Motorcycle Travel Series by @velimir 'A Pinch of Complaints and a Bag of Acceptance' (Part #244)

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'A Pinch of Complaints and a Bag of Acceptance'


I park by a river. No idea why. I feel like coming down to the water and observe it up close. It is cold but it doesn't really matter. Cold weather is just another thing in life and there is nothing much more to it. We often complain it is too cold in winter or too hot in summer. Why do we do that? The seasons have their cycles and our complaining doesn't change that. It only makes us feel even colder or warmer, depending on the season. Complaining is utterly useless.

Watching the powerful water and its white crests, slows down my mind and relaxes me. Just staring like that for a short while creates an enjoyable moment. Accepting is the key to feeling good. About weather conditions or anything else. The sun is out - great, the rain is falling - great, the snow - same thing. There is a joy to be found in everything.

We really need to keep the rivers clean. I mean who was stupid enough to pollute them in the first place? In the past, people were fishing around here. Not sure what happened. Guess they are afraid. A nuclear power plant is some 40km upstream. Not good. If it was up to me I'd close that thing before it ever came to life 30 years ago. I remember the day. Hope it gets decommissioned soon. Nuclear waste production is not clean energy. And, I don't feel like having another Fukushima here.

Rivers bring life. Without them, crops would wither. They are not to be used as cooling systems for nuclear reactors. Powerful masses of water, full of life can themselves produce clean energy even though I prefer solar. Solar energy is the cleanest and does not impact the animals in any way, unlike all other. Why not make a priority to make really cheap solar collectors and set them up through the entire world? Oh, yes...I always forget that there are so many wars we need to spend trillions on.

Instead of doing something beneficial with all that money, people love to see their shiny armours and fierce weapons grow in size, shape and deadlines. Crazy animal, human. Always on the lookout to kill own. I am hopeful that things will change. What one has but hope, since it's useless to complain, right?

Maybe just a pinch..! :D

Enjoy your day! :)

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Very nice one. Great pictures, i show a strong preference for more and more water in images in general, so i like this one a lot. Awesome feeling. I dont fail to recognise the calming effect of a walk or parking by the river or along a beach. There is so much life there. :)
Growing up, I've always loved the outdoors and being in nature. For me, sitting in the sunshine or in a forest has always been the best medicine for a heavy heart or a clouded mind. Each time I stand at the edge of a river or the base of a mountain, I remember that these places exist not just for me to enjoy, but for the ecosystems and communities that rely on nature to survive – and that they have a right to exist uninterrupted and at peace. Also while growing up, one thing I truly love about rivers and creeks is that they are a perfect place to pretend to go fishing while what you’re really doing is spending time watching the world go by on the currents. There is not much of a more noble pursuit :).
Its so good that you enlighten us about this because water is so interconnected because you dont know how far it goes. We all need each others cooperation to have clean water.
Thanks for this @velimir.


নিজের বউ কে এভাবেই অন্যের কাছে বর্গা দিলো এই স্বামী/2018

Great. Another post with so many wisdom and lessons.
I've read that focusing something, especially nature, and taking some time out of your personal matters is the best meditation which ultimately heals your soul and mind and make you happier and happier and I realized you are doing the same, even unintentionally.
You're so so lucky to have nature and natural beauty around. I always wonder that we human never be happy like you said, during summer, why it's hot and when winter came, why is that cold. LOL.
Industries are dumping the waste chemical in rivers which is contaminating the water at a massive scale and ultimately causing so many health and environmental issues but we don't see so much progress over this matter by the authorities and it's really endangering our future. It's very big point you touched here.
Last thing, beautiful clicks. your posts are worth to read.

You are so lucky to have such a pretty river close to you! in Israel, and where I live in Israel - you have to drive for about 3 hours to get to a river that might give a competition to this one. you have a pretty country :)

This is an import and and hard point that you rise - the acceptnace of weather and the fact that complaining about it only makes things worse, and it's a point that is not exclusive to the weather - it's a general truth, there are things we can't do nothing about, and if we will ponder them over and over - it will only make us feel more bad - while just accepting those things as they are might bring some consolation.
I remember when I was in the army - in the beginning the freezing cold nights disturbed me real bad - I always thought about how cold it is and how I want to be at home in my bed etc... but one day I just decided not to think about whether it's cold or hot or whatever - I just focused on other things and tried to joke and keep my mood up - and it actually really helped - I just didn't feel that cold anymore - so it's a pretty awesome change of thought one can do, albeit not an easy one - one has to flow with the inevitable, just like the river flows like nature has to, without giving it any though.

thanks for the thoughts and photos Velimir!

