Travel #26 | Finland, The Most Safe & Happy Country In The World

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About the world's safest and happiest countries, Finland is always on the first list (1). Here are the secrets that can be used as a lesson for other countries.

Finland is a country in northern Europe. Maybe his name is still less prestige than France or England as a tourist dream destination traveler. But Finland has one very interesting thing, this is the "safest" and "happiest" country.

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In 2018 Finland won 2 prestigious world titles. In the World Happiness Report released by the United Nations in March, Finland was ranked first "the happiest country in the world". Finland also received an award from the Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Report 2017 issued by the WEF (World Economic Forums)

Finland Have Many Artistics Architecture

What's the Secret?

Some international media such as Telegraph and Guardian have reviewed it. But wait, the fact is 150 years ago this country turned out to be a poor country. Many of the people are starving to death!

But now, life there changed 180 degrees. Of course with the process that is not for a moment, Finland successfully ditasbihkan as the safest and happiest country in the world.

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We discuss one by one. From the life of Finnish people, they have the principle of "Talkoo" which means to cooperate, collectively for good.

It has been shown, if the Finnish people are hard workers, but not forgetting others. They will not hesitate to help if asked for help, despite the cold winter bone piercing.

Friendly Community, Finland

Interestingly, "Talkoo" is also a gradual make the public status penyerataan. That is, no rich people are "Too Rich" and no poor people are "Too Poor". Even the Finnish joke is, "when in Finland, maybe you do not realize that next to you is the richest man in Finland, maybe you do not know who he is".

Finnish government is very clean. Did you know, if Finland occupies the country number 3 is a small corruption. High taxes, totally diverted for community service. The only number, the education where the schools are free!

The atmosphere in Helsinki City, Finland

Education is the key to progress, once the country's principle. During the early years of Finnish independence from the Russian Empire in 1917, 30 percent of state officials were filled with scholars and professors.

Interesting fact, until the 19th century, Finland is a country whose inhabitants can not read. Until finally, the scholars there make special rules: anyone who wants to get married should be able to read.

In addition, Finland is also very concerned with the environment. They occupy the top ranking of the environmentally friendly countries in Europe. Finland is very conserving nature, which details 179,584 islands and 188,000 lakes.

Beautiful Landscape, Finland

The more awake nature, the quicker the saturation will be lost. Not until there, Finland has a total of 3000 km bike path!

Finns prefer to ride a bicycle. The reason is simple, cheaper and can make the body more healthy.

Could our country follow Finland to be a safe and happy country?

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