Travel with me #95 : The Endangered Species of Qinling, China - The Giant Panda, The Golden Takin!

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Some of my fondest memories whilst travelling, come from my close encounters with nature and wildlife. If you've followed me for a while, you'll remember my encounters with Sharks, Sea Lions, Swimming Pigs, Leopards,Iguanas and many more!

It's no coincidence that my family of cats have had a big role in shaping my adoration of animals. But as much as I could just stay at home and keep my cats busy with company, I'm always curious to see more animals living in natural environments. Some of them extremely rare, to the point that they are protected animals and considered country treasures.

I decided to visit a special place known for it's soaring mountain peaks, and vast stretches of untouched deciduous forests. Crucially, they are the home to China's most endangered animals, and some of the last places in the world where you will ever see these animals.

The place is called Qinling or Qin Mountains (秦岭). The Qin Mountains are a vast mountain range in the south of the Shaanxi Province and serve as a natural border between the North and South of China. My visit will take me to the main Qinling village, where a special reserve has been set up. Originally to help preserve and protect the dwindling numbers of endangered species, the Qinling conservation has had a very positive effect on the area and is now drawing attention from people all over China.

The village is quite hard to reach - there are no train services, the only method is by car. Setting off at Xi'an, it took over 4 hours driving through mountain roads, passing through what felt like endless numbers of tunnels.

Once inside the village, I realised that for the most part, this village has been left untouched. It's modern amenities extend as far as the 90's looking hotel which I stayed at. Everything else, looked liked early nationalist China, the houses were mostly made from wood, and along the main street, many people would sell little snacks and food which are naturally found in the mountainous region.

The first order of the day, and probably the most popular, is the Giant Panda tour.

The shuttle buses will take off every 30 minutes or so, and drive you along some spectacular scenery en route to the Giant Panda area.

A lot of effort has been made to preserve the natural landscape, most of the landscaping and buildings blend in perfectly with the natural surroundings.

The canals were used for transporting harvest between villages, it was only until recently that they began using road vehicles for this purpose.

Believe it or not, most of the houses you see here are inhabited by villagers. In contrast, their days' seem really long. The majority of time is spent sowing for the harvest, or preparing food.

Just a quick 10 minute ride, and we've arrived at the Panda viewing area. The large stone with the red characters alert us to the impending Panda Bear cuteness overload, whilst the mountains piercing through the clouds remind us that we are entering "bear" territory!

Each of the viewing areas for the animals have their own statues such as this very giant sized Panda. (Looks a bit like Po from Kung Fu Panda right?)

Panda bears are native to south central China and were considered an endangered species. In Chinese, the Panda is called 大熊猫 or Big Bear Cat, and this is because from a looks point of view, they have a lot of characteristics of a bear and cat. Their status as conservation reliant vulnerable means that without these conservation efforts, the Panda bear population would have continued to decline.

In the wild, Panda bears have a very short period of time to breed. (3 days) And thus, it is a challenge for them to reproduce very quickly.

In captivity, breeding programs have had mixed success, depression in captivity was cited as one of the reasons that many of the Panda's refused to mate. However, as of today, there are more than 230 Panda's living in captivity inside China, and a further 49 outside. Many a result of successful breeding.

And here we are, the Giant Panda of Shaanxi. In the mountains, there are reportedly around 2000 or more Panda's. A figure that has increased significantly over the years.

Even though the Panda is considered a bear and classified as a carnivore, it's primary diet is bamboo shoots. In fact, the Panda has such a large body mass that it needs to eat more than 10 kilograms of Bamboo shoots every single day. Given the relatively low energy content of the bamboo shoots, Panda's have adjusted their behaviours to conserve energy. For instance, they are not social creatures, and prefer living in isolation as adults. Panda's also tend to avoid walking up steep slopes.

This Panda was out of character and climbed up to give us a good view of his back!

Giant Panda's all have very round faces because of their jaw muscles used to crush the bamboos. However, there is a saying that Shaanxi Panda's have rounder faces than their Sichuan counterparts.

The Giant Panda moves very slowly because of it's slow metabolic rate, and low energy content diet. However, it is very good at storing fat. This is because of it's mostly sedentary lifestyle. (Kind of reminds me of a lot of us these days!)

Despite their lazy demeanour, Panda's are able to travel vast distance to find habitats which can sustain them. During summer, the Panda's migrate to the Qin Mountains, higher up where the Bamboo shoots have more nutrition. In the Autumn they return to the valleys to eat the leaves which are richer in calcium.

This was the highlight of my visit, the Panda rolled onto it's side and then onto it's back, using it's paws to scratch it's tummy. It's so cute, and reminds me of my cats who like to do the same!

