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RE: Australia - East Coast Adventure - Sydney Part 1

in #travel4 years ago

Hi @tomatom, I'm glad you enjoyed Sydney. I think it's a great city (better than Melbourne).

As one of the editors for @steemitworldmap’s daily #traveldigest, I would love to see this post pop up on If you're interested, simply go to the website, search for your location, click on code (down the bottom) and add a short description. It will then generate the code you need to copy and paste into your post (not the comments) to have it show up on steemit worldmap. There’s also a FAQ section if you get a bit lost.
You can find out about the project here:


Thanks! Sounds interesting, I'll have a think about it. Would I gain anything from it for doing so?

Your posts appear on the map so if anyone is looking for something in that area your posts will show up. Plus we write a #dailytravel digest and promote the most worthy posts that have been tagged on the map in the past 24 hours.

Ok, done it.

I copied the code and pasted it at the bottom of my post but it's not visable. I'll have another look later.

You need to generate the code. So it will look something like this depending on where you pin it.

Sorry, it won't paste into a comment so you'll have to re-create it yourself.

Then paste that into your post. You'll get an autoresponse when you've done it correctly.

Really appreciate you gettong back to me and your comment in the first place. I tried copying several times but I don't think it's worked. The code is still in my post at the bottom. I can send you a screenshot privately?

Ok, at some point you must have done this right cos I see the auto response at the bottom of your comments, even though the code is not pasted into your post (at least in this version).

This sounds like a great website ! I just finished my post of Joshua Tree National park here in California :)

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