15 Best Travel Bloggers To Follow On Steemit If You Want To Explore The World

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Today i am going to share a list of travel bloggers who write and post stuff about traveling the entire world. So if you are looking for some nice stories and delicious food pictures with exotic places from around the globe, then follow these steemians and you will have a good amount of contents to digest everyday. Many other are already following them and their stuff often comes to the trending page as well. looking for this kind of bloggers then please upvote this post and resteem as well, follow me @jzeek for if you want the taste of the latest happenings on the platform.


0User NameDescription
1@sweetsssjJoined the platform in August 2016 and till now she posted about 5766 posts for the community at the time of this writing. Her follower count is 5486 and has steem power 46,707.593. Her writing style is unique and she starts her article with english and at the end of the article she also post her views in Chinese as well, follow her to get updates from her about Life and Food, Travel and Culture, Fashion and Cats!
2@knozaki2015I travel the World has the most reputation in this list which is 77, In Jully 2016 joined the community and till date posted 7590 posts for his 2665 followers. 38,341.210 is his steem power and his posts are well recieved on the platform as well, other than travel you will also find posts about Uncovering Stories, Lifehacks, Cooking Series, GADGET and some more cool stuff as well.
3@reaShe is from London, England and joined the community in July 2016, her follower number is 994 and created 1878 posts at the time of this post. She has 66 reputation and has 22,401.370 steem power, She writes in english but at the end you will also find chinese lines as well. Her passions include food and travel, So if you like these kind of contents, please check out her profile and Have fun!
4@bookingteam.comAs the name suggests, this is a brand account and gives you tips and tutorials about travel. The account has 62 reputation with 943 followers and has published 65 posts so far. Joined in November 2016 and has 8,431.756 steem power, If you are going to travel and looking for some good guides then follow this account.
5@freelancestoriesHenry with a reputation score of 55 is from London, UK. He is a full time freelancer and working on building and designing of mobile and internet applications, Although he is new on the platform and joined in June 2017 and has only 179 followers with 123 posts so far. He published some nice videos about his travel and can provide some nice insights about the places he travled.
6@heleneHelene is from China and joined the community in July 2016, She has a reputation of 69 with 789 followers and published 1454 posts so far. With 6,784.152 steem power and a good amount of experience on the platform, you can expect good stories on topics beside travel, like food, history, health and art. Follow her for some interesting interactions and awesome content.
7@timsaidTim Said a crypto enthusiast joined steemit in July 2016, with 25,828.062 steem power and 280,354.053 delegated to him as well, his 3609 followers enjoyed 2855 posts so far from him on travel, photography and much more interesting topics. You will get cool updates from this account almost everyday, so be sure to check it out.
8@dannystravelsDanny from Zanzibar East Africa will give you a taste of exotic Africa with cool stories and photos in his articles, Steemit joining date is August 2016 and has 63 reputation as of this writing, Only created 57 posts so far for his 1011 followers. With 1,793.683 steem power, you can follow him for unique stuff in terms of traveling African continent.
9@bigdaddyBIG Daddy the name which is inspired by the video game Bioshock is another great steemian who often post interesting articles on travel. Big Daddy has 60 reputation with 105 posts so far and having 548 follower and the joining date of the steemit community is March 2017. Big Daddy has 1,975.315 Steem Power and will post about cryptocurrencies as well.
10@joythewandererJoy the wanderer from Brussels, Belgium is another great account about travel to follow, July 2016 is the joining date of steemit, so a very old account but the followers count is not very high as of now, which is 322 followers and 695 posts with 4,553.772 Steem Power. Joythewanderer is also interested in Blockchain technology, Food, Indigenous culture and Modern art.
11@deanliuDeanliu is another old account with 69 reputation, follow this account for some nice work of travel blogging. The writing style is the same as the sweetsssj, where you will get Chinese and English text mix articles. 1126 followers got about 3320 posts so far from this account with 11,801.795 Steem Power and 48,337.207 of Steem Power is also delegated to deanliu.
12@surfermarlySurfermarly is a vlogger and passionate surfer girl from Canary Islands, Joined the community in July 2016 with 70 reputation score, 1491 followers who enjoyed 5338 posts from this account with a 10,664.299 Steem Power. So if you like beaches and surfing then follow surfermarly and you will not be disappointed by her unique posts in the steemit community.
13@jacobtotheJacob T is gamer and having 68 reputation, who joined in August 2016 and currently have 2629 posts for 681 followers. From Jacob you will get cool travel blogs from different places, the account has 4,999.839 Steem Power, his articles are short but to the point and you will like his style of presentation and article writing as well.
14@richristowRichristow most posts are currently from China only but i am sure that you will also get new updates from other different places as well, with 67 reputation and 254 followers richristow also published 672 posts so far, richristow has 5,591.581 steem power right now, so if you want to know about some Chinese culture right now then be sure to follow this account.
15@mcsviMarcus from Munich, Germany joined steemit in August 2016 and has a reputation score of 65. 312 followers got 538 posts from Marcus so far and the numbers are increasing with every passing day, Marcus has 4,730.346 Steem Power and his article writing skills are also good, plus the presentation of photos is also good in his posts.

If you think that i miss some reputable travel steemians in this list, the feel free to mention them in the comments below. In my research i found all these to be very good at what they are doing and that is why included only these, but you can help by including the users names of those who deserve to be in this list thanks.

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Hi @jzeek !
I too am a travel blogger, I invite you to have a look at my travel hacks and posts on Steemit to see if I have earned a spot on your list (hurray for the edit function!)
Please have a look to see if I am worthy to be included, thanks!!!

