Travel with me #73 : A look at the Atlantis Casino from a non gambler!

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Dear Steemit Friends :

As you know, I've had the opportunity to stay at the Atlantis Resort in Bahamas for part of my travels in Bahamas. I've had the wonderful opportunity to explore things like The Marina Village - a small Bahamian settlement style shopping street home to some really delicious Bahamian style food at Bimini Road.

Of course, perhaps the highlight of the Atlantis resort, is their open air aquarium called The Dig which is home to some of the largest collection of exotic tropical fishes in the world as well as some of the best reconstructions of 'The Lost City of Atlantis'.

With the entire hotel designed in the theme of the legendary lost city, most of the interior design is made to match. Perhaps one of the most popular ornaments in the Atlantis hotel is the Big Chair which I believe is the chair for the Greek God of the sea, Poseidon. I of course had to take home a snap with me the chair too! Looks like it's big enough for someone 10ft tall!

Beside the Big Chair people often miss the large golden trophy statue, and if you look just above it, there is the Phoenix rising from the ashes. According to Greek Mythology, the Phoenix rises from the ashes of it's predecessor to be born again, living over a thousand years before falling and then rising again.

Seahorses form an intricate part of the architecture of the Atlantis hotel, and across it's main building you will see these ornaments used. Inside, I came across this statue of four golden seahorses with some pretty pointy horns and armour like scales. These I imagine are the war seahorses used to defend the underwater city.

Atlantis Casino

Perhaps one of the most attractive aspects of Atlantis Hotel, is it's very large casino. Maybe you weren't aware that in China, Casino's are banned from operation. It's only allowed in places like Macau and that is why Macau is become like the Las Vegas of the east. For many people coming to the Bahamas, a trip to the casino is a must, even if they're not big gamblers!

I'm not the gambling type of person and usually come to casino's just to enjoy the atmosphere and watch other people gamble.

As you can see, it is a very luxurious and spacious casino with many different kinds of slot games, and table games.

Most of the people seemed to be more interested in playing the table games like roulette and blackjack.

Slot machines make up most of the games at the casino. I can't understand why people find them so fun. It must be all the pretty colours and flashing lights?

Within the casino there is also a night club which is open Thursday - Saturday.

For people who are keen on sports betting, Atlantis has a very large area dedicated to just this!

Seems like it was baseball betting day.

For me, this was probably the highlight of the Casino. These beautiful sculptures made from blown glass!

If you have a keen eye and good memory, you would have seen one example of these glass sculptures in my visit to the Victoria and Albert Museum

They are all made by the American glass sculptor called Dale Chihuly who specialises in blown glass sculptures.

This seems to be a glass sculpture of a planet and constellation of stars right above it. All around, are the 12 different star signs.

Right below this marvellous Glass planet, is a gift shop.

Do you know your own star sign?

Over at the other shop selling Cigars, we have the glass blown sculpture of the Sun. A very fiery red, even more formidable when the lights are turned on.

It's pretty amazing looking at all the little "Rays" coming out of it.

Finally, we have this gorgeous sculpture called "The Crystal Gate".

It looks like something from another world. Maybe a world made from ice crystals?

With the lights turned on, it emits such a brilliant glow of blue.

The Crystal Gate is one of the most photographed glass sculptures in Atlantis, not only because it's a stunning piece of work, but also because it's the only one that you can stand at ground level and get a full picture with it.

Like with most other large casinos, there's always bars and restaurants inside. I imagine they would want their customers to have no reason to leave!

The Moon Bar over looks the entire gambling floor.

At this time of day (day time) there's usually nobody drinking.

So, I have the entire bar, and apparently most of the gambling tables to myself! Hoorah!

This is OliVES, one of the restaurants inside the Casino. One of the saviours of night time snackers like myself as it is open until the early hours of the morning.

As you can see, it's not just me that gets hungry at night time.

Again, this restaurant has views of the gambling floor, so I will always catch the emotion of winners (or losers) as they happen.

It also has it's own well stocked bar. It seems every establishment here at the very least serves alcohol. Probably a good way of encouraging people to keep gambling and loosing all their money!

The menu.

At this time of night, and inside the casino, I really wasn't expecting this to be worthy of a Miss. Delicious post. Still, the quality of food is pretty decent. People spending loads of money gambling and staying at the hotel expect at least some sort of standard when it comes to food, and I feel that Olives just about makes the cut.

