Travel with me #104 : To the Caves of Cappadocia!

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Dear Steemit Friends :

Today, I'll be taking us to one of the most scenic regions of Turkey where fairy chimney's and cave dwellings are a vivid reality. What magical place has fairy chimney's and habitable caves you might ask? None other than Cappadocia of Central Anatolia (Turkey)!

Cappadocia is famous for several things, but perhaps the most famous would be the hot air balloons which grace the skies from just before the wake of dawn. Today however, I will be introducing one of the other peculiarities of Cappadocia, the caves dwellings! In my own silly little mind, I always thought living in a cave was for the Neanderthals and cavemen, or even just a joke about guys and their man caves, but when I heard that people actually lived in these caves up until very recently, I had to come see and experience it myself.

The landscape in Cappadocia can only be described as out of this world. It occupies the central most region of Anatolia and stands around 1 kilometer above sea level. The dramatic landscape of this area is often described as being Martian with its slightly dyed colour rocks and of course the very distinctive fairy chimney's. With closer inspection, you'll actually realise that most of these fairy chimneys have been made into Cave dwellings forming a beautiful harmonious landscape with little evidence of human perturbation.

Arriving at the Kelebek Cave Hotel I felt like I’d walked in to a fantasy world, a fairy tale. The world kelebek means ‘the butterfly’ in Turkish, and that’s a great name for the beauty surrounding me. The cave dwellings at Cappadocia have been inhabited for thousands of years, with Persian texts telling of the caves from as early as the 6th Century BC. The hotel is a fascinating blend of authentic, ancient cave life and modern convenience.

You can almost imagine that little fairies might just poke their heads out of a window at any minute as you walk through the maze of cave dwellings that make up Kelebek Cave Hotel. As I was guided to my room I stopped at nearly every cave room that I saw because they were all so cut and magical.

The cave dwellings are everywhere across the landscape and are tucked into every part of the strange rock formations. Some have extra stone work and others are built purely out of the natural rock. In all cases it feels like the rooms, windows and doors are so organic, as if the human and natural are completely at one. The local people call the strange tower like structures ‘kales’ which means castle, though they are completely natural. I learned that these fairy chimney shapes were built by a group of ancient volcanoes, called Mts. Erciyes, Hasan and Melendiz. Over the years wind and rain carved away the softer rock to leave these unusual spires behind.

Every room in the hotel is unique because you are experiencing the real caves, carved out by ancient people. Look carefully at the walls and you can see the thousands of tool marks that texture the walls. Every cave dwelling was hollowed from the rock by hand, using primitive hand tools. As I explored my room I was in wonder at the hard work that it must have taken to shape this room, and this whole area, by hand. Can you imagine trying to make a bedroom like this? I couldn't believe it.

The ancient cave dwellers cut shelves in to the walls of their homes for storage and chimneys up out of the rock so they could have a cooking fire. Kelebek Cave Hotel faithfully kept these original features, so you feel like you’re really living how the people once did. The real fire was such a treat. Of course, it couldn’t be a hotel without some modern features and, as you can imagine, I was delighted by the beautifully designed en-suite bathroom.

I was just settling down for my first night to experience this lovely room, when this very cat climbed through my window. I couldn’t hold back my delight and surprise, and at first thought I might scare the cat away with my noises of joy. Who is this little guy?
I like to imagine he was a long term guest, who’s job it is to come and welcome new guests who might be unsettled by their new environment. After all, I was sleeping in an ancient cave! My new little friend wandered up to me and rubbed himself, purring against my leg. He looked up at me and meowed and I felt like he was asking, ‘are you feeling all settled in?’

It was like a real fairy story and I was a Disney princess. After he’d checked I felt welcome at the hotel and was relaxed in my room, he hopped up on to the window sill and gave me a meow of farewell. Who knew that the hotel had such a good personal welcoming service!

The next day I just had to get up and explore this magical landscape. Every direction I looked I could see little windows and doors poking out of the rock face. Not a single place that could hold a dwelling was left without the touch of man.

The restaurant for lunch was situated with lovely views of the surrounding region. I didn’t know where to look because the food was so beautifully presented and the landscape was so enchanting, that I had trouble knowing what to focus on in this moment!