This I believe is a dragon fruit. Characterised by it's scaley pink texture, it was just one of my strange exotic looking fruits lurking in the lush vegetation of the forest.

By the exit, there are a number of villagers who were selling their pickings of various fruits from the mountains.

One that particularly interested me was the Purple Wild Banana's.

When you open the "banana" up, you are presented with what looks like a Caterpillar larvae. It was then that I realised, they weren't banana'as at all. Perhaps a little from the outside, but in actual fact, these are mostly seeds with a tiny bit of fruit meat in there.

These are some of the other villagers selling their goods. Aside from the Panda souvenirs, it's mostly wild nuts, and fruits picked from the mountains.

In the city, you will never see flowers as pretty as theses, or exotic butterflies resting freely on them.

The shuttle bus waits for us at the drop off point, and takes us back to village where we wait for our next shuttle bus.

From the traditional Chinese houses, to the vast and expansive mountain ranges, there is almost nothing that isn't worth capturing as a photo or video.

This is one of the main street buildings made mostly out of wood. Outside, there are wooden chairs and tables for guests to eat outside. The China Unicom sign is actually just for decoration. Out here, there is no reception, let alone phone network shops.

The next animal to visit is one that I never even knew existed. Most people know about the Giant Panda because it is unofficially the symbol of China alongside the dragon. But the Golden Takin is one of the lesser known protected animals of China. Infact, it's conservation status is currently endangered meaning that without improvement, it will eventually become extinct.

Like the last area, the outside has a statue of the animal. From the statue, you can tell the Golden Taken is a very formidable looking creature. It's front body is very large, and the horns on it's head are very big and pointy.

And here it is, the Golden Takin. As you can see it has the features of both a goat as well as an antelope. This is why it is categorised as a goat-antelope.

The Golden Takins are much more social with each other, and that is because in the wild, they live together in herds, and migrate up and down the mountains depending on the season.

The smell of the Golden Takin is a combination of horse and musk, and the Takin's themselves use various scents produced by their body's to indicate their social standing.

Using their keen sense of smell, they can also detect pheromones in the skin and unrine of other Takin's. For example, the female Takin's may advertise their sexual status by urinating on their tail. Here, the male Takin is having a smell to see the female's status and mating intentions!

The Golden Takin is also likely the source of the legend of the Golden Fleece which was searched for by Jason and the Argonauts.

Golden Takins are genuinely beautiful animals, though they spend most of the time up in high altitudes, this hasn't stopped people from poaching them for their fur. If left to their own accord, Takin's have very few enemies, only bears and wolves pose a threat. Even then, they can use their horns aggressively, as well as make very loud roars.

Other times when communicating with each other, very audible bellows can be heard which is supplemented by extensive use of body language, raised neck and chin, upright posture, snorting, and lots of eye contact.

Don't forget to check out my video for some footage of the animals!

Thank you for joining me on this journey to the Qin Mountains and getting a close look at some of the rarest animals in the entire world. It is hard to believe that without human intervention, both of these animals (Panda and Golden Takin) would have been pushed to the edge of extinction. Thankfully, the efforts to conserve their numbers and habitat have come a long way, and both are now growing in number each year.

So, which is your favourite? The Giant Panda, or the Golden Takin? Let me know in the comments below!









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You are beautiful

Although I realize that you probably will not be able to get to this but you mentioned that the Golden Takin might have been the inspiration for the Golden Fleece. Is this a common belief? This would indicate a greater interaction between the East and the West thousands of years ago than I had thought about before.

An amazing travel @sweetsssj. I always like your post last, now, and next. Dont be doubt about it. Your post describe a real fact in life.. It was very fantastic.I love everything of you. Great, Grrat, Great....

thank you safran :)

Beautiful pictures. The pandas are awesome!!

Pandas... Such adorable creatures! There are so many videos on YouTube about them acting cute and funny :P I've never seen a Golden Takin. They look adorable too!


Very adorable creatures indeed. Takin I bet there aren't too many videos of. Especially the Golden variety!

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inside age is most important!

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nice traveling pictures, is it easy to travel around china or safe in general?

I think they're just like that normally! As for travelling around China, it's safe if a bit uncomfortable at times. If you know people who will take you around, it will be much better!

@sweetsssj - Wow - What a day today- my favorite blogger has blogged about wildlife!! I always love reading your blogs and this time it is a real treat because, as you know from my blogs - I am a big wildlife fan.
I was very fortunate to visit Chengdu in China couple of years back and got to see the giant Pandas. As you have pointed out, those animals are just so cute! Your gifs of the pandas are really a treat to watch.