First up, the Olives Caesar Salad. Large chunky lettuce, and a generous portion of cheese certainly helps make this quite a high caloric salad!

Chicken Tenders with fries. This was actually quite nice! I was surprised how delicate the chicken meat was. I guess that's why they call it chicken tender.

This little monster is the Olives Burger. On the menu, it says the burger has house ground chuck, crispy bacon, bibb lettuce, tomato, red onion, cheddar, bbq aioli and fries!

Seeing as it's late at night, I can forgive the 'fish and chips' and 'Burger and Fries' motive going on. After all, it's meant to be a night time snack, and not a full on dining experience.

I left Olives a very satisfied happy bunny. (Fatter one too)

Do check out my short video of the Casino for a better feel of the atmosphere!

Hope you enjoyed my tour of the Atlantis Casino and it's amenities!

I'm sure many of you are keen gamblers out there who might fancy a game of Poker, Craps, Roulette, Baccarat or Blackjack. Atlantis seems to have all of that covered and then some. Aside from Olives and the Moon bar, there's also another Japanese restaurant called 'Nobu' and a 'Dragon' bar and club. Plenty of night time activities to get up to!

As a non-gambler, I really appreciate the Dale Chihuly glass sculptures, as well as the bars and restaurants inside. The atmosphere was also really nice, every few minutes i'll hear a cheer from someone who just won, and always more grunts from the grumpy losers.

Remember folks, don't gamble what you can't afford to lose!

As always, I appreciate your upvote if you liked my post, a follow if you wish to see more, and a comment to let me know what you think!


赌场门口就是整个酒店最标志性的亚特兰蒂斯帝国的王座,每个人都想上去坐一坐,不知道是不是大家相信坐了国王座椅,一会运气就能好一点。坐上去真的好威风,感觉上面可以坐3个我。边上2个金色的奖杯,闪着耀眼的光芒,也很显眼。在宝座的南面,大厅的正中央, 一个圆形基座上安放着四个前半身是马,后半身是鱼的动物,并且4个马头分别朝向着东、南、西、北,像是飞马雕塑,据说这是当年亚特兰蒂斯民族的图腾。走进这片全年无休的赌博天堂,热闹极了,不仅有欢快的音乐,不时还可以听到胜利者的欢呼声,到处装饰的金光闪闪,这里也是很多电影的取景地,例如007系列就是在这里拍摄的。在赌场的一旁,还分布着夜店还有专门赌球的地方。接下来看看赌场顶上的水晶灯,听说每一个玻璃工艺品都是上百万美金的价值,从威尼斯制作后运输过来的。这个蓝色的圆球是Temple of the Moon(月亮神庙),由900多片蓝色和白色的圆盘组成的圆球。圆球的顶上宇宙的图案,边上为了一圈各种动物图案,是12星座,你是哪一个星座的呢? 接下来这个鲜红灯带着很多像触角的东西,它是希腊神话中蛇发女妖美杜莎的蛇发造型,又像是一个太阳射出光芒,所以也被大家叫做Temple of the Sun(太阳神庙),。接下来这巨大一块天然的水晶 是Crystal Gate(水晶门)。闪着蓝光非常漂亮。这三件都是著名玻璃艺术家Chihuly的作品,在伦敦的V&A博物馆里也有展示。


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to be able to travel the world is a dream come true. wanna be like you

thank you! it can get pretty tiring though!

Great post. Envy you so much. How I wish I can travel like you do. Keep the post coming. Thumbs up!!

Thank you, and will do!

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I love all the GOLD in this post!!! :)

i know what matters most to you goldmatters haha

Lol!!! Sweetssjmatters too!

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@randompic will all do respect sir..miss sweetsssj has no issue on to you ,don't be jealous on her success. just be happy on her. she don't have to explain to you everything not bully her...and please .don't drag her down..we love her work and people are so grateful on it.. just be positive a loving person so that every person here will love you also..

Can you send me the accounts that flagged you? Thanks

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Who would have guessed that you liked gold so much :P

Not me! :)

Followed,follow me back to get more friends because i'm beginner

Always love the posts @sweetsssj ..... I was just in the Bahamas not that long ago soaking up the sun rays.


You are one lucky guy, why aren't you blogging more about it!

