THE VIETNAM VOYAGE | DTube Travel Vlog 014

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This was our journey from Ho Chi Minh to Halong Bay, an 8 day trip through Vietnam with Topdeck Travel.

It took 10 days to film and 3 weeks to edit.

I hope you enjoy!

Thanks for watching,

YouTube Version:


Beautiful .. You are lucky, look wonderful trip
Nothing is more beautiful than virgin nature
Thanks for sharing this with us

Wow, this amazing! Fantastic editing, music, scenery. I loved everything about it. The drone footage was amazing. My wife @corinnestokes and I plan to visit Vietnam some day, and I will definitely share this with her. This is the type of content that should be all over trending on Steemit and DTube.

Thanks @lukestokes, really appreciate you saying that!
I would love that too and plan to continue creating stuff like this :)

I’m curious where you sourced the music for the video and what type of drone you use. Really fantastic stuff. Going to resteem so it gets more exposure.

Oh and for a drone I use a DJI Phantom 4 with ND filters.

For music I use - it gives you a license on loads of tracks to use.

Thanks - really appreciate it! If you do go to Vietnam then make sure to try as much food as possible, loved all of it :)

Sweet! I may check that out for some videos I do in the future.

I definitely enjoyed your food segments and really look forward to trying some of that same stuff out some day.

You inspired me to put some music to the video I put together of our trip to Old San Juan yesterday. If I had a drone for aerial footage, that would have been awesome! Maybe I’ll get one eventually. Thanks again for the inspiration. I found some royalty free music I liked which worked well. The video storing our memories is so much better with music. :)

Glad to see you got some nice upvotes on this post as well. I shared it with some people and it seems they liked it as much as I did. Congrats!

This is the type of content that should be all over trending on Steemit and DTube.

Fully agreed, Luke!!! :-)

Looks amazing hope to one day be able to visit.

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What a beautifull place! Very pretty views and good montage! I'm shocked!


Great video as usual, thanks for sharing.

wow, you have a great trip in our country, explore more landscapes in Vietnam, it will not let you down

wow, bạn có một chuyến đi tuyệt vời ở đất nước của chúng tôi, khám phá nhiều phong cảnh ở Việt Nam, nó sẽ không làm bạn thất vọng
(Bạn có hiểu tiếng Việt không?)

Great video! Thanks for sharing. Vietnam is in my to-visit list :). Cheers

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Beautifully done video. Loved the street scenes and all of the food shots! Also I think I’d really love the temples. Excellent work! Would you go back?

Thanks and yeah I loved all the street food. I'd go back for sure to check out some different areas, I'd like to get to Phu Quoc and haven't seen it yet.

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really thanks for sharing ,A perfect and wonderful travel video,breathtaking views, beautiful history and places. just love the views of bay from ship .can not stop myself from resteem and again watching,love this video

Thank you for your kind feedback and I'm really glad you enjoyed it!

you are welcome

very nice video ...i really enjoy it :D

This is like a documentary! No wonder this took 3 weeks to edit! Well done! I would not have the patience to go through all that footage lol

I would really love to go vietnam someday

Very well done, Jord. Makes me want to go back to Vietnam.

Looks amazing. Love your videos.
We are planing for some long time to visit Vietnam.
We will definitely learn something from your content.

See you in next posts

Really appreciate it and glad hear youre going to Vietnam.
Make sure to try lots of Banh Mis!

Great job, this is inspiring because I always wanted my video s to look like this

This was really professionally done, like it should be on the Travel channel or something. Nice work!

Thanks, that means a lot!

Nice one, been living in VN on and off for the past few years and heading back soon. Ha Long Bay in the mist is the best :) Hit me up if you are doing another tour there!

Great work. I would love to go to Halong bay. Visited Ho Chi minh city last year and still want to see the north. Your video wants me to go there right now!

This is so amazing... Nice graphic indeed, keep it up sir... How I'd love to visit such a beautiful place one day.

Thanks, appreciate the nice feedback.

Woahhhh, I'm officially amazed

Wow what an amazing work of shooting, editing and narrating. I have fallen in love with this place. Especially the drone footage is very much captivating.

Another impressive piece of work! Thanks for sharing your experiences in such a professional way with us. When you joined Steem I had the feeling that you'd become one of the top vloggers here, and look where you are now - fully deserved!
Best of luck and joy for your further journey, we'll be here to follow you :-)
Loved and resteemed

Great work. Love the way you did it and the slow motion and speed up shots. I am a fan.

Thanks, appreciate the feedback and glad you enjoyed!

Excellent post friend

wow it was an incredible journey. best regards from my friends, do not forget to follow me and comment my place, please enlighten it for me because i just joined in steemit. thank you

Hope u enjoyed the trip☺️