Travel with me #82 : The Baha Mar resort - A worthy rival to Atlantis? (Video inside)

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Dear Steemit friends:


Atlantis has long been the signature resort of the Bahamas, with it's fluid range of hotels that are able to accommodate guests at a wide range of budgets, all the while providing a consistent experience in it's shared amenities, it is no wonder that Atlantis has been a large draw to prospective visitors.

However, it is always healthy to have competition. Until recently, Atlantis was operating a near monopoly in terms of resorts and it was only the advent of Baha Mar that brought some competition to the area.

Today, we'll be having a look at Baha Mar, let's see whether this new development can poach some of the Atlantis customers over, or bring in a new wave of people to Bahamas and greatly help to revitalise the tourism industry in Bahamas.

Baha Mar positions itself as a luxury resort which is not as strongly themed as Atlantis. You won't be finding places like The Dig, Predator Lagoon, or any open air aquariums here. Instead, for frequent visitors to luxury hotels, the offering is actually pretty standard of what you would expect from a luxury resort.

In their own words..

Among discerning travellers, tastes differ but expectations don’t. Which is why Baha Mar offers a world-renowned collection of hotels uniquely designed to suit your personal style. More than a resort, its a choice of unparalleled experiences from the world’s leaders in hospitality.

The choices of hotels reflect what kind of experience you expect out of your stay. Indeed, if you wish to experience more than just a lovely room, then the SLS offers service and rooms that go above and beyond the standard luxury experience at the Grand Hyatt.

If you are looking for more of a Residential style experience, the Rosewood at Baha Mar would be more suitable.

For me, I opted for the Grand Hyatt. Having stayed in other hotels from this chain, I know what to expect from the room.

Arriving at the Baha Mar, we drive over a very long bridge that crosses a man made lake (or large pond) and arrive at the landing / drop off area of the hotel. Everything looks really new, and the styles of design has some hints of Asian influence. Especially the two tigers greeting me at the entrance.. this is something I would expect from a Chinese establishment given the tiger's superstitious back story.

Beside the entrance, we can already see the Casino which is actually the main draw of this resort. It seems to be very empty at this moment, a complete contrast to Atlantis, but then again at this point, the resort has only been open for a few weeks.

The main lobby is actually quite impressive, it's very large and maintains a consistent style of decor throughout. It feels like a middle Asian / far east Asian fusion of styles.

The ceiling isn't as high as the Royal Towers at Atlantis, but it still feels very spacious.

The check-in desk is well presented with floral designs to match the general design theme of the hotel. Behind the desk, there seems to be a fish tank embedded into the wall with some Lion Fish inside.

Here is another look at the Casino.

As you can see, it's very very empty at this point, and there are many bored looking croupiers just waiting for someone to join their table.

As a non-gambler, i'm just another one of the spectators on the sidelines with not very much to watch!

Despite the clear lack of custom at the Casino, I am very impressed with it's layout and size. I especially like these massive crystal chandeliers in the Casino. Usually, I believe Casino's are well decorated with fancy adornments because of the amount of money they make from their customers, but in this case, I'm pretty sure they haven't made any money yet!

A bit further a long the casino, we have a luxury retail shopping area with some familiar brands here like Tiffany, Bvlgari, Breitling etc. They are actually not all open yet, and this is one of the reasons I found it quite frustrating to stay here. The fact that it feels not quite complete.

This is the outside of The Swimming Pig restaurant which we've already visited.

There was also this wonderful live jazz bar. Usually, i'm used to the dark, murky and smokey underground style Jazz bar, a complete opposite to this one here which is bright, clean and very spacious.

I'm always amazed to see Chinese restaurants wherever I travel to in the world. Probably because i'm curious as to where Chinese people end up living in the world.

Although I saw no evidence of a Chinese person working here, or owning this restaurant, I was pleasantly surprised to find dishes quite familiar to me and after a week of eating western food, it was really nice to eat something from back home.

This restaurant is called STIX and it is suppose to be a noodle bar.

Fried rice tasted a little Bahamian I must say, but it was still delicious.