Im Lucky?! You are the lucky one @sweetsssj :)
I just started up on Steemit so I am still testing out the waters...No point intended lol... but I have a fun and exciting summer planned so maybe I will start.

Enjoy your stay:)

I would still love to see it from your perspective! I hope you have a fantastic time on Steemit!

Hola excelente tu post te invito que conozcas el mio y me regales un voto, gracias un Abrazo Gigante desde Bogotá Colombia @ferchomusic
Hello, your post I invite you to meet me and give me a vote, thanks a hug Giant from Bogota Colombia @ferchomusic

Many thanks lady @sweetsssj for this beautiful ride, the photos are extremely beautiful, I love the chronica of the trip, you continue enjoying this beautiful place
I wish you a wonderful weekend

thanks jlufer, very happy to share with you as always!

Well done post You deserve for getting Upvote from me. I appreciate on it and like it so much . Waiting for your latest post. Keep your good work and steeming on. Let's walk to my blog. I have a latest post. Your upvote is high motivation for me. Almost all Steemians do their best on this site. Keep steeming and earning.

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Game of thrones: Atlantis

Haha! I need to watch that show! Travelling really takes away my time to watch much these days..

Where is your army Khaleesi?

Army of Steemians!

she's so cute

Wow, cool, it must be wonderful to be able to travel quite like you.

thank you jessicaricci, I travel quite a bit but sometimes a break is needed. That said, I will probably be off on my next adventure in a few weeks.

Great place for vacation and hope you enjoyed it.

thanks! Enjoyed it immensely!

Keep up the good work ^^

How do you succeed in flying so fast from one place to another? Amazing.

Bahamas isn't actually too big, it's just spread out over many little islands.

As always, great post with amazing pictures!

thanks genics! :) :)

This is the part of the Bahamas I went to, I remember taking some of the same pictures you have. My favorite part are the marine habitats and aquariums right outside of Atlantis. Anyways thanks for sharing your journey with us @sweetsssj

You're welcome kontora, you are certainly well travelled :)

You are so blessed to be able to travel around the world. Keep on shining bright. Your energy is just amazing <3

Thank you dear!

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Your posts are always interesting and awesome! Beautiful pictures as always !

Upvoted + followed! :D

Another great series. I love the glass sculptures too.

thanks team101, glass sculptures were amaaaazing!

thank you izmini :)

Followed .....

Please come to Dubai @sweetssj
We have an Atlantis here too. :)

That looks really grand! I've always wanted to go to dubai.. maybe later this year!

You're welcome. @sweetssj
Do give us a shout when you're here.
@clitadias @estherdanielle


Very nice review of Atlantis. The pictures are great and really capture the place. My pictures when I went there didn't do it justice but yours do!

Lots of fun can be had at a casino without gambling 😀
You are proof of this Miss Awesome @sweetsssj 🙌
It's always fun to cruise through the bars and restaurants and see what the specials are 🍹 🍔 🍟
Nicely done!

thanks sandstorm! Who would have known one could have so much fun without gambling in a casino!

Your welcome @sweetsssj! 😎
It's unreal isn't it? 😀 Especially here in Las Vegas, we have so many different resort/casino options, and if gambling isn't your thing, it doesn't even matter.
There are so many other great activities to see, do & experience, so I can truly understand and vouch for the non-gambler point of view.

I really have to go to Las Vegas and see for myself. I've heard really good things about that place!

I think you would really enjoy yourself! Vegas offers everything for everyone and then some! Nobody is left in the dust :)
Travel to ancient Egypt for breakfast 🥞
Stop off in Paris for a coffee ☕️
Roam the streets of Rome 🚶🏻
Meander through the canals of Venice in a gondola 🚣
or pump up the adrenaline with a roller coaster ride and enjoy some pizza in NewYork 🎢 🍕
You would love it @sweetsssj 😀

Voted and following,follow me back...

Very good post indeed. Thanks for sharing and next time, I will join you.

Haha, thank you charles, :)

you are welcome my buddy...I mean it, I will take care of the bills and this time, no budget airlines (your last post haha) or budget hotels like in university days..haha. Hiyyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

welcome...that means my offer is accepted...get ready ..haha , happy weekend

@sweetsssj, your always on top of your game. The pictures are of super quality and your looking so pretty in thoes pictures, I like your style of reporting. You know what? I whish i could join you in one of your travel tour. Hahaha. Your reporting always makes it easy for people to know everything about the place you visited. Weldon dear.keep it up.upvoted as usual.

thank you hynet, I'm glad you seem to read each one carefully to absorb the information. That's some really good tenacity!

