Travel #21 | Funny Aircraft With Cartoon theme "Toy Story"

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Body Outside Aircraft (Shanghai Disney Resort)

If you are a fan of Toy Story Cartoons, this plane is worth a try. The reason, outside of this plane is Toy Story.

Now you can go up by air on the Toy Story themed plane. This aircraft is a product of a partnership between "Shanghai Disney Resort" and "China Eastern Airlines".

Toy Story aircraft is specially designed for travelers to be in the Disney-Pixar classic world. Toy Story aircraft will be used on domestic routes of Shanghai, Beijing or within China.

Interior (Shanghai Disney Resort)

Design Toy Story is fairly luxurious that will be felt up to the interior of the plane. The large pictures of "Jessie's cowgirl" and "lotso" bears will decorate the ceiling, seat cover, luggage compartment and up to the tray of her chair.

Interior (Shanghai Disney Resort)

Small details will not be left behind with the theme Toy Story. Even to the food menu, cutlery and headphones used by passengers will be themed Toy Story.

Boarding Pass Machine (Shanghai Disney Resort)

Want a souvenir of Toy Story, you will get a special boarding pass card from this flight. Toy Story aircraft is a collaboration between the airline "China Eastern Airlines" with "Disney", previously there have been aircraft "Mickey Mouse" and "Minnie Mouse".


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