Travel Pro Eats #1: Hainanese Chicken Rice!

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Here is a old favorite of mine I wanted to share with my Steemit friends! You can find this dish prepared pretty much the same way all over Asia and certainly here in Bangkok Thailand. Hainanese Chicken Rice! It originated in Hainan Province in Southern China. It's a simple dish but they do it right! This is a common street food that will leave you and your wallet very happy. This dish only cost 40 baht or a $1.20 US. Now that's hard to beat!

I took some time to learn how they make is so special. They take the whole chicken, head and everything, and they boil it, surely several in one big pot of water. When the chicken is done they immediately take it out of the water and dunk it in an ice bath! This coagulates or solidifies the remaining oils in the chicken, giving it that fantastic rich flavor and moistness.

They then have a tonne of high quality chicken broth and with a little Asian radish it's now chicken soup! Better yet they take some of that rich broth and boil the rice in it. This leaves you with an incredibly flavorful and delicious rice. With a little cucumber and some spicy Thai sauce it's ready to be served.

This dish is often enjoyed at a table on the street. I personally love eating on the street like this. The combination of the food and the Bangkok street sights and sounds all seem to go together hand in hand. I just love it! And wanted to share this delightful travel food experience with you, in my new to be continued series "Travel Pro Eats!". Until next time - Dan "World Travel Pro!"

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I love food! A little bit to much according to the scale. Sounds like a great meal at a great price.

Yes indeed. I'm a total foodie at heart. I think this new series will go over well. I'll be in touch. -Dan

Also one of my favorite street foods, when in SEA...!:-)

Yes it's a good one!

Great job.thanks for share.

excellent as always.

It looks yummy as well as it sounds delicious the way you described it. Good post again! Thank you for sharing Dan.

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