Hello @velimir
Once again, I'm convinced that winter is bypassing you. Despite the fact that it's cold - the water in the river remains in a liquid state :) We have here the rivers are completely frozen.. Although the trend has recently changed. Apparently climate change.
As the sages said - you can endlessly look at three things - how the water flows, how the fire burns and how the ATM reads you money, a joke.
Indeed, the soothing property of water, especially when it is a river. Contemplation of water or fire is a great way to relieve nervous tension and get rid of obsessive thoughts. I often notice this with myself.
Unfortunately you are right, rivers are often used for waste disposal and sewerage. This greatly pollutes the environment. This is a side effect of progress. Although in some countries this phenomenon is not observed.
For example, in Iceland, the water is so clean that you can drink it from the river (information from reliable sources).
The motorcycle on every photo is like a decoration.
Good day


@frank1in, great commenting, you sure did good with the points you made mention of.

@ velimir , thanks for sharing, your post got me thinking just as you have said, why spend so much on wars and have no sense of judgement in preserving our animals.

imagine using solar as a source of power, wouldn't that be cool and making the collectors very affordable for everyone.

The resources to make this a reality is here with us but we rather prefer to show superiority among ourselves.

It's true - complaining seems to make everything worse! And worst if you are trying to keep your cool but you are with somebody who does it all the time. 😂

And about solar energy, yes that could be a far better solution. And doesn't leave pollution to our already polluted earth. But you know buddy, humans are complicated. They will do what they think is "good" and puts fat cash in their pockets, but they never reflect on the damage they can cause to Mother Earth. I hope it's not yet too late to save the earth...for the sake of the future generations.


Complaining is only good if it actually helps in some way - whether that is pointing out an issue that need fixing or even blowing off steam.

I much prefer to blow off steam in other ways (pun intended!)

Complaining is a very easy thing to do and for some people this has become a habit. If you include someone who likes to complain then know who likes your situation will not face you to be better, instead will only drain your energy and create negative feelings that do not empower yourself. Ask yourself if you have two friends, the first always say positive words and the second is always complaining, would you prefer to connect with which one? I'm sure your answer is your first friend, because everyone likes to connect with positive people whose words get up, cheer up, strengthen.

The question is why do we often complain? We speak because we are disappointed that is not in line with expectations or wants us. And you need to realize this will happen almost every day of that life that is something that does not match what we want. So how to overcome it is actually easy we just need to learn to be grateful in all the circumstances we face.

Thaks you.....

Beautiful topic, beautifully rendered.

"Mark it all down to the folly of Man" I grew up in a huge hydropower and nuclear area. The WWII Manhattan Project produced it's toxins not far from where I grew up. We are known as 'downwinders' and have an astounding cancer rate. Now the liquid wastes from the project are seeping ever closer to the Columbia River. Deep Sigh.

My dog and I walk near a medium sized solar project every day. It's clean, it's quiet, it's effective. No doubt, a good piece of the puzzle.

I want to talk about the need for war machines, but I don't want to write more than you did. Another day, perhaps.

My attitude and hope is that times are changing, that we can rise. It's like the cold, really. It's all how I look at it.

Thank you.

River is certainly one of the most beautiful/useful natural resources we're blessed with, but we've polluted it through sheer wickedness and laziness. We're not even maximizing it to the fullest maximum. We only know of how to pollute it and make the creature in them go extinct.
Nice art bruv. I feel your grief

Like you rightly pointed out, the river is one of nature's natural resources and must be treated with utmost respect. It should not be polluted nor used for other activities that renders it useless. It also contains oxygen for aquatics too.
About complaining, I think life will be best lived if we stop complaints. Always find means to enjoy the moment no matter what. Nice post

The truth that a river is life. Remember this citation" without the river nil, Egypt would not exist" this is a reality and no one should try to deny it.
This world is focused on more unimportant things yet full of environmental engineers. I mean who planted that nuclear stuff there besides the river? Oh I remember it was 30 years back. May be these guys had more other goals than nature. Off course, dealing on terminating people and forgetting to protect their through nature.

Should say that we are ignorant? I don't think so. But the pretenders. Climate change is knocking and people are there pointing out the cause instead of solving them. Those are humans.

Is there any future for our grand children? May be if our sons will be smart enough to correct our mistakes. The point is "to day is a should but tomorrow will be a must on environmental issues."

I have seen rain twice since 3 month and my people are starving . Still people do cry but the smart guy is silent. Do we have any future? I mean a bright future? May be if we decide to be pro-active.

As always, you are right. Humanity breaks the branch that holds it. Contaminating our atmosphere, destroying the environment, we are destroying our future. In search of new technologies and profits, we begin the process of self-destruction. Thank you.