This fresh salad had such an interesting mix of Turkish spices on it. The heat of the chicken really complimented the cool juiciness of the cucumber and tomatoes.

Traditional local bread to accompany the meal, freshly baked that day.

These Turkish pastries were amazing. But I forgot to ask what they were! Does anyone know who can help tell me what they are?

The sun, the food and the view. A spectacular place to enjoy such lovely local cuisine.

After lunch I travelled to Goreme Open Air Museum where I would learn more about the historic people who used to live in the cave dwellings of this region. I was surprised how much history and differing landscape could be packed in to one area.

As I entered the museum, the dramatic spires of the landscape were clearly visible, giving an otherworldly view. The Goreme Open Air Museum stands right in the heart of the Cappadocia region and has been a member of the UNESCO World Heritage List for over thirty years. It was the first of only two UNESCO World Heritage sites in Turkey. The museum has thirteen different cave churches, and associated monasteries, all placed side by side to each other. Most of these churches were built between the 10th and 12th centuries AD.

The monasteries are entirely based in the caves, but they had everything needed to live, work and worship there. I was fascinated to find that the churches and their associated living areas had everything carved for them right out of the rock. Everything from tables and chairs, to shelves and storage, to alters for praying – it was all carved out of the natural stone by hand.

Life always finds a way. This little bird had built its nest on the side of the rock face by picking up mud with its beak and sticking it to the rock. Can you imagine how many hours it must have taken for this cute bird to build a nest for its baby, one small mouthful at a time? Her baby must have been very hungry because I could hear it chirping loudly as mum flew backwards and forwards to the nest. How fascinating for humans to be living in the natural rock and for birds to be building their own structures on top of the rocks.

The murals in the churches were well preserved and many are undergoing restoration, to ensure that this amazing history is not lost to weather and time. It must have taken so much time to create these patterns and images on the bare rock.

The churches found at Goreme Open Air Museum represent some of the earliest examples of Christian churches, with some dating back as far as the 10th Century AD. This region of Turkey was one of the first areas of the world to strongly adopt Christianity and the inhabitants were persecuted for their beliefs for many years.

You can see that they created church like windows from the rock too! I was in a silly mood so I just had to take this silly picture with my head sticking out the top window.

Here’s an amazing example of the ingenuity of the early people who lived here. They created many different rooms for different purposes. Some for storage, some for sleeping and some for sanitation. They carved out of the rock all of the things they needed. Even more amazing, because these cave dwellings are deep inside the natural rock, the air temperature stays the same all year round. Because the Cappadocia region can get up to forty degrees centigrade in the summer but can also get snow in the winter, this natural temperate inside the rock is important. The people who used to live here could survive the very hot summer or very cold winter without discomfort because the living areas in their caves would always stay the same temperature.

Because of the natural rock pillars, some of the monasteries rise up to seven stories high. I was disappointed to find that you couldn’t visit the highest floors but for safety reasons only certain areas of the museum are still accessible.


Check out the video!

I am so glad you could explore this hidden world with me. My favourite part had to be the beautiful Kelebek Cave Hotel because I felt like I was living inside a spire from a fairy tale. My little cat friend coming to share his warmth with me just made the experience seem all the more magical. Walking around the winding paths and seeing the different shaped caves, doors and windows made me feel like I had gone back in time. Can't wait to share my next travel experience with you all soon.

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The pictures are absolutely stunning @sweetsssj! Thank you for sharing them with us.

The old Byzantine empire has so many historical jewels to explore, and Turkey is a beautiful country to explore.

I just hope that the geopolitical security situation improves.

Congratulations, very good publication, Beautiful photographs.

She really puts herself at risky situation. Woman in muslim country with so naked legs ... Oh, really dangerouse.

I was here, what great memories and one of the most beautiful places in Turkey!