Siu Mai

Fried Sichuan Spicy Chicken

Beef Noodle Soup - This is a must have if you decide to visit. I think this dish alone warrants a visit to this restaurant!

The theme of Baha Mar isn't as distinct as Atlantis. Actually it does use a lot of marine and sea life themes in it's decor as well.

The long corridors leading to the rooms show some nice preserved corals on display.

There are also many examples of Bahamian art here. If you remember our visit to the 3 Tides restaurant in Baha Mar, you might find some resemblance in styles.

I thought these collection of paintings were really beautiful but more importantly, they instantly reminded me of @Stellabelle !

What do you guys think, see the resemblance?

Now, let's move on and have a look at some more shots of the outside.

Much like the Royal Towers at Atlantis, Baha Mar consists of two main towers which are in this case exact mirrors of each other, and then a central building which is much smaller where the main lobby and Casino are.

At the front of the building, there is a very large diameter cylinder which functions as a formidable entrance, as well as a roundabout for coming in and out of the hotel in cars.

Below this roundabout is another below ground level of restaurants / shops. None of which are open!


Behind the Hotel and Night time views

The front of the hotel shows almost perfect symmetry but behind it, we see some varied size and shape buildings all used for different shops / restaurants / bars.

I love how colourful they each are. It seems to be a rule of thumb here to building houses and buildings in different shapes and colours, from one to the next.

Let's take a look inside the Hotel

This is the lift lobby, suddenly it is a very distinct white and blue colour theme. Quite different from the red carpets and red wall paper in the casino level.

I always like to see how hotels design their lifts. Because it can often be a indicator of whether they pay attention to details or not. If they do, the lifts will not be a standard metal cage, but rather a functional work of art, just like this one!

@goldmatters would love this.

Along the corridor, the theme changes to an aquatic one with fishes on the carpet showing the direction to my room.

It kind of reminds me of the Titanic actually.

Inside, the corridor smells like fresh paint. Probably everything has only just been painted for the very first time not so long ago.

Finally, this is my room. On the outside, the door has some very Chinese looking grooves. We're beginning to see alot of Chinese influence in the design. It's not surprising that the developers were the Chinese.

A narrow entrance that was barely wide enough for me to pull my large luggage in.

If you're much bigger than 5'2" (which I suspect most of you are) then making it past the landing area of the room will be a little difficult. But assuming you made it, this is the bedroom / living room area.

Moderately sized, and very simple in design. Continuing the blue and white theme, even with the hanging picture. I think the room could be a little larger. It feels quite congested, even though I'm not too big, it felt quite small, with very little floor space to move around.

The bed is certainly adequate, but I would have liked to see some silk. Especially with how hot it is!

Facing the bathroom, on the other side of the bed is this little seating area. Not sure why this is needed as it just takes up more room. I used this as another storage area.

The width of the room is nearly entirely occupied by the bed!

A small part of the room is reserved for the TV and desk.

Personally, I would have liked to have the TV infront of the bed, instead of to the side.

One of the redeeming factors of the room is the semi-spacious sitting area with the view of the front water fountains.

At night time, the water fountains are lit up with a myriad of lights and a water show is put on every 30 minutes.

From the view of my window and balcony, this was very ideal!

As you can see, the desk in front of the TV is very small and made smaller by the mini bar and coffee machine which occupies more than 1/3rd of the space.

Anyone who wishes to use the desk for work will struggle, especially with the radiant TV in front!

The bathroom was actually a little more spacious than the rest of the room. As you can see,e there is both a bath tub, and a separate shower facility.

A large mirror in front of the wash basin is very ideal, especially for two people given that there are actually two wash basins.

The shower and toilet is separated by some glass dividers. Of course, each have opaque glass to preserve modesty.

The wardrobe and cupboard provides a daily laundry bag for laundry services, some free Baha Mar sandals, and a safety deposit box to store valuables.

Some hangars are provided as well as some bathrobes.

Balcony. The balcony is probably my favourite part of the room even though it's technically not inside the room. Not only do we have a beautiful view of the water fountains, but we also have a fabulous view of the two towers.

Owing to their slight curvature, you can actually see the two towers without having to lean too far out of the balcony.