I too like to sit near River, it so peaceful there,
just little voice of water waves makes it more peaceful,
And when the son Shines on the water, it gives us the most beautiful scene, Water shines like the star.

hehehe yes I am one of those who complain of hot in summer and cold in winter! :D
Occasionally, some want to be beaten. but you will not be satisfied with it, so dissatisfied people: D
anyway .. i liked the river and the scenery .. perfect arrangement with correct arrangement :) Nice place you've parked. I'm sure you enjoy nature! Cheers!

Seriously i mean how can we damage such a natural previous Asset water by making an artificial Asset which is meant to damage human life. This is such sad state, one is life giving and other is just anti. Though its our responsibility to love our nature,.. kp it clean .. Thanks for bringing societal sense in this motor diary

Amazing photography the travel is very importent for health enjoy your time friend

Great documentary motorcycle riding is fun

Gracias por este post, los viajes la naturaleza es mi pasion !!!

Thansk a lot for sharing this news.We can collect many update message from your every blog. Thank you

Thanks for sharing.
Greetings from Berlin


নিজের বউ কে এভাবেই অন্যের কাছে বর্গা দিলো এই স্বামী/2018

Great photos and a nice write-up. I've always considered myself a content creator and not a content consumer, but there is tons of value here. Perhaps it took Steemit to be created so we can quickly connect with people who actually have something interesting to say.

I'm glad I've discovered you and I'm going to follow from now on. Greetings from Bangkok and feel free to take a look what I do if that part of the world interests you at all. :-)

I'd love to do what you're doing, so jealous!

a very beautiful post, Cool

black boundary in your pics is make your pics different.

this is a amazing post..realy nice photoand
good job.

Amazing....beautifull post...i like thiss...thanks for post...upvote @sherlie

your every travel is amazing

Excelente post, soy nueva de esta gran comunidad espero contar con tu apoyo...

Wow excellent post, i want to wait your post next time
Please check my blogs @muhtadiaremi , my blogs are quiet, i want to join with you @velimir

this is a amazing post.. i love travel very much... thanks for sharing


Nice sharing post,,
I like...
Youre good man brother @valemir..
I wish ure the best...

Adventure is one of the experiences in life that doesn’t get boring, it’s simply exploring the beauty of nature like in the pictures @velimir. Wonderful job with the pictures especially the number one picture. More grease to your elbow.

Awesome post. Please our environment clean.

Nice post.. Thanks for giving the news.. I like your post very much.. Keep it up.. Stay blessed be happy.. Thank you..

travel is a hobby,it give us full of joy.we can get a fresh mind from travel different area.our nature is so helpful to change our kind. @velimir you are good give us so happy mod because u like travel.and give us your feelings.

Amazing article thanks.

I'm glad to see someone else who is interested in clean energy. Coal is far out-dated now, we need to move onwards and upwards. And nuclear, although very fascinating in principle, like you said, the waste isn't clean.

I live in Scotland, we have a lot of wind farms, although I do worry about the bird-life around them, we wouldn't benefit too much from solar as we have a lot of cloudy weather. But at least it is much better than coal and nuclear.

Great post.

pleasing reading,absolutly water represent life, hope, futur happiness and many values showed on that post, love your work Mr Velimir

Excellent post! Were these shot with a film camera? If not, I love the look. I really like your take on keeping positive. Bring the sunshine into the environment around. Don't let the weather of the situation bring you a rainy storm. Thanks for sharing.

Saya sangat suka jalan-jalan dengan motor apa lagi kalau rame-rame pasti akan sangat menyenangkan dan asik tapi kesibukan saya jualan tidak yang menyebabkan saya tidak bisa bepergian

I like Bike riding. it's very interesting.
Very effective post it is.Thanks for your information on the post.
Thanks for shear it.

Happy steeming.

One of the most helpful changes to my life over the last year or so has been to learn to appreciate the cold. It's hard to believe I spent so many years getting upset over something I had absolutely no control over.

Awesome post. Please our environment clean.

Must admit, wish I stopped more often when out on my bike, so many times I ride past somewhere nice and think to myself that I should really stop there one day and take a look around... Think I might just stop next time... Take some pics... And maybe even write down a few words... Thanks

Wow love your pics, Youcan actually see the ripples in the water!

Beautiful photos, thoughts and writing as always @velimir

It’s nice how our motorcycles put us in direct touch with nature, and when we stop to breathe, as we’re already connected, that relationship with the earth feels far greater. I believe, it makes us care far more.

Riding and smiling as always … Geoff

Another motorcycle travel series is here, good to see your another travelling experience, share more this kind of travelling by motorcycle post as you posted many before. Thanks!