Wow this is soo amazing and beautiful.....thanks for sharing the images its a great place.

thanks robertsekhose, glad you liked it :)

wow it looks amazing, i have never seen rooms in caves like that before, your pictures are sooo stunning! i love all the vibrant colours!! hehehe and the food looked so fresh and yummy!!! I am actually going to Istanbul end of April for a wedding! So excited and stocked!!

thanks alla!Istanbul is amazing! I'm sure you're going to really enjoy it there, if you do have any time spare, maybe you could check out some of my earlier blogs for places to visit / eat in Istanbul!

photos are very good I am turkish

ooh yes i will do for sure!! i will need to find it!! sounds exciting! I am only there for few days but i hope it will be enough to explore :)

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Yes, it is so amazing, I am flabbergasted as well.

Istanbul is a beautiful city. You can check some nice shots of Istanbul from my blog! Have a nice trip...

One of the best country you ever seen

Lovely pictures. Thank you.

Beautiful pictures, as usual. Your adventures are exciting as usual!

Amazed to see this cave. Which camera did you use to take these pictures? lovely post..




It looks like the perfect weather for hiking. The photo shoot must've been relatively easy because of the consistent lighting. It makes me want to pay a visit! I hope I won't have to pay too much though! Haha. Those caves are magnificent. I watched the whole video and it inspired me to travel and share once again. Thanks @sweetsssj!

Over these mazes for hundreds of years, there was an ordinary village, and the people who lived there did not even know that under their feet is a whole world of tunnels and mazes that stretch underground for miles. Only by chance (in the 30s of XX century one farmer, deepening his cellar, accidentally punched a hole on the "second level"), the "outside" world became aware of the underground cities of Cappadocia.

you are so right! I will do my best to show some of those underground cities in an upcoming post, although it is difficult without some imagination to see what evereything is haha!

It's hard to look at anything when you are in the picture sweetsssj you are gorgeous. Underground city's might just be the inside of a titan or giant as the structure is organic and most rock formations are of a living organism, or a silica tree.

hey j-alhomestudio, thanks a bunch, you're right about the lighting, one thing I found difficult was the fact that the light could be too much actually, and of course without some other non-rock colours, it can turn out to be quite ddull. Still, i'm glad you found something to enjoy!! :)

you are soo beautiful i love you friend :P

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I feel like i'm traveling with you @sweetsssj , you enspire a lot of people, especially to the men. :)

thanks cortexx, harbouring curiosity of the world is not limited to any gender, i'm very glad to have you onboard for the journey! :)

Turkey is indeed a great tourist attraction. I plan to visit it this year with my husband. Delicious Turkish food and beautiful culture! The hotel was gorgeous, no doubt.


great post your travel lots I hope to do the same i have plans to travel in china

hey dear thanks so much! China will be an amazing place, i'm sure you will enjoy it, where abouts in China are you thinking of visiting?

Hopefully Zhangye National Geopark looks great any tips i would love u to follow me thanks

This is beautiful!! The colors are stunning!

yeah it does for sure

Over these labyrinths for many years, there was a normal town, and the general population who lived there did not realize that under their feet is an entire universe of passages and labyrinths that extend underground for miles. Just by possibility (in the 30s of XX century one agriculturist, developing his basement, unintentionally punched an opening on the "second level"), the "outside" world wound up mindful of the underground urban areas of Cappadocia.

It would appear that the ideal climate for climbing. The photograph shoot must've been moderately simple on account of the reliable lighting. It influences me to need to visit! I trust I won't need to pay excessively however! Haha. Those caverns are wonderful. I viewed the entire video and it enlivened me to movement and offer indeed. Much appreciated

Yes possibly a entire universe, but really do you think that it might be impossible to build?
It looks more like many other sites that have the same architecture.

Some of the paintings seem to be from the time of the Crusades 1100-1300 as there's Templar & St John crosses and the checkerboard templates (now adopted by Freemasonry) and 2 knights on horses. Must have been used as outpost because of its strategic position and heights.

Hey sweetsssj,

Whenever I see your pictures you just inspire me. I might go this year Turkey too. I am applying there for a summer program and if I get selected then I will be there.
I hope I get selected. Fingers crossed :p

Wow, that sounds great! What would you be doing on the summer program?

Very beautiful girl. I admire.

地球上最像月球表面的地方! 期待更精彩的满天热气球的照片啊!