At sunset, the lights turn on and make for a beautiful view.

Room service

Because the hotel has yet to open all of it's amenities and restaurants, you might find yourself wanting some food / drinks / snacks late at night and no where to go for them!

The room service actually covers most of your needs in that case, and you can order from a pretty complete menu of cooked foods as well as a nice selection of drinks / desserts.

I decided to give the room service a try since it was my birthday, and I ordered a Strawberry and Mango Sago Rice pudding.

The chocolates were complimentary because it was my birthday!

I see Steemit, do you??

Back outside to the Gardens, Pools and Seaside

The back of the hotel is where most of the guests will spend their time.

Here you'll find the gardens, the swimming pools, the outside bars, and the seaside.

There seemed to be some kind of wedding event being held here that day. There were many guests in the main garden, enjoying some live music and canapes.

Bolstering the Asian feel, we have several ponds with some very large and beautiful Koi fish!

Swimming Pools

In resorts like Atlantis, swimming pools represent the main places guests will stay for most of the day so a lot of emphasis has to be put into making the swimming pools attractive to guests.

At Baha Mar, I think they've done quite a good job of making the swimming pools appealing for lounging in the water. Not so much if you want to actually swim. All of the pools have been designed in a very classy and elegant way.

Take for instance, the pool below which has arching water shoots on either side, perfectly in symmetry.

This is my favourite pool, and also the pool where you are invited to take a jump off the rocky cliffs you can see in the background.

There you can see one of the ledges to jump from. It's about 10ft above the water.

Aside from the cliff jumping area of the pool, everywhere else, the pool is very shallow and comes up to about my waist. It's very relaxing just paddling around in the mild temperature water.

The Beach

Aside from the paddling pools, you also have access to a private beach. Those of you who can't live a day without "proper" swimming will enjoy the freedom to swim at full pelt in the calm waters of the sea.

A beautiful long pier stretching out into the sea marks the boundary for where the private beach begins for Baha Mar.

You can take a walk along it to see Cable beach in its entirety, as well as some of the other hotels and restaurants further along the beach.

The pier is also a great place to watch the sunset as it eclipses over the buildings.

I decided to sit on the pier in one of the evenings to enjoy the sunset.

Even though i'm not an avid swimmer, I do enjoy taking a dip into the sea and enjoy the natural currents of the sea as it pulls me in and out, up and down.

The sunset is beautiful. I love how it blends the colours in the sky from blue to turquoise and then to orange, red and yellow.

There are so many places that I would consider to be paradise like in Bahamas. Watching the sunset along the pier above the calm ocean made me feel that this place deserves to be called paradise too.

How often do you get the opportunity to visit a pier and watch the sunset and be undisturbed by anybody else?

I guess this is one of the best things about visiting somewhere that not many other people know about just yet!

Please Check out my video!

And that wraps up my review of Baha Mar resort, and also the conclusion to my series on Bahamas.

As a guest to both Atlantis and Baha Mar, I have a better point of reference to compare each one. And I would say that they offer quite a different experience overall. I don't believe that one would necessarily take custom from the other, rather they both offer something quite unique.

Atlantis has a strong lost city theme with rich marine aquatic life and Baha Mar wants to make your stay feel exclusive and enjoy the Bahamas beautiful natural beaches and ocean.

The only drawbacks that I can say about Baha Mar is that the majority of restaurants and shops have yet to open. Many people who visit resorts like this would expect to stay at the resort and not have to leave. Things like a wide selection of places to eat, and shop at would be considered part of the basic offering. Without them being open, I found myself with less things to explore and a few reasons to leave the hotel and go exploring else where.

This is one of the consequences of being one of the earliest guests at the resort, but a reality that must be noted!

It has been an absolute pleasure to share my experiences of my dream holiday in Bahamas, and I hope you guys enjoyed my series every bit as much as I did telling you my stories of it over Steemit.

You might have noticed that I've been fairly inactive recently, and that is because I've been travelling around somewhere new. With how hectic the travelling has been, I've only had the time to write a little bit each day!

Here's a little sneak preview of my new travels which I'll be blogging about starting from my next post!