Yes dear, i love having a deep understand about an article so that i can gain knowladge from it and also to contribute my own idea to the topic. Your work always keep the reader focused till you finish. That is your brand. Weldon, are you taking me along in your trip? Hahaha

You deserve my steady upvote my dear. You are the best in your area and the way you express everything with specific attention to details have made me very eager to always follow your travel posts. Enjoyed the infos and pictures and hey, you got me salivating...nice meal!

thank you kenhudoy, happy to share the view of the world through my eyes. I'm so glad you take an interest!

For sure and keep it coming. That reminds all your travels do you miss your family & you always in touch with your loved ones. Happy new month

Good question, you know, I actually don't, I tend to get too into whatever it is i'm doing, but then it hits me when I come back how much I missed them. I do always stay in touch though, my mum who travels with me alot of the time rings back home everyday, meanwhile i'm just snapping away :)

Great. Enjoy now because soon when your night of a shining armor sweeps you away off your feet, travel time reduces because of kids...that reminds check my blog...I sent few days back a lovely short story on family versus office. You will love it. Read. & comment. Plan to send many more coming week...thanks

If only I were a cute little asian girl....I luv your posts in general.

thank you blackamine :)

Yes, the glass sculpture is amazing. I love the colors such as the land of the ocean 🌊 :-) Greetings and don't worry that you don't watch Tv enjoy your wonderful life :-)

It's amazing that they have like 4 glass sculptures by Dale Chihuly there, I think one was in a private poker room so I couldn't get a picture of that one, but the others are simply stunning!

Special one is in the special room. You saying in the poker room maybe to distract the players. I am joking. Have fun. Great place to enjoy 😊

The casino looks super grand! I love going to casinos but I don't bet much (or rather can't afford to). I didn't know it was banned in China. No wonder Macao has a casino in almost every hotel!

Macau is like the Las Vegas of the East! It's so scary how many Chinese people go there to gamble!

The amount they gamble is so scary. It's like they're printing money!

so scary, I was really surprised how much people are willing to gamble with, and lose too. I saw some guy lose a few thousand and didn't even flinch!

@sweetsssj Thank you for another great post of yours with excellent pictures of you. Looks like that was real silver cutlery you were using to eat?

It was certainly very heavy, felt like quite premium stuff! Thank you!

Appreciate you taking the time to answer @sweetsssj. Kind of you. See you in you next post!

I'm finally back home now.. so i'll probably post something other than about Bahamas as people might be getting a little bored of it!

Oh, that must be so great to see your family again, and maybe a few young relatives who are just awaiting all the presents from your travels.

I think it doesn't really matter where you are. Your pictures and sharp descriptions make your posts great. You have a great mix of pictures of yourself in different clothing styles and colours, but also of that what you are describing.

Additionally the text is to the point and encompasses a lot of facts but also some personal views and emotions. Given that recipe, I believe your fans (like me) will always be delighted to follow you.

I have started to read some of your older posts, but I myself am quite busy so I don't have too much time. I follow Jerry Banfield a lot and really admire his posts and videos. Jerry directed me to and you were about the 2nd or 3rd person I started to follow.

Together with Jerry, you make a lot of my Steemit viewing. I am looking forward to you meeting with him and then each doing a post on your great meeting. Maybe in the future one day... CU

Yeah, it was nice to come back home after a very long flight just to get some rest and spend more time hanging out on steemit too.

I'm so glad that Jerry is with us on Steemit, he has such positive energy and that's going to help us so much taking steemit to the next level. I hope that I can do my part and contribute fun, entertaining and enjoyable blogs for people as they come over in their masses thanks to Jerry's great marketing work.

Amazing 😉

thank you :)

Your welcome 😊

I think I would lose all my money there. I'm not lucky when it comes to gambling. But there is a saying in my country: "Who doesn't have luck in cards must have luck in love". I hope it's true :P beautiful photos btw :)

What a lovely saying.. much rather have luck in love than luck in gambling ! Thank you !