Nice .. you are lucky good for you, the place looks great
Thank you for sharing your adventure with us
Great post well done

Each time you travel is amaizing than the other time, fairy tale things looving it!! I'm loving this caves because is an artwork take it into the arquitechture, is a experience so cool, the man work is truly beautiful not leaving behind the natural scene.

Do you know that In venezuela is 12pm and watching your food makes me hungry hahaha Thanks for sharing <3

jokossita, thank you so much for the encouraging words, I must say, the location aids a lot with the impression of the fairy tale, what's most impressive is that even though it is very much a popular tourist attraction, it doesn't feel at all unnatural or overly perturbed. That's one of the qualities of Cappadocia I love so much!

Hi maam can I have one image from you.. I just want to do an sketch for your self. if that's okay for you

Amazing! keep on living

@sweetsssj beautiful pics you're are beautiful as well @calebotamus reminding you to breathe deeply and focus on the goodness

I like to travel

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hey sweetness 😍

The pictures look amazing and a must visit destination. You are doing a good service to the location because I always like to visit after reading your posts.

the above pic is a wow effect and a great view too. Nice to see your post again @sweetsssj , hope you got my message in steemit chat. I wish you more success and happy weekend from Charles

Yes, I would say that this town and Cappadocia in general is a must visit, same can be said of many places Turkey actually. I never thought there would be so many!

Thank you for the lovely message on Steemit chat!

You are welcome, thanks for sharing all these beautiful posts with us. I cited you on my today post about a milestone I reached-feel free to see it.Thanks for your response and I wish you a happy weekend.

I read your posts and an continually filled with a sense of wonder... And wanderlust! I absolutely cannot wait to get to a point where I can travel the world. I mean, 10th century?! You must feel like a regular Indiana Jones sometimes! I must once again congratulate you. And thanks for sharing!

hey jenkinrocket, thank you for letting me know what you think! I think if it's true what you say, then I'll continue to develop it that way as i really hope more people can feel the same. Not all of my travels are quite so adventurous, but I must admit I do feel like Indiana Jones sometimes. Thanks again!

I will go here some day!

for more pics from Turkey you can check my profile

Turkey is a cool place to visit...have ya ever been in Istanbul, if ya have what tips you have in visiting that city as a tourist? :))

Such amazing pictures! And the caves dwellings are surreal! Especially the mounts in the first picture, it's like ant hills but for people. If I have a chance to go to Turkey I will definitely try to go and experience it. The food looked really nice too, especially the steak. Is the pastry very sweet, we had a turkey dessert called Baklava before, and it's extremely sweet!

Thanks for another great article, and welcome back 😊

yes, I was actually thinking the same thing. I suddenly understand the pleasure of ants and their ant hills now! haha :) ~~

Thanks stabilowl :)

What an exciting experience. I would love to take a trip to Turkey one day. I heard many good things about their food and culture. I must say my favorite part was about the food.

I would have to agree with you, their food is undeniably good, often underrated until you taste it for yourself !

Well hopefully I will have an opportunity to Steem about it.

I have to agree, from my experiences with the food, I highly underestimated how good it would be. Just because it's not in a fine dining environment, doesn't make it any less delicious. I will be writing a few more blogs about Turkish food to come, so hopefully I can help spread it's goodness some more :)

I don't know If you are aware of this but there are negative people watching your page who claim you abuse the system. They wrote a few articles about you. They are playing police and flagging post.

I also really want to go there

The scenery looks stunning!

Rooms in caves?! I am really wowed!

this place is beautiful, I hope i can visit it one day

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another beautiful moment shes make travel simply amazing and sweet..thanks for exhusting you time into this whole exercise..thanks always @sweetsssj

Really amazing, would love to go there one day.
Thank you so much for sharing.

This is sooo cool. Didn't realize people lived in caves so recently... I too thought it was cave man days of the distant past.

Wow this is amazing!

What stunning views! Pleased to go through so many mysterious & fantastic places through your amazing sharing! 😍👍😘

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Hi sweet this is so great and awesome. Wow its a worth for waiting..thanks for sharing this.its refer to the culture and history on ancient people of cappadocia. .the food are so excellent taken and looks so yummy. .congratulations sweet..its a Big come back...we are so happy to see you again in your wonderful post article. Upvoted and resteem your post @sweetsssj

hi mrblu! Thank you for always being here part of the journey, see you soon!

see you soon my dear

I've been here a couple months and the insincerity is the first thing that stood out. There are people who share thoughtful comments and you can tell they're just trying to get a vote, but at least they put some time and effort into what they're saying.

