Australia - East Coast Adventure - Sydney Part 1

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As a welcome to Sydney, our group were taken to one of the most well known beaches in guessed it Bondi!


Well to be exact we did a short walk from Bronti beach (where I met this freindly Mcaw) to Bondi which I recomend. Oh and while your at it go to Coogee which is further south. Great atmosphere! If you go in Summer they'll be sculptures such as this one;


I'll be honest Bondi got alot of it's fame through 'Bondi rescue' and Baywatch. The beach itself is pretty big and what you'd expect; Golden sands, pretty good surf and very busy. It's a nice beach but there are much nicer beaches around.


A week later (after settling into work) we were taken to the Blue Mountains (actually green) and had a great view. Worth checking out if you have the time. We were lucky enough to go on a mini day trip. It's pretty chilly up there so take something warm.

The Steepest Railway

Not too far from the Blue Mountains there is a small zoo *Sydney Wildlife Park* which I recomend. It's the first place I met some Australian animals and the good thing about it is it's interactive as you'll see. ![image]() ***Roos*** ![image]()

I also got a picture with a Koala 😊

Sydney (The city)

Alot of people don't think much of Sydney. They say it's "too crowded" Ha! Try London!

I really enjoyed it, Sydney has alot to offer! Here are some pictures I took of the most popular spots;

The Opera House
There's something about this place that I really like. The white sails on the blue sky, the Aura it gives off when your there. The best way to get there is probably by train, even the train station, Circular Quay has a picturesque view.

For me it wasn't really th Opera house itself that I enjoyed the most, but more the location of it. The surroundings and vibe you get when you watch the ferries come in and out of the harbour and helicopters that fly by.
Opera House on Remembrance Day
The Opera house is also home to the Opera bar, which overlooks the Harbour Bridge making it a popular spot. At night, it's even better. Although the drinks are a bit pricey it's well worth going there at least once to soak up the atmosphere.
Photo taken from Ferry

Sydney Harbour Bridge

This bridge attracts so many to it, mainly to take pictures but also for the view ontop. I personally didn't do the bridge climb but I bet the view would of been amazing and something a photo can't do justice.
I took this photo of it when I was at the Opera Bar;

The Bridge also acts as the finish line to the ferry race, quite a spectacular event to watch and I managed to get a good view of the event;

These are just a few experiences Sydney had to offer, theres plenty more as you'll see.


@tomatom This looks like a great time ! Hope to some day be able to pet of hold a baby Koala lol Thank you for sharing. - @splendorhub

Their cute but not exactly erm...clean. So when you do I suggest you wash your hands after 😅

haha maybe i'll just enjoy your picture :)

Nah do. It's worth experience, I've learnt alot in my travels and you WILL end up somewhere with them so just do it 🙂I have a much cuter Koala picture to come. That and the location it was taken. All will be revealed...

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Nice, my friend is currently in Sydney. I will definitely send him your steem later, so he can read this report and possibly do something similar as he is currently working a lot out there now - not really enjoying his life and I believe, he should have some fun as well. I was in Australia only once and that was when I was so much younger. I will definitely need to revisit as this is a place with one of the best natural landscapes in the world!

Thank you, there's more where that came feom but I made the descision to break it down. Otherwise the post would in my opinion be too long. I'm not much of a reader myself so I thought this kind of length is about right.

Really appreciate your comment though. I did not expect to gain more than $3.00 on this post.

Thank you.

Hi @tomatom, I'm glad you enjoyed Sydney. I think it's a great city (better than Melbourne).

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This sounds like a great website ! I just finished my post of Joshua Tree National park here in California :)

It's incredible, I live in Colombia.
Here there are beautiful animals and beaches to enjoy.
The people are friendly.
There are so many beautiful things here.
I already travel almost all Colombia, now I want to go to other countries and be able to share with other cultures, other languages, and Sydney is a city I want to visit.

I have a part 2 and possibly part 3 comming soon. I'll also bullet point my top tips to people travelers going there which will help out alot. I worked as a swimming teacher/lifegaurd there for 6 months so I know the place quite well. 😉

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Nice post and beautiful pictures. Thanks for sharing @tomatom

No Thank you.

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