Motorcycle Travel Series by @velimir 'Old Decommissioned Tourist Train' (Part #346)

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'Old Decommissioned Tourist Train'


An old decommissioned tourist train is left to rot as if a monument to past times. Just after the middle of the last century, people started appreciating their free time more than ever before. It became trendy to go to a weekend house on weekends and spent time surrounded by nature.

Today things are different. Even though some still visit their weekend houses, it is not so in, anymore. People have found other ways of resting from their stressful jobs. Many, not so healthy, ways of entertainment have seen the light of the day and have taken our minds by surprise.

Can you even imagine this passenger car full of cheerful tourists who woke up early on a Saturday morning to enjoy a day or two long sunny adventure? I can almost see them. As if seeing ghosts of the past times.

I believe we put too much value on digital entertainment and rather hurt our bodies by constant sitting, hours on end, than using our free time to walk, talk and discover new things, enjoy ourselves away from the monitors.

This monument to a different way of living rests silently. An attempt to bring out a different meaning of fun and maybe help out some of us have a thought or two. But, it is what it is. Old ways are gone and simply aren't coming back. Let's rather find healthy new ones.

Enjoy your day! :-)

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you showing very nice post of travellimg.this train place very old but excellent.i am appreciate your post..just very nice dear friend.. @velimir.. Individuals become lazy to socialize physically. Increased fraud as well as cyber crime Cyber ​​Bullying. Negative content is growing rapidly. Defamation and also defamation widely. Keep it close. Ignoring the task and also the job. Wasting time on useless things. Decrease in learning achievement and also ability of one's work.thanks to sharing for your great post.very well done..take care yourself and best of luck of your great work.


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Awwww! @velimir sir you again with another beautiful post about trains, if you remember i already told you that i was in love with the trains when i was a kid, my my parents especially take me to railway station every friday night. And i was feel very happy to see the trains comming and going, you post remind me of those days. It takes me 20 to 23 years back to be more precise, those days were the happy days, now time has changed and we don't even has time to enjoy the life :( and that's what makes me sad :( your posts makes me smile and is a source of happiness for me. Thank you so much sir for sharing this wonderful moments.


Time to join ADSactly Discord channel, my friend! :)
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Yeah, sure. It will be an honor for me to be a part of such a great community ♥♥♥
You know what i was waiting for this day. Its like a dream come true for me sir @velimir

Great pics! Looks like a very fun trip you’ve been on! I hope you will continue to enjoy traveling on your bike :))

I believe we put too much value on digital entertainment and rather hurt our bodies by constant sitting, hours on end, than using our free time to walk, talk and discover new things, enjoy ourselves away from the monitors.

Yes, you are right. We put too much time in digital entertainment. Now a days digital entertainment have been growing rapidly. Once upon a time when a baby cried, her mother used to take a walk long taking the baby in her arms. But, now a days I notice that when a baby cries he or she will be entertained the child by showing some videos to child or handover the mobile phone to them. They should aware of the fact that due to various radiations whic are imparted from that entertaining media will harm the child and it will lead to a severe health issues in near future. I also notice that the bonding between the mother and the child is lesser than that of bonding between child(not only child it is for everyone) and digital entertaining media. I think this will lead a generation gap. In coming days there will be no one standing by us as we become old as youth don't get time to spend with us due to such entertaining media. No doubt these medias entertain us but we should use it for our important work only as per our knowledge and conscience.

When I was in my village, we used to play many outdoor games with my friends like cricket kho-kho hide and seek and the list will never end. These games are very important for our health, as it increases the metabolic activities of our body and keeps us healthy and fit. It also helps to cope up with mental stress and depression with a sound sleep. Now a days these sports are in the way of extinction which are replaced by digital medias, which leads to various problems like losing eyesights, high and low blood pressures, diabetes, obesity and all.

Moreover the healthy ageing is not in its way. Toady people are looking old at the age of 50 due to improper health care.

All these problems annoys me the most. No doubt technology plays very crucial role in our day to day life but it also posseses some serious threats before the mankind.

Everything has a purpose, I know that at the time maybe that beautiful train passes to make a historical piece of that place, for the moment it is attracting the attention of everyone who looks at it, from my part through your photomicrographic lens, I moved to that place and what most caught my attention was the interior of that ferrous unit, those seats where the passengers used to sit is out of this world. What a nice information, thank you for sharing it with us.

Although it has many positive impacts, but it turns out the technology has some negative impacts are quite disturbing everyday life.

Most of the impact is caused by misuse of information and communication technology, or caused by lack of user understanding of ethics as well as ways to use information technology and also good and true communications.