If you liked my post, I appreciate the upvote very much, and do follow me to stay up to date with my adventures, and leave a comment to let me know what you think!

See you all in the next post!

今天我想带大家看看巴哈马首都拿骚新开的巴哈·马君悦酒店。这家开业不到2年的酒店目前还没有完工, 因为巴哈·马将成为岛上超越亚特兰蒂斯的度假村群,在2018年还会有rosewood at Ba Ha Mar即将开业。这个获得中国35亿美元投资的加勒比海地区超大型度假村酒店,汇集了五大酒店,除去有700间客房的君悦大酒店,也是目前唯一开业的一家,还有SLX LUX,Rosewood,1,000個房間及284套私人住宅的Baha Mar Casino & Hotel和Meliá at Baha Mar。



除了购物街,还有不少餐厅在赌场周边,一些是24小时营业的,比如这家我之前写过的和猪游泳的餐厅。爵士餐吧,有爵士乐队现场表演的小酒吧,在夜晚的时候非常浪漫有情调。还有暂时没开业的古色古香的Shuang Ba中餐厅,装饰的像北京的四合院,因为还没开业,我只好偷偷溜进去录了一段餐厅的环境,你会在视频里看到它的样子。毕竟是中国投资修建的,酒店里有不少中餐厅,下面这家是面吧,里面提供一些简单的小吃,因为它开到很晚,我正好饿肚子,就进去尝试了一下。餐厅装饰着海水蓝的颜色,还有各式各样的吊灯,非常好看。打开菜单就发现,价格不菲,大概是我平生吃过最贵的面,哈哈。不仅菜式种类不多,而且口味上不算非常地道的中餐,不过其实如果价格能便宜些,我还是很愿意多点一些尝尝的。下面是老干妈炒饭,里面有萝卜,青豆蔬菜做配料,味道不错。上面铺满鱼子的烧卖。还有香辣味的辣子鸡,吃起来很脆很软,像在吃薯片的感觉。最后是台式牛肉面,也就是这碗我吃过最贵的面。如果按照性价比衡量,我不会推荐大家来这家餐厅,毕竟它只是一碗牛肉面。走廊也迎合了酒店红色金色的主题,两边有漂亮的珊瑚艺术品陈列在玻璃窗里。特别值得一提的是,这家酒店的墙壁上大多展示了当地民间的艺术绘画作品,这几幅画神似咱们steemit的一位女明星呢,你们能猜出是谁吗?




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thank you acwood, really appreciate your comments, hope to see you more often! :)

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thank you englishtchrivy! I'm impressed you found so many of the pictures to your liking, my personal favourite is the one sitting on the footbridge watching the sunset too!

Venice definitely is a place i've always wanted to go so could very well be, we'll find out soon!! :)


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I'm @aroyl Really liked your post

The choices of hotels reflect what kind of experience you expect out of your stay. Indeed, if you wish to experience more than just a lovely room, then the SLS offers service and rooms that go above and beyond the standard luxury experience at the Grand Hyatt.

If you are looking for more of a Residential style experience, the Rosewood at Baha Mar would be more suitable.

For me, I opted for the Grand Hyatt. Having stayed in other hotels from this chain, I know what to expect from the room.

Really amazing again @sweetsssj thank you for sharing! I was just in California and am editing a new video of mine! I will have to share it with you :) @joeparys


@joeparys why are upvoting your own comment?


what @ebejammin says :) I will up-vote yours as well - great question :)


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thanks! I didn't know that. cheers!


You're very welcome! When I get some stable internet I look forward to watching your video!


I will make sure to tag you @sweetsssj when my new post comes out. Also, I really wanted to thank you for up-voting my last two blog/vlog travel posts! @joeparys That was very kind of you and your support of my steemit posts will go directly back into me creating more travel videos/blog for this community! I plan on re-investing all of my earnings into steem/steempower here! Keep up the great work and I look forward to seeing and supporting more of your adventures here on Steemit!


Do share your video. Love to see different destinations and hopefully one day i will also live my life like @sweetsssj and @joeparys and enjoy to the fullest.