The location you have shown is far more interesting than the Panda park which I saw in Chegdu. The statues, the lovely butterflies and the golden Taikin (an animal I had never heard of before) make it a wonderful place. You are fortunate to have been able to visit it.

I loved your picture with the Panda Statue. Looking gorgeous as usual

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hi vm2904, we have such a good common interest. Wildlife isn't normally my forte, but each time i've made effort to see it, i've never regretted it. I'm impressed that you managed to visit Chengdu, that is one of the few native Panda places in China right now. I'll take a look at yours ! :)

Why did'nt you travel to STEEMFEST 2 in Lisbon?

Thanks for asking! I haven't been allowed to apply for the Shengen visa to Europe for a few months now. They have a cool down period, as well as very strict requirements for non-tour group travellers like myself. Let's try campaign for SF3 to be held in Asia then i can definitely go!

Hey @sweetsssj I know Mexico has much more lax visa requirements, perhaps consider coming to our Steemfest Fork in Acapulco next Feburary! We don't have specific dates but it's a user generated thing so you could put on a talk of your own or a workshop and charge people for it. We'd love to have you involved, it's a great chance to have a huge gathering in a beautiful and inexpensive place :)

I don't normally linkdrop but I feel for you for not being able to go. I sadly am not able to leave Mexico and cannot attend Steemfest for that reason.

Hi lily-da-vine, i will have a look at this. I've always been very interested in jeff's acapulco, i will have to see how I can make it there.

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I can only get a single entry permit if I travel with a tour group. And that means I can't make my own itinerary. That's the sad reality of Chinese passport holders these days..

I have never heard about this before, but sure I believe you... so it means that Chinese people can only travel in groups to Europe?

that is correct!

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it's really frustrating, it essentially boils down to looking for countries with the most lax visa entry.

you are so cute

I am happy that China is doing more efforts to preserve its biodiversity, nowadays.

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I am writing a post serie called "Steemit Lessons side by side to the big ones". In my last post I have mentioned you as an example for all the Steemit community. Thanks for being a "great light between so much darkness", May your path be always awesome and full of light. STEEM ON.

PS: The post is here. It is been written in Spanish but basically is teaching others all the great things you do and how you focus on your blog and nothing else. Gracias.

Hii @sweetsssj i am

wow, @sweetssj you are doing a great job at revealing history and the way of life of the people around you. Your journalist skills are so impressive. I raise around 20 different types of bananas from around the world and do not have a purple one. I do have a red one and love to see people's reaction to it, however it is not very good to eat, but the birds love it.

Have you ever touched the fur on a panda, which I understand is much different than what you would expect?

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hi vikbuddy, thank you for the kind words. It's rare that we can get such a close visitation of these animals, so it really is quite the occasion! Keep steeming on :)


Awesome travel impressions again @sweetsssj, thanks for sharing!!!
Will you be at the Steemfest³ next year? It would be a pleasure to meet you in real life!

Your blogs are always so inspiring!

Which camera or phone you are using for photos?

@sweetsssj I love panda too, but have never seen one face to face but only on 📺. Wish to see one maybe in a zoo one day. Nice post upvoted you with my little. Here is another post of @travelguide on drone review as promised You can check it out. Thanks

hi travelguide, yes there are now many zoo's around the world with Panda's. They are actually all on 'loan' to the zoos. If you visit China, you'll find them in many more places! I'll check it out thanks :)

@sweetsssj thanks for checking on the post. Planning on translating my post to Chinese, please do you have a better idea on how I can do that?

I don't think you should translate to chinese unless it is something you are competent at doing. Or, you find someone who can competently do it. A bad translation is worse than no translation in my opinion.

Yeah! Thanks for the advice.

Hey those are some cool animals! The panda's so relaxed and I never heard of the Takins before. The flower you like so much is from the Tagetes genus, likely Tagetes patula... Cute post!

It's been sometime since your last post and , I'm reading this post and I love it looking at the panda pictures they look so amazing I've always enjoyed reading your post and I wanted to thank you for sharing with us your travel experiences

hi mannyfig1956, thanks for waiting for my posts ! I know they could come out more frequently, but i'd rather make sure I put my best effort into each one than force a post out every day. Thank you for dropping by!

Love the post! this place looks great. The golden takin look very intimidating. I wonder if they're related to the 'toro' bull. lol
Really like the gifs! Best wishes @splendorhub.

hi splendorhub, thank you ! I was really surprised when I saw the golden takins, they were a lot bigger than I thought. About the same size as a cow actually. Except they're a lot more agile than cows!