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It looks new casino and lots of fun. I love to play Blackjack, One time I made $3000 in Las Vegas, My strategy was play on each table and get out when I up around $100 - $120, I used to bet $20 for each bet, I went nearly 6 casinos and came out soon, One dealer called me "Hit and Runner"

Thats how I made $3000 that trip. Now I go there and coming 300 - 600 everytime I go.. I used lose before when I find this idea, I always coming good. Now my interest is getting low, I liked to roam around and see people, how much intensity when they bet.

Addiction is no good.

Wow.. go you! $3000 is a nice win! I still wouldn't like to risk it, because for every one of these winning stories, there's probably 10 you don't hear about losing.. The casino's look so nice for a reason, they're paid with all the money people lose there!

Yes.. that's correct.. I did lose money.. before .. now I don't play much as I did before.. now I go there and roam as you did.. the pictures are really great .. kudos to guy who took this pic. Casino bumps lots oxygen to keep awake the customers even they drunk and .. cigar smells will be gone with these oxygen .. it's their strategy to keep the customer awake and don't get tired.. if they tired then they will leave from playing .. one more thing .. if you keep play then money is not yours..

If you play and leave in 5 to 10 mins then you don't lose much and may gain..

Then spend sometime like you .. and play another 10 mins.. that's what I did when I won 3000 out of 50 different table.. it's not best way .. my friend suggested and we both played like that and left Vegas happily ..

Such a vibrant place! Gambler's hell or heaven though :D

It really is all or nothing there. Atleast it is for me. I opt for nothing!

I would too :D

hello my dear sweetsssj , , i am definetly in your suit case following evry travel that awesome , pics that you shared us thanks a lot , its we are there , also best regard , and see you soon wishing you a lovely day

Nice pictures and post. I took my girlfriend there in 2002, had I been smarter I would have proposed to her there and married her. Oh what a fool I can be, another good one got away :)

but there's always more fish, or seahorse in the sea :)

You look like a Queen and a Goddess

aww thanks ticopurelife :)

Bahamas is completely paradise for travelers, beautiful beach, game and many it so much

amazing place finally got visited my the most amazing person
thanks for the share, you are the best!

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

That place is really really SHINE!! KACHIN KACHIN!!

It's covered in gold! haha

nice post especially the food part it looks tasty ;)

Ohh the food was definitely pretty good, but the highlight probably the glass sculptures!

This place is astonishingly beautiful. I'd like to see it in person some day. Thank you for sharing this!

28 bloody dollars for Fish-N-Chips?! Oh My Lawrd... I better start making more friends here to afford that plate. Aha. In Ireland, where I'm from, I swear you can get a great Fish-N-Chips for good few pounds only. Perhaps around 5-6$ and It'll be quite tasty. But I do thank you for the tour so that I may cringe from my computer, vs. in person and look like a wierdo eating all the free bread on the table to get full. Aha. Just Playing. Great post, Thank-You!

Haha, you know I always wondered whether you could make fish n chips any better than the stuff you find in fish n chip shops. Admittedly, nothing is cheap in there, but it is really tasty though! And, it's open like 24/7 so that's a plus.

Well of course! You grab that bad boy fresh and prepare it. The luxury of being on a coastal city of Ireland. County Cork. Season that bad boy, bread it and vualá... Oh...Now I'm quite hungry... Grumble Grumble Grumble.

Great way of traveling, same is my passion and I am kind of solo traveller. Looking for inspirational travel blog and v-logs.

Lucky woman


很高兴你喜欢哦: )

you are soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo awesome

if i was awesome at gambling then that would be great!

better not being awesome at gamblig i should say


谢谢你哦coldhair,会继续努力的 : )

Great! So much Gold!

Haha, i know right!

I gotta go to this resort

Another great travelling article, you're literally my most favorite poster on steemit. Can't wait for your next post :)

thank you elephantas1! really appreciate that!

Best post keep up the good work 👍🏻 Excellent post

thank you hannahmed

So beautiful ♡♡♡

Thanks cayleigh :)

Omg thats like the best casinos ive ever seen!

it's certainly a very gold one :)

Such great picture. Nice to see since I will probably never see it for myself. Thanks for taking the time to share this.

Thank you coffeetime, atleast I can show you what you may or may not be missing out on!

Awesome photos. What camera do you use @sweetsssj?