Thank you @nandikafuture I have just created my introduce myself post and am ending more of my 2017 California video! I am very excited to share it with everyone :) It has 4K drone footage, go pro, and much more!

Great post and amazing photos! As always :)


thank you askaran :)

wow, you are so thorough! The pools and the beach look pretty awesome. Too bad not enough things were open though. At least that gave you more time to try out their room service, haha!!


You are so right about that! Room service was surprisingly good, I didn't expect them to bring it over in a beautifully prepared trolley. +1 for that!


The best burger I've ever had was from the Intercontinental Hotel. So if the hotel is a good one, their food is probably pretty good too :-)

I love you and by envy I hate you at the same time, but you're too cute and I can't hold my grudge, so I end up with only love you!

How much I would like to have an holiday in a resort like this, but I think it will only be a dream.


haha i am like Marmite right? But thank you so much, I really love each of you for supporting me all this time. I feel like the luckiest girl in the world!


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thank you bigpanda, you're very welcome. Nice to see a comment from you :)

@sweetsssj -So nice to see a blog from you after a gap of 5-6 days. I had a lot of difficulty this tome reading your blog because I could not move beyond the first stunning picture. The picture, with water splashing and your hair frozen in dynamic action is really fantastic. With great difficulty, I read on. A very nice description of Baha-Mar. I loved the lion fish tank embedded in the wall behind the reception and their jazz bar which was not smokey. Though smokey atmosphere is kind of part of the traditional charm of the jazz bars, this one has a different feel and its own charm

I am unable to the video because I am posting from my smartphone and the internet connection is not great. I will certainly take a look when I get back to my laptop tomorrow morning.

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thank you vm2904! I've just been a little too caught up with the travelling these few days to get one large amount of time in to write. But thankfully, I'm settled in one place for a few days so I might be able to get some new blogs out after this without waiting a week!

I'm pretty sure you read every single word in this blog, and looked through each picture diligently, i'm so impressed! Thank you for taking the time to do that, because I really appreciate it as always.

I'll have a look at your blog too, thank you for reminding me!

its a lot of work to make a post like this - great work and this work pays off ;)


Thank you my dear, this one took much longer than usual because I'm still travelling around with mostly 2G internet access and barely any time spent in a hotel. You'll see in my coming posts =) thanks again!


I've missed you @sweetsssj I was wondering where were you, now I know you've been to a very nice place as awesome as you are. I am excited to your next "travel with me " post!


thank you joshvel, i've actually just been travelling from one city to the next over the last 2 weeks, its been pretty hectic and the internet as been at best patchy. Finally, i'm in the same place for more than like a day, so I might be able to post a bit more frequently than 1 every week.

Either way, i'm excited to show you all where i've been travelling these few weeks. When i'm back, i'll get straight to powering out the blogs!

Beautiful place indeed, and the food looks delicious too!
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Thank you dheerajdj, I really appreciate you taking notice of my efforts! I really hope my posts can be seen from people all over the Internet so I do try my best to make it something high quality and something I myself as a travel blogger would live to read. Thanks again!

Lovely Pictures and you are living your dream. Continue to scale higher. Resteemed


Thanks evelyniroh! I will do my best 😄

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thank you dear, I recently upgraded to a Sony A9. It's really rather amazing!

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Yes! When I went, it was only open for less than a month.. pretty crazy right?


Well, that makes sense now. A new place that is not well known yet will need time to grow it's customer base.

A beautiful post from you , great that you are back , missed seeing your posts (I wrote about the issue on my blog post, feel free to see it). More success.


hey charles1, I see you've been very busy whilst i've been away, that's great! I see you've written quite a bit about the voting mechanism here at Steemit, I am actually a big fan of dan's original concept of voting to negate the vote of someone, rather than downvoting. It's simply an expression of disagreement with a voter and not the article / subject being voted on!


Good point, I hope the issue get resolved asap. The quality of your post is great hence why I like reading them. Keep steeming to more success.


