Travel #23 | Petra : The Story of the Lost City in Jordan

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A city in Jordan has the nickname of a lost city. Behind the hill, this is Petra, an invisible city built in 312 BCE.

Petra is also known by the name Raqmu or often referred to as 'Rose City' because the color of the carved stone resembles the beautiful flower. Its location is on the southern side of Jordan, or about four hours drive from the capital city of Amman.

The Old City of Petra will not be seen visually when we look for it on the hill. The "Nabatean" tribe around 312 BC thought of a way to be protected from enemy attacks by building cities between rocky hills or sand stone.

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The Petra area is located halfway between the Gulf of Aqaba and the Dead Sea at an altitude of approximately 800 to 1,396 meters above sea level, precisely in the valley of the Edom mountains, just east of the Arabah valley. The complex area of ​​Petra is approximately 264 m³.

Along the way to the main gate of Petra, already seen some building 'opener'. There, there is also a tomb used to pay tribute to the tribe members.

The Gate of Petra will begin with the appearance of a stream and a small dam. The Nabatean tribe has a fairly high capacity in water management. They've made special paths for drinking and daily necessities. They have also thought about flow patterns to avoid flooding..

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After that, we will see Siq, a road between the narrow gap of two rocky hills along nearly 2 kilometers. The width is only two meters. Shaped like a big rock that split in two.

In addition to Treasury, you can also down the smalls houses inhabited by the inhabitants of the ancient Petra. The house was very simple, heavily carved, small hole-shaped like a cave, and inside there were other room.

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