Takins are agile ?! I would have never thought! lol

compared to cows :P

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thank you amrumk, i'm very lucky to have the opportunity to see these in semi wild. Zoo's are not quite the same

Is there any restrictions or barricades in that semi wild zoo..caus I couldn’t found anything like that in your video.. don’t you fee fear then, if not you are a Batman @sweetssj

Haha, well these ones live in a large sealed off area where all the vegetation etc are natural. This is to protect them. They don't have a way to get to us.. never the less, they are very friendly!

But we need to protect ourselves even though they are friendly.. we don’t know when they are become wild..I saw some videos on some social media that one of the 🐼 attaking the visitor.. you don’t want to attend the next steem fest with me(😉). as you miss the last fest @sweetssj

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hi bigpanda, what a coincidence! Thank you for dropping by :)

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Oh i don't think you can have panda's as a pet my dear, as cute as they are, they are not domesticated animals and likely would not survive very long. It's best to leave them in their natural habitat. You can always go visit them :)

You travel alot
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Oh, i like the sound of that name thank you ! :)

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thanks bitdollar, they are aren't they! you have a great day too :)

Hehe, i did not know that panda is so protected animal, he is like a tradition :)

yes the panda is one of the most important symbols of China, and sadly the numbers were dwindling until they became legally protected.

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hi hectorjoachim. It was a really nice experience encountering these animals up close. It's starting to get cold here so.. :D I'll have a look! :)

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@sweetsssj, another great travel blog! This is by far my favorite of yours that I have read, so informative and peaceful, yet determined. If we as a people cannot care for our Earthly fellows, be they Human, Animal, Insect, or whatnot, they will inevitably vanish. That is always a shame when it happens.

It struck home greatly today when you mentioned your cats, because I was forced to put my oldest and dearest cat to sleep. She had been a part of mine and my wife's lives for nearly 12 years and was 20 years old. Unfortunately, she took a turn for the worse over the past couple weeks and stopped eating regularly and became distant and started hiding more than she used to do. When we found her last night, she was in bad shape, so we cleaned her up and spent time with her and put her in a safe place.

When we checked this morning, she was almost unable to walk and did not seem to really know where she was or what was going on. We called the vet and took her in, but it was best for her that we let her go. So now I'm heart-broken over it and just getting through to the next days.

I'm glad you were able to write this as it reminds me of the good times I had with her.

I did have a question that came up, though... with your travels, what do you do with your cats while you are away? Do you use an animal border service?

You must miss them a great deal when you are away, and I'm sorry you must go through that.

Thank you.

dbzfan4awhile, thank you for this really thoughtful comment. Apologies for the late reply. Although your perspective about the eventuality of all life on earth to vanish is a bit alarming, over the course of history and time, it has always been true. Given enough time, everything will tend towards zero. And of course, that is why our very short and almost insignificant time on Earth should be spent appreciating everything that exists for now. Something our descendants may not enjoy.

Also, i'm incredibly sorry to hear about your dearest kitty. With so much time to build that close relationship, losing her is definitely no different to losing a family member. I do however think that your decision was for the best, and though it will be tough and unsettling to not have her around, you can atleast remember her fondly and know that she spent very little time suffering because of your care.

When I travel, I have a few friends who come 'cat sit' for me, they're actually quite popular amongst my friends so I never seem to have trouble finding people to look after them for me! I do miss them an awful lot when I am away though and when i'm back, they let me know they missed me too!

Thank you so much for the kind words and thoughts. I would completely agree that showing appreciation for everything that exists right now is a great idea. Live for now, be considerate of others, and remember everyone that you loved as they all have something that they leave you with to make you a better person if only you deem to allow your to do so.

As a note, I've decided to get a tattoo to remember my old kitty. I have to decide when to do so (when I have the extra funds) and what image I will use. I already have 1 tattoo to commemorate much-loved family members that have passed on, so she will be added to it in some way.

By the way, I've always enjoyed your travel blogs, they are very informative and have great imagery to show the locations. You obviously love what you do and put a great deal of time and effort into them.

Thank you for adding so much to Steemit.

i really love panda..!! they are so cute wish that i see one in person.. since i was a kid i want to see a panda but until now i have never visited any of the park that have a panda.. wish to travel in a place that have a panda like that..

你今天心情如何?cn区点赞机器人 @cnbuddy 感谢你对cn区作出成长的贡献。 @cnbuddy 还只是个新生儿,还有很多要学习。很开心我的成长道路上,有您相伴。我的主页会定期总结cn区活动动态,欢迎围观假如我的留言打扰到你,请回复“取消”。

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hi elteamgordo, pleasure seeing you as always. The banana thing i did eat, the picture to the right of it of the black seeds are what is left! It doesn't taste too bad actually.. just not much to swallow... I'll check it out :)