Why do you visit and vote


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wow...the decorations in this wonderful Baha Mar resort is excellent...everywhere glitters!
nice hallway garnished by the cute lady in red skirt & golden top...
wow the Fried Sichuan Spicy Chicken & Beef Noodle Soup, looks yummy...are they chineese?
The building architecture is worldclass! dress and splitting your legs on the wooden rails... quite athletic...
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ken, you are incredibly good at spotting the details, i'm really impressed. The Chinese restaurant was actually pretty decent for a completely Bahamian effort. Still, the Bahamian style could be tasted within the dishes which is not a bad thing at all.

If i missed your story from a few days ago, I do apologise, i've been mostly away from the internet entirely so I may not have seen it whilst skimming through everything. I will make sure to check your blog every "cycle" though! Thanks for supporting me in the controversial threads too! :)


always welcome
you have a lot of die hard genuine fans who will be with you against all odds.. please do not be discaurged in doing what you love doing.... success comes with challenges...
love your work and admire you in person..
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What a simply fantastic conclusion to the Bahamas series @sweetsssj 👍
I love the Asian infused flavor of Baha Mar, too bad about it not all being opened and operational at 100%, but such are the growing pains of a newly opened resort. That room did seem a bit congested although out on the balcony, the views and the vibe I'm sure made up for it, just gorgeous 😀 🌴
Your next adventure destination looks like it could tell a few interesting tales, looking forward to it 😎
Travel safe and travel well my friend! 🙌


sandstorm, thank you so much, for helping out with the tweetering too, i'm not very familiar with that honestly, i'm surprised the Baha Mar official twitter actually retweeted us! Hooray! we're getting out there!!

I actually felt really at home with the Asian style at Baha Mar, but that could also be a negative thing because I didn't travel 13,000km to experience what i could have at home.. But then, it does have some unique flair to it that can't be found in China too. An experience worth distinguishing in it's own right..

Next destination has so far been incredibly exhausting i must say, a bit different from the Bahamas trip! You'll see for yourself soon!


You're definitely getting out there and creating some awesome experiences and memories, that's for sure. The resorts and destinations are very wise to be taking note of such professional coverage from their guests over social media channels.

At least the Asian infusion in the Bahamas didn't bore you or rub you the wrong way, and it gave you a peek into their unique interpretation of the far east.

The exhaustion and the jet lag are the small prices to pay for such wonderful footage and the joy of sharing it with the Steemit community! Can't wait to see the coming adventures!

My dearest @sweetsssj, your not only miss delicious but also miss adventure. What a wonderful way of signing off from you Bahamas experience reporting. Wonderful narrative, excellent pictures. You have made your followers to be familiar with Bahamas and Atlantis with your detailed narrative and excellent pictures. You have made most of us to fell in love with these beautiful places. I know we are going to enjoy your new location. Is nice to hear from you again. Keep it coming, we are waiting. Good job as usual. Up voted.


hynet! I have missed talking with you, so glad to see you are still around! One thing that really stood out in Bahamas was how much story telling there can be in a place like Atlantis, it's more than sufficiently large to write a book about it! And that's only a spec of dust in what Bahamas has to offer. My next visit there will probably be largely around the hundreds of different islands, that will be quite the challenge!


Okay, you have done a great job, you have made most of these islands and hotels know here, i suggest that the management of those places should recognize your effort and make you their ambassador. I believe that your articles on them must have attracted new customers to them. I have not been online for a while, but each time i have the opportunity to be online, i keep checking on you. I know your seriously busy with a lot of things.Weldon.

5 days ago, id dont get update of your post, i think you are in busy time, nice to see you on my feed


Thanks jamhuery, I am very sorry to have kept you waiting again for such a long time! I've been travelling around with mostly 2g internet for last few weeks. I've had to do a little blogging each day to produce my posts! Hopefully I can up the frequency soon!


welcome @sweetssj, i cath your busy time, nice to see your update post with your cute face and pretty place

Help me! This picture fascinates me. I am so curious to know your thoughts when this was taken:

Awesome article! I did a really cool, luxurious travel experience too and steemd all about it! Check out the mintiness!

