Travel #28 | Speechless !!! 7 Amazing Place to See Aurora

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Is there any traveler who dreams of seeing auroras light? If so, you will meet at 7 of these hotels.

In the near winter it will be the right moment to see the aurora, which is from November to mid April. Because the opportunity to witness the natural phenomenon that has begun when the snow began to fall.

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Here are seven light-aurora-view hotels that also provide fine cuisine, thick blankets and heated fireplaces:

1. Levin Iglut | Lapland, Finland

There are 24 greenhouses at the Levin Iglut inn in the Lapland hills of Finland. The bed is the focal point where the traveler can adjust it to see the aurora's light. Each Igloo or small house also offers a private bathroom with heated floors, a kitchenette, bluetooth speakers and free breakfast.

This elegant greenhouse is built facing directly onto the hillside. Other facilities you will enjoy are a private fireplace and sauna as well as observing the sky at night from the panoramic windows or while soaking in the warm bath.

2. Arctic Gourmet Cabin | Kiruna, Sweden

The inn has small houses which each can be used for two guests. Located in the northern tip of Sweden, the traveler can photograph the aurora without any light pollution.

Arctic Gourmet Cabin could be one of the best places to capture the moment of appearance of aurora light. Traveler who want to stay there are recommended between mid-September and mid-April.

3. Northern Lights Resort & Spa | Whitehorse, Canada

From the name alone is plastered information about the advantages of this resorts. Suggested stays between November and April.

In addition to the main things above, the hotel also offers dog-drawn carriage. Surely it is an unforgettable experience especially if the aurora light becomes the setting.

4. This is the Lake Wilderness Lodge | Iniakuk Lake, Alaska

This inn is within 100 km of the Arctic Circle. A ski plane will pick up a traveler in Fairbanks and after two hours, you will land in the Brooks Mountains area.

You can book a photography safari for five nights to hunt for aurora light guided by professional photographers. This tour is only available in February and March, when aurora activity reaches its peak.

5. Sorrisniva Igloo Hotel | Alta, Norwegia

Located on the banks of the Alta River, the hotel claims to be the largest and most northerly ice hotel in the world. All made of ice including artistic details such as chandeliers and sculptures with an area of ​​this hotel reaching almost 8 acres feet.

If staying in one of his 30 rooms, the traveler will remain comfortable sleeping in a warm sleeping bag. For a view of the aurora, the traveler can take a picture while touring the reindeer sled. The hotel is open from 18 December 2017 to 8 April 2018 with closures during Christmas, New Year, and Easter.

6. Seal River Heritage Lodge | Churchill, Canada

This remote cottage in Manitoba, Canada will give the traveler an unforgettable stay. This area is claimed as one of the best places in the world to see the light of aurora lho and also a paradise for wildlife.

To experience a great experience, travelers are encouraged to visit it in October or November. At this vulnerable time is the season where ordinary polar bears emerge.

7. Hotel Ranga | Hella, Island

Although only two hours from Iceland's main airport, this hotel is still far from the city. The aurora light can be traveler's view between September to April.

Upon viewing the aurora light show, the hotel offers blackout lights and provided blankets to keep the traveler warm while enjoying it outdoors. If the traveler does not want to go outdoors, enjoy the aurora light in the hotel's observatory room equipped with several telescopes.

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Wow! This is really amazing. Looking forward to visit one of these 7places soon. :)

Yeahh... This really beauty... Which one do you like ?

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