable in Bangkok, I only wish I found this place years ago as I've been passing through this city for over 14 years now! The location really is great! Not only is it walking distance from the subway station it's a short subway ride to the incredible weekend Chatuchak market, and a short walk to this area loaded with seemingly endless cheap and delicious Thai street food. To all my Steemit buddies this is the place to stay in Bangkok, so let it be known! -Dan "World Travel Pro!"

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Good that you found this place! also a very good deal, did you book yourself in for a month?
makes it tamting for my to leave the Netherlands sooner, that just a great deal

No, I stayed a week. Was planning on staying 3 days, but I got comfortable with my bubble baths and hanging out with @fitinfun who lives down the street. I back logged a bunch of post while I was there. So now my time is not so taken up with doing post these days. In these parts of the world the locals often pay around 100 dollars a month in rent. $300 is considered luxury at a place like this.

Us from the west don't even realize how wealthy we are. About 6 billion people on the planet live on 10 dollars a day or less! Think about that for a moment....

It's crazy how many people live on less, and here in the Netherlands there are so many people complaining, firts world problems, thats why connect so well to fellow travellers they understand the world better

Yes I definitely feel a kinship to you. In the first world it's a whole other world!

I couldn't imagine living in the US without a car. Which mean gasoline, car insurance, car repairs, and possibly car payments which alone are often more than 10 dollars a day. It's literally a whole other world of expense, spending, and earning.

I live on about 10,000 a year total. I think I live like a king. But that 10,00 in the USA, I'm well below the poverty line.

Today I went bowling, ate out 3 times, went to two coffee shops and had two cappuccinos for 75 cents each and got an hour long massage for under $25. That's including my $6.50 hotel. I see this as a good deal for life, where I see living in the west a bad deal for life.

Look at it this way. Eating out quality food 3 times in Albany NY where I'm from in the USA = $60 vs $6
Massage= $100 vs $4.50
Bowling 3 games and shoe rental= $25 vs $3.75
2 Cappuccinos = $8 vs $1.50
Hotel = $50 vs $6.50
Total= $243 vs $22.25

This is why I refuse to live in first world countries long term. I simply see it as a bad deal.

Now I just need to turn this into a steemit post. Consider it a steemit post just for you! lol

Have a great day Haas.

Back in Amsterdam noe for not even a year and the house prices went up like 20% its getting more expensive to live here but harder to earn more therefore the group of people that only get by is getting bigger. Respect your decision to live a other way.

Thanks Haas. I remember living in the states, I was working around the clock and it was a constant financial struggle with endless bills, I was miserable and stressed out, just when you start to get ahead, you get hit with a $1,000 + car repair, medical expense, or home repair. When I got back tot he states a few month's ago and I see nothing has changed or it's gotten worse for anyone middle class or less which is like 95% of everyone. I plan on turning our conversation into a post soon.

I think it should be seen by more people who feel trapped in a "bad deal" as the "only deal". Which I'm living proof is not the case.

the place look awesome for the price, I would keep this in mind on future travel for bangkok.

I'm so happy to share it with you :)

Nice! Bubble baths are so underrated. They are crucial to my mental health. I was in the bath for over an hour today.

Nice. There I had my first bath in a long while. Normally the places I stay don't have that.

I lived without one for a year. Never again.

Looks like a good inexpensive hotel!