Sweetsssj, for you. Trying to figure your thoughts out:

thank you for all the beautiful pictures we love them all


thank you newschannel428, really appreciate your consistent comments and support :)

WOOW ! This place is amazing, I want to go there someday ,it looks like a dream :)
You are so inspiring ^_^


Agreed. Love it. Reminds me of Hawaii. Upvoted.


thanks ioanaaa! :)


Hey @sweetsssj Amazing post, Loved the hotels and views, especially the garden. Upvoted and Resteemed
Check out my post too!


thank you for introducing this game, upvoted :)


Welcome and Thank you! :-)

Bahamas the first tourist spot of the world.its still one of the top 10 places one should visit in vacation. Specially with your love one



Agreed! Thanks for the tip!


Sorry, I don`t have deposit from user: sweetsssj

You're so beautiful. I am glad that you had fun.


Thank you miss.mandi you are so sweet! I had loads of fun!

Simply Beautiful and certainly a place of Elegance!
Thanks for sharing!!!


thanks for reading!! :)


Wow totally cool I am your number one fan!!!!seen your video it is super awesome image.jpeg


thank you mae09!

Hi @sweetsssj glad that you are back it has been a while. You look stunning in the blue dress absolutely breathtaking. The architecture of the resorts is amazing, the bar and dining area is exquisite, makes one wants to purchase the next day flight ticket and tour the area... but only if wishes were horses lol
I love the chandeliers in the hallways. Love the split pose in the blue dress. Thank you for always sharing good content and exciting pics, you look fabulous! You are setting such a high bar and a good example for us the new steemians to follow, for that we are grateful.
My family and I went picking blueberries at the farms in the midwestern region of US, Michigan state, I wrote a post on blueberries health benefits, I also took pictures but just shared a few, I hope you will enjoy it. Thank you for your support :)


thank you for being so detailed with reviewing my review!! haha, I had a look at your post, it's a very lovely one indeed and looks like an activity that I would have enjoyed too. upvoted! :)


Thank you @sweetsssj I read through your post and enjoyed, you are a very detailed writer and if the reader is keen onE can learn and improve on writing. I have learned a lot from you and for that I will be forever greatful. Over time through your answers to my comments I have learnt that blogging is not just finding a picture and writing anything that comes to mind, but rather carefully thinking about a subject matter, researching and writing good content with the appropriate pictures. Thank you for being an inspiration to many here on Steemit. I will continue to review your past and future work and continue to learn and improve in my writing. Thank you for reviewing my posts and upvoting, I am happy to read you nice comment and glad you enjoyed it, that means a lot to me :) have a lovely day and look forward to your next posts. Be blessed <3

how the heck do you stay so skinny going to all of these places!?

Me after traveling 2 weeks-

My uncle is the prime minister in the Bahamas. When are you going to hangout with me and let me show you around?


You are joking right??


No i'm serious. Only thing though is the only perk i can probably get away with is parking in a no parking zone, lol. I usually don't have any trouble doing that, lol. how long will you be there? give me your contact info and we'll do something.

Nice place....hotel facilities is complete... I likes it! Keep steem on @sweetsssj...take care, have nice day :)


thank you hadimemories, so happy to see you posting still! :)

@sweetsssj......Money from travelling.....needs kinda luck and a plartform like upvote will be appreciated

You never stop to amaze me you make tourists spot more amazing you inspire me to travel



you're welcome dear, stay tuned for more! :)


beautiful is Bahamas's middle name!

Wow !
Again came with beautiful and lovely post !!
You are great on writing travel diaries !
Every line of your post are interesting and adventerous.
In each photos you looks gergeous, bold and beautiful like this little rose

Thank you so much for such beautiful post !
Enjoyed your post.
Upvoted !!


thank you akkha wonderful picture of a rose! :)


Thank you so much @sweetsssj ! I just picked this rose from my recent post. did you check my recent posts? hope you like flowers there. please
check n put your feedback and your valuable upvotes !


Thank you so much !


Hi how are you ?
Long time no post and no replies .
Hope you are doing well .
Looking forward .

What a palace ! What a beautiful place !!!
i don't know if you can find this in FRANCE...
You could find more old hotel, and romantism... french touch...
but woaw , it's magnifical place !