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Oh Wow @sweetsssj ! Its so nice to see you back , I missed your awesome travel blogs ! This post is supurb , I can only imagine traveling to Turkey and seeing these awesome caves that were carved out by hand , and how COOL it is that the temperature is always the same inside ! Its so cool looking , all your photos are number one , and of course the food looks delicious !I really enjoyed exploring this hidden world with you , Thanks so much for sharing , loved your little video too !! Hope we see you again real soon , Steem On !
I will be back to also upvote and resteem into my @momskitchen blog to share with my foodie followers !

Is that a Turkish version of an egg roll?

Dear @sweeetsssj how are you? I miss you much; especially your blogs. You really had your wonderful adventure in Turkey. Wow, i never taught Turkey has also wonderful cave. I am so inspired by your travel today, for that reason i will write to my diary praying someday i will visit that country TURKEY.

I am your big FUN @sweetsssj always take care and be happy everyday.
By the way, please visit by blogs too and upvote,
Thank you so much..

your friend

WE LOVES YOU @sweetsssj

nice post

hi soren! It's really nice to see you, I miss you too! I'll drop by and have a look :)

It's too slow to posting reply.

beautiful photos+_+

thanks chrisjeong, seeems steemit is a tiny bit slow today, but thank you for visiting :)

Thanks to you for showing us magical photos ^ ^

Have good day~

I thought its only me... lolx.. What is going on ?

I thought its only me... lolx.. What is going on ?

I thought its only me... lolx.. What is going on ?

돌안에 살면 오래 살것 같은 느낌이 들죠.


Great blog @sweetsssj. I believe those sweets you had are called Baklava.

In the Philippines, baklava, (bakla ba) means "is he gay?" :) just sharing haha

Lol really? hahaha

I thought so as well, but they seemed different from the Baklava I had before..

Wow this is really like a fantasy world its so beautiful....the caves are beautiful all the images are awesome and the foods looks delicious....loved your post...thank you for sharing with us @sweetsssj

thanks universalpro, you're right, it's hard to really believe it's part of our world and not as you say, a fantasy world. I absolutely love it :)


I'd have to say I did miss updates from you on Steemit but I was sure that a blockbuster post is in the making, and there it is! Such an amazing amazing post with brilliant storytelling! Pictures are fabulous as always! Staying in the cave hotel must have been an extraordinary experience for sure. It's always a delight reading through your posts and seeing your pictures. Have fun! :)

Glad to see you back. I am happy you survived the storm.

hi nicholas83, always happy to see you alive and well as well!

heheh sweet

Beautiful Cappadokia. You are looking so gorgeous here in every photographs. Honestly speaking I have traveled many countries with you. This is my pleasure. Because By seeing and reading your blog I think as if I was with you that time. As an angel, as a supporter I wish your great success always.

hi akilasultana373, thank you so much my dear!! I hope you'll continue to keep travelling with me, many more adventures to come!

Hi po. Gihigugma tika. Haha

I wanna know who is behind the camera ;)

We've been waiting for the photos and stories from your next trip ..

The photographs signify a stunning culture and stunning civilization.

The house is like a unique cave.

It's really amazing

We the Steemians will visit that great place.


Wow you looks beautiful ans cute
And place you visit is such and marvelous place i just gOt fond of wow wow and wow beautiful
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yasirgawad, thank you!!

Very nice @sweetsssj! It looks all rocks in there but the view of the place is really nice and the food looks awesome too. I'm sure it was fun right? I wish I could visit such places too someday.

