The joy of going on a solo trip

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Solo traveling is so much fun and the fun further increases when you are traveling by road. You can sit by the window and lighten up your mood by seeing houses, people, the green lush trees and the vehicles passing by.

You feel free from all the boundations and responsibilities when you travel alone. There is no one to bother or disturb you, you can freely get lost in your own world and do whatever you want. I personally like to hear music and prefer to let the window open so that I can enjoy the wind. The feeling of cool breeze brushing your hair relaxes your soul, cleanses your body and fills it with new energy.

I had done very less solo trips in past but I wanted to go on more trips like this. This is the snap I took when I was travelling solo last time. Its from a moving bus.
Hope you like it.

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I certainly agree with you! Solo trips gave me so much chance to leave my comfort zone to get in touch with the people around me instead of the comfort of sticking to one person only.

Greetings from Cape Town :)


Exactly! We get an opportunity to talk to other people.

I love to meet new people and it is also one of the reason I like solo trips. It becomes even more interesting when you find a like-minded person in the journey.