As Individuals become lazy to socialize physically. Increased fraud as well as cyber crime Cyber ​​Bullying. Negative content is growing rapidly. Defamation and also defamation widely. Keep it close. Ignoring the task and also the job. Wasting time on useless things. Decrease in learning achievement and also ability of one's work.

We have an area very close to where I live where the tracks have been decommissioned and several trains had been left in that spot. The town decided to turn it into a museum and so now it is known as the Train Museum.

Old is always gold , interesting travel , all photography is beautiful .

Your post is always different i follow your blog everytime , your post is so helpful . I always inspire of your post on my steem work . Thank you for sharing @velimir

Keep good work of every time ...

Time for traveling in motor bike for racing

Discord , Rien de mieux que cette Dobe !!???

Hola @velimir
Da lástima como las autoridades del gobierno dejen que se pierdan joyas del pasado.
Velimir esto creo que pasa a nivel mundial y en i país esto es muy característico.
Podrían ser centros d esparcimiento y recreación donde las personas vayan a disfrutar y relajarse del éstres.
Abajo una fotografía del Tren del Encanto.

i have missed so many episodes.

gotta get back to following you

train is one of the transport days. but in an increasingly sophisticated technological era, trains have been ignored

amazing train. well said since we entered in digital world we keep our life away from enjoying natural beauty and as a result we are facing a lot of health issues. It's better to spend time in walking and live life near to nature. Thanks for sharing amazing pics @velimir

The train you post in this blog is old train. Usualy these type of whecles are intersted and much more inersting to travel. In younger stage i had travels alot in old trains. But now my traveling is by car and busses. I am using word old trains. It mean in our country trains are like these. In pakistan trains conditions are realy bad so i called old train. I show you the picture of pakistani trains.


Muy importante lo que dices @velimir, se ha perdido eso de salir de paseo, al rió a la playas, los parques, cualquier sitio de distracción donde podíamos disfrutar de la naturaleza, ahora cada quien se queda encerrado en su habitación o se van a los cyber a meterse con la tecnología, ya nadie quiere disfruta de un partido de fútbol, o domino, una pesca en grupo, en familia,. Ojala pudiéramos rescatar esas viejas y buenas costumbres. Gracias por compartir tus publicaciones tan interesante y reflexivas.

Hola @velimir ojala todo retomáramos los tiempos donde podíamos disfrutar en familia de unos buenos paseos sin estar metidos y distraídos en la tecnología.

The train maybe old, but they'll hold. I still believe train is the best mass transport. Nowadays modernization is to give passangers more comfortable travel experience. That's why photos can make the old fashioned live forever.

Happy day, Sorry that such a beautiful train does not continue to take advantage of tourism, as a historical museum or something else and show it to visitors and we have really become addicted to social networks and we do not take advantage of those moments to share with family and friends

Wow @velimir today you generously rewarded good people. I see that the community is constantly replenished. It's great.
I remember that I saw this train before. I remember that I saw this train before. If I'm not mistaken, it was then when a good friend came to you with steemit @vcelier. I think I'm on the right track :)
In my city there is a similar monument to the old train. It is located on the station square and will mark the transition from the train which worked thanks to solid fuel (firewood) to the train which operates on liquid fuel (diesel fuel).
I agree that soviet people often spend time sitting. The human body needs periodic physical loads. When we deprive ourselves of loads and choose a sedentary lifestyle, this negatively affects the heart and health. Movement is life!
Thank you

Wow.... Es fascinante, amo esos trenes, subir a alguno y disfrutar de un paseo tranquilo y relajado es un sueño! Usted siempre nos pone a imaginar con cada post, y los detalles que refleja en cada uno.

Tha't really nice piece of the history. I was also travelled many years by train and I liked it. It's amazing especially to go by tunnels or over viaducts like this in Boleslawiec (about 520 meteres length)

Friends, be welcome on my blog

@velimir, Me encantaría salir de paseo con mi famlia en un tres como este, ya que podríamos ir todos, y salir, disfrutar dela naturaleza, correr, reír, echar chistes, todos sin estar pensando en telefomos, computadoras; solo pensar en disfrutar del sol, la naturaleza,en familia. Gracias por recordarnos que esos eran los mejores momentos.

I am a travel writer and wrote a post on roadside attractions that were all the rage back in the day. It is really funny how things have changed. When I was a kid, my parents had to come find me at the end of each day and now, I can't get my kids to go outside almost ever because they want to be online more than outside. We actually had to put a plan in place to force them outside at least 1 hour each day. Can you believe that. Makes me laugh.

Thanks for sharing my friend.