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☠️ Windy Conditions ☠️

Riding a motorbike during extremely windy conditions can be one of the worst times to ride and also one of the most dangerous times to ride.
I'm talking with wind gusts of 70 km per hour or more.
There are so many factors which make riding in these conditions dangerous, so let's discuss this a bit.

When your riding in really strong winds it will really knock you about on the bike, and really strong gusts can even push you into other lanes. If your on a one lane road this could mean you get blown into oncoming traffic or even off of the road.
This type of situation can be really hazardous on country roads where here in Australia we can travel at 100 km per hour. now if your going 100 and get blown into oncoming traffic this could very well end it all for you.
Riding in these conditions should be avoided but if for some reason you do have to ride in really strong winds there are a couple of things which might just help keep you a bit safer.

  • If your riding at 100 km per hour then slow down, drop back to 80 or even 75. Don't worry about drivers behind you because they don't care if your in a dangerous situation. Riding on a multi lane highway where you can't get blown into oncoming traffic is fine to sit on the speed limit, but on a one lane road I would definitely slow down.

  • Be aware of which direction the wind gusts are coming from. If they are coming from the left pushing you to the right then position yourself in the lane more to the left. Also there is a bit of an art here to riding in the wind, if the gusts are coming from the left you can position your body slightly to the left side of the bike. So when the gust hits your ready to lean left and counteract the gust.

  • Be aware of wind tunnels. So out in the country if there is a gap in the trees to the side of the road then the wind will most likely get stronger as you pass this gap. If you can anticipate this then you will be ready when that strong wind gust hits.

  • Don't go trying to do anything silly like popping wheelies in windy conditions. Your chances of having a serious accident are greatly increased when it's really windy. Slow down turbo and take it easy.

  • Try not to take your eyes off the road too much. So things like looking to check your speed. If you do need to check your speed try to time it so that there is no oncoming traffic, this way if you do get caught off guard by a strong wind gust you won't be blown into an oncoming car.

  • Also be mindful that on a multi lane road you might not notice the wind gusts as the car next to you is absorbing them. So as they move ahead or behind be ready.

Well these are some of the things I like to do or consider when riding while it's windy.
Personally I hate riding in strong winds.
As always ride safe and be considerate of other road users.





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☣️ Motorcycle Riding Tips for Keeping Safe - Hi Vis Gear

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Good tips, I remember the first time I experienced riding in strong winds. No accidents or anything, well at least not on the road ;)


Haha lmao good one, it is a bit like that XD

Hello mr. @thevillan ... (Thank you very much for your upvote) ... When I read your post I thought: "This good man has no idea about how Venezuelan motorcyclists are hehe" Just so you can get an idea: Not even on the sidewalks pedestrians can feel safe ... Well, it's a very useful tactic to be alert everywhere hehehe :-/

Of course, I’ll follow you… Would you follow me?
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No worries, I have followed you might be able to learn more about Venezuela :)
Haha sound like the roads are a bit crazy over there


Oh yes... I assure you is something worst than "a bit crazy" hehehe... As a walker I'm, I take all this "specials" conditions just a hard training... If you enjoy extrems sports, you'll be glad here hehehe

a fun trip my friend.

When driving the vehicle we have to train the traffic signs to be safe, we help each other, thank you.

very helpful post,i i ilke it lemme resteem it

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