What a wonderful woman you are... thanks for sharing what we can't se anymore !
i enjoy it !!!

do you ever been in FRANCE ?

All steemers ??? ever been in PARIS ?

see you all



thank you, i actually have been to France and Paris is probably the city I visit the most other than London in Europe! I have been to each of those places you mentioned more than once! :)


Really !!!! You are a great traveler ! Nice to meet you.
Real pleasure
Happy to follow you

Oh finally we are getting a post from you @sweetsssj! Been quite long again, looking forward to the next adventure though!
The chocolate really looks like the steemit logo and you are absolutely right abt the paintings... It reminds me of @stellabelle too! Lovely!
I had a great laugh when you mentioned about the Bahamian fried rice! hahaha!
Would really appreciate if you check out my page and let me know your views if i am doing good or not, been so long I did not find you on my pages!


Hi progressivechef thanks for being so diligent and dropping by each time. My recent travels have been sort of all over the place so it's been super difficult to blog on the go. Still, I'm impressed you and many others are so quick to reply after a week being away!
I will check out your page and make some comments =)


Yes I do understand you must be very busy and also your post must surely take so much of your time, it is of wonderful quality!
Oh yes I am so grateful that you will check it out! You made my day! Some tips to improve will be much appreciated too!
Thank you a lot!
Steem On!

amazing.... like your posts, Queen of Steemit :-O


thanks akraees you're too kind 😊

Any real estate or travel agent should carry you on their shoulders because of the detailed reports you present. :) Enjoy your new vacation travels!


thank you my dear, actually Baha Mar resort has been re-tweeting my posts about them! If only they could offer me a complimentary visit next time to review everything once it's all open!


Just taking this opportunity to say "THANK YOU FOR FOLLOWING ME"

Thanks for all that information. This place seems pretty nice. I absolutely like the fact that you are sharing all these experiences with us. Keep it up and can't wait to here more from you.

beautifull palce...

please follow me.

I loved the lion fish tank embedded in the wall ....


it was pretty impressive I must say, all the lion fish were so crammed and yet seemed to be chilling in the tank just fine.

nice thanks for sharing i ma new steemit


you're welcome, and I wish you the very best on Steemit, good luck!

Excellent post.
Pictures are too good and the information are proper.
You looks good in photographs.

Probably the biggest post I've seen here on steemit ! Amazing work :)


aww it's definitely quite long but still within the character limit!! :)

It is a very beautiful tourist complex


thank you :) and yes! :)

Atlantis has long been the signature resort of the Bahamas, with it's fluid range of hotels that are able to accommodate guests at a wide range of budgets, all the while providing a consistent experience in it's shared amenities, it is no wonder that Atlantis has been a large draw to prospective visitors.

However, it is always healthy to have competition. Until recently, Atlantis was operating a near monopoly in terms of resorts and it was only the advent of Baha Mar that brought some competition to the area.

Thanks for sharing.

Very informative.

The Place looks like a paradise ! Wish I could visit it atleast once. Really informative post , sweersssj. Thanks


thanks shasol! :)

Do you love football dear @sweetsssj?
I invite you soccer contest by me : )

nice thanks for sharing i am new steemit


you're welcome, and welcome to steemit :)

Like heaven,.

This place looks awesome, you're so lucky you have had the chance to visit.


thanks blitzfury, I am really lucky! It's been a dream of mine to visit since I was a little girl.. so happy to finally make it there..

I love the Place the Room and Hotel looks so grate Wow


glad you liked! :) beautiful...., baha uyyeee

nice mam u r also best and ur photos are so best and beautifulls i think its ur god giveness and god give u it always and u go more up in ur life ur video is also wonder full all ur photos and some videos came u a new and wonder full trip and share with this comunity thanx alot @sweetsssj hava a good everning


thanks robrowe, you're so kind with words, i'm very flattered! :)

very beautifull and attractive photos madam like ur always photos i wait for ur post from 5 days and now today u post i dont see many beautifull and most most fantastic photos like u in other posts or anywehre may god give u happines in ur life for always in give u more success in ur life..good wishes u mam @sweetsssj