You are beauty queen @sweetsssj , and your posts are always awesome.

share your experience is amazing. I wanna be like you @sweetsssj but I did not understand how to make a viral content. Sometime, I uploaded the best and high quality contents on my steemit account I did not see anyone upvote me. :))))

I have read your post, I am amazed how people first made their home. With the post-image you post, it seems to take me into their day.
The writing and pictures are amazing, hopefully I can write like you

Hi @sweetsssj!!! That’s one of my dream places! You should have tried the hot air balloon at that place. I’m so jelly with you. ☺️

That looks like an amazing trip, hot and I love the hotel! The food looks yummy too! Great post!

amazing pictures and story @sweetsssj
always interesting to read! thanks for sharing


Amazing post! Great job! I upvoted.

also very good travel photography.
so beautiful job.
thanks for sharing!

my pleasure dear, thanks for viewing!

Hello @sweetsssj I love traveling so much I have the honor to know you can read my article thank you

laciri, nice post! Very fitting with this one!

Morocco is a wonderful country. You will be proud of it. You will be very happy to meet you @sweetsssj

I really want to visit Morocco actually, you are reading my mind!

Anyone who wants to visit a beautiful country called Morocco has more than wonderful views and delicious food can not


travels are increase our knowledge @sweetssj beautifull place thanks for shareing this

hey deybala, thanks for taking an interest!

you WellcomE @mem

'kekebek'(butterfly) I learnt a new word thanks to you.
By the way, you look stunning ma'am.

Your pictures are of high quality and crystal clear.. The way the sun shines down is just perfect.

The food is oh so mouth watering... I mean chicken, tomatoes and cucumbers? Cmon... And don't get me started with the bread.. It looks soooooo delicious.. I have to travel here possibly stay there forever... Like seriously.

Hotel in caves, genius and beautiful idea and I'm glad you experienced it.

You are really having a nice time, good to know you are fine, I was worried I didn't wee your posts

hi fabianmani, just recovering from a pretty severe illness these last few weeks. Thanks for looking out for me!

It's a pleasure. Can we chat on discord??

Wow it looks amazing, Great Places,Delicious Food Professional Photography.
Thanks for Sharing Great Stuff.

hi @sweetsssj I am one of your fan and I admire you for being a good travel blog, this is one my bucket list, I would really like to visit the place, I wish to make that happen someday. those pictures are stunning as you are, wow pls keep on sharing travel pictures and travel blogs, because I am on hunt of wonderful place to visit in the future

What a great combination @sweetsssj, cats, caves, and Cappadocia! It's alliterative as well. Unfortunately, I have never made it to Cappadocia. As far as cats go, you'd love visiting the Ernest Hemingway House in Key West, Florida[]]. You would probably never want to leave. The place is crawling with these adorable 6 toed cats.

I am amazed that, as a young single woman traveling alone, you have been able to visit such exotic places and can convey your extraordinary experiences so eloquently. Even though there is no dialogue in your videos, none is needed.

You might also be interested in the backstory behind Hemingway's cats, at

Cappadocia is a wonderful place. I went to there last year.:)


amazing shot!!

You amaze me all the time I see your posts. You take amazing pictures and places you visit are very interesting. I must say some of these pictures look unreal, but that's how good you are. Keep going @sweetsssj. You inspire us all

cryptoprofessor, thank you so much for the encouragement, I will keep going!

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thanks raselhosen! :)

Ooh , i can’t believe these places are real
They are amazing...... i have never seen such places...... i wish to visit these places someday thanks for sharing
And you’re look gorgeous @sweetsssj

aliza01, you're too sweet, thank you so much! Now you have some where to look forward to visit :)

People lived in these caves until recently 😯😯

That’s unbelievable!!!

Yeah it really sounds magical when it is about a cave hotel!! Didn’t knew something like that exists !!

Truly there is so much hard work put in these rooms!!

Haha, that disney princess story seems so real here. Infact u even look like one ;)

Do u often travel alone or does someone accompany you?

And those christian carvings inside the cave looks amazing !! They do rrally need to be preserved !!

And the food looks yummy 😋

Amazing place Sandia !! And an amazing post 🤠


thanks himshweta! It's quite amazing right? I saw this on the internet doing research before my visit, but nothing does it justice without visiting. Because these are or were people's homes, they put a lot of attention to detail!

beautiful place.. great destination..!! :)

wow, I jist couldnt imagine how it looks the cave haven. You are so lucky to experience the place and its foods and place that made me envied.

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