As i mentioned in the post, due to lack of time i cannot include everybody, i might have missed a few good profiles like your @scan0017 and now you can mention it in the comment section but next time i will include you in my other lists for sure thanks for the comment.

Cheers my brother!
Thank you 😊

I do a tiny bit of traveling too. Do I qualify?

Yes you do if you write articles about travel @dali.soh , but these people are those who are posting regularly about their travel routine and during my research i found these the best fit, included your username in the comment and next time if you posted good stuff about travel then i will include you in another list thanks

I’ve only been to Russia once, for a modest length stay (2 weeks), so I can definitely list some reasons to visit, just not a well-informed list of many of the best reasons. Of course, this will reflect what I experienced and appreciated the most, and any list would vary by person. One reason we visited was to experience cold weather (Thais love that, and I live in Thailand now), and something like that would apply to a narrow range of people. Onto some thoughts. If you want to travel there, I can recommend you use services this platform https://russiavoyager.com/top-places-to-visit-in-russia/ They provide the best experience and knowledge so far in Russian culture

Awesome list jzeek, keep doing the good work we are with you here...

Nice to have your support as well thanks.

@jzeek Were the "Top" travel bloggers selected by personal choice or did you have to scour through data? Or was it already available? If so, where?
Great post BTW. Thank you.

PC or source

This is just what I needed to read today! Thank you so much!

Thanks for your kind words and support @firepower

I appreciate the mention, but it is only fair to point out that my recent travel blog is an aberration from my usual posts on tabletop games, librarian life, books, and politics/economics/philosophy.

Ok thanks for the suggestion, keep up the good work and support me if you can @jacobtothe

Love this! I was following a few, and grabbed a few more to follow thank you :)

you are welcome

Very interesting and inspiring Stars of Steemit travel community. It's great being able to travel, share their experiences and make some serious upvotes while doing it. Arhhh... many envy, even more inspired :)

You are right there will be jealousy when you go to the top....

Thanks! I feel flattered! I'm really happy you liked it , mate. Followed and upvoted. Keep going. You rock!


you are welcome and really appreciate your support as well @joythewanderer

You forgot another good one: @nationalpark 😄

ok thanks for the mention i will try to include it in my upcoming lists for sure @nationalpark

Looking forward

Thanks for sharing this list, I love travel posts.
There are a couple of ones I didn't know, so I wil def look them up :)

good to know that you like our list, please support me as well, share and upvote thanks @cryptodan

hi i am mihir , i just join steemit and started posting related to travel because i am travel consultant so i will always try to share unique things about travel. if you like my 2 recent post you can follow me and up-vote me. Thank you

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Hey man, where is my name? I don´t see it! Hehehe no but seriously, check out my blog, I think you´ll see that when it comes to adventure and travelling my posts are very good. Benn travelling for a while and started steemit on late April. Already almost 700 followers :D

ok next time i will include your account as well...

Awesome, thanks!

you are most welcome buddy.

Very nice list! Quite impressed by your lists. Amazed that quite a few Chinese travelers are so keen. Upvoted and follow your blog.

You should add us @for91days We've been on the road for over 7 years and we're always staying in one spot for 91 days. In that time we visited 19 location like this and we're currently in Lisbon! Which is such a nice place. Read all about our travel on our blog: http://lisbon.for91days.com/

Great list! I did not know some of them so now I can follow :) Travelling is the best thing someone can do and I did it myself as well for years so now i'm sharing it all here :) thanks for the post!

Thank you for sharing this list! I just wrote a little story post based on my travels if you want to check it out: https://steemit.com/travel/@julialis/i-m-ready-to-go-home

I'm still new to steemit so I'm learning the ropes :) I'd love some feedback!

Thank you for sharing: If you like this, you might want to check out the Shark watch with snorkel and mask on Koh Phi Phi, Thailand.


23-Rear-of-black-tip-reef-shark-in-the-phi-phi-shark-watch-snorkel-tour (2).jpg

Thanks for your kind mention! It's an honor to be part of this group of extraordinary talented writers.

Upped, following and resteemed (that's all I have :-))

PS: No. 16 could be @anomadsoul if I may add one more travel enthusiast here :)

Hoping to fit in this list one day too haha ;) got some great names in here that's for sure!

yes keep posting good stuff and you will be next in my list..

Thanks for your generosity, i appreciate kind words like you left here, and as i said according to my research i found all these accounts to be worthy in the list, so as a human or lack or more research i might have missed a few i want everyone to please include those users names in the comments section thanks.

There are so many, it's obvious that you can't have them all :-)

Thanks @jzeek. Some great finds here, and a few new accounts for me to follow.
Much appreciated (Y)

I also love to travel and like to taste different food stuff but your description regarding your travelling experiences, is so cool. This is really incredible.
I think all the people here who love for travelling, must share their experiences and must follow each other, therefore, we will have some tips for our next trip to anywhere in the world for fun. Please guys work while staying as a community to work together.

Love for all around the world.
Also Follow me @momimalhi
Thanks @ jzeek
Cheers buddy!!!


Thanks for this awesome list.

I also like, @adonisabril and @toocurious

A glorious list of travel bloggers to follow. Thanks for sharing a great list. I started following the entire team. Sharing and supporting will grow our community.

I love all of their blogs, and I also want to be a travel blogger someday.

I like @budgetbucketlist a lot.
She is a Dutch daredevil kind of a person. Very adventurous......and a little crazy sometimes, but a good kind of crazy ;)

Thank you for the list:)

You are welcome, i will check out her profile....

This is a great list, I must say. But you will miss a lot if not check this one https://travelsites.com/