Honesty behind nomadic lifestyle part2

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So after the crash and realisation that everything is gone you are faced with only a few options....quiting is not one of them... What struck me most and restored my faith in humanity is the amount of people that offered their help. Two ladies stopped and helped us out with our daughters so we could deal with the carnage.(Although there's always those people that drive past a crash like that and see you standing there in the heat with your kids and all they do is drive slower and film you on their phone.)

We had friends that took us in for a few days....then there was the aunt of a good friends friend that was out of town for a few weeks and we were more then welcome to stay at her house if we were willing to watch her pets.

Then there was the endless hassle of dealing with the insurance companies...both the car and the caravan were complete write offs....and what I didn't know was that when the insurance company tows it away it instantly becomes their property....with everything in it...the tow truck driver told me because he realised that our whole life was inside it....so he was willing to leave the caravan outside the yard for an hour so I could at least get our clothes and personal belongings out of it otherwise the insurance company would auction it off contents and all.

Then after putting the kids to bed and a good bottle of whiskey ...we looked at eachother and said...ok where are we going to get a new van and a car and how are we going to pay for all that.

In the days that followed we tried to make it like normal for the kids and told em it was al Just part of the adventure and learning about life....and we started the homeschooling straight away...

Well after the insurance came through( of course with a lower payout then they should because they know you're in a pickle) and I was able to work some extra those weeks at a mates studio. We were able to buy a small caravan and a good car and we finally set off....my wife was nervous as HELL!!!


But all was well and our adventure had started

It's amazing to see that when you're in a hard spot help comes from places you least expect it. I have always been the type of guy that declined help..found it easier to help other then to accept it from others....wanting to do it on my own...like I had something to prove. This was a big lesson in humility...learning not to look strong but to say yes please and thank you when someone offers.


It is amazing how much people do want to help, and yes accepting that help is a big lesson in humility but you find that the more you are open to this the more that comes your way.
Looks like you got a nice replacement, so glad you stuck to your guns and got back out there. With these challenges comes learning and that keeps us moving forward.

it's woman but easy mistake it's happened alot on here, using truck in my name seems to be a bit misleading

HahahhA....sorry!!!....meant nothing by it ... it's actually quite common around here to just say man and dude..even to a woman...

Nice post and i'm glad that everyone made it out ok!

When things like this happens, it really makes you take a step back and not take anything for granted! At least it did for me when I got in my roll over.

Looks like you guys have the setup now! 😎


You're absolutely right man....what happened with you?

There's alot of deer and antelope where I live. A friend and I were driving on the interstate, at night, going 80mph. Then a deer jumps out onto the road! The friend that was driving swerved and we ended up rolling a few times. 😬

Thankfully we walked away with cuts from all of the broken glass.


Yeah lucky man

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I'm so intrigued by people who are brave enough to live a nomadic lifestyle, especially with a family. Please keep documenting your adventures.

Last few days, I've been feeling sorry for myself because my campervan is getting some body work, and I'm making due with a rental van with an air mattress thrown in the back. Well, I just need to get over myself! LOL

Yeah but still sucks ...good thing is though when you do get it back you will appreciate it more

when the insurance company tows it away it instantly becomes their property

I had a boat taken by the storm, and rescued by a neighbour of us, the boat did for sure get some heavy beating. To me the damages didn't look that bad, but the surveyor hired by the insurance company considered it to be a total write-off. Well, I was given an option - I could keep the boat, try to fix it myself and get some money for the work, or I could just accept a full payout from the insurance company, and they would keep the boat itself - but only the boat. Anything that wasn't attached I could keep - as luck would have it, I had not attached the solar panels, they were actually worth something and I was allowed to keep them. I also kept the auto pilot, which also wasn't attached to the boat.

Perhaps it makes a difference weather the inventory also would be covered by the insurance.