Travel with me #103 : To the Land of Legends water park!

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Dear Steemit friends :


The Land of Legends in Antalya, Turkey is a new concept resort combining a luxury themed hotel suitable for families with young children, as well as a shopping arcade and water park to boot. It is the largest of it's kind in Europe and looks to be a compelling attraction to visit for all travellers to Turkey.

Although Turkey is known for it's Greco-Roman cultural attractions, the Land of Legends offers something completely different and more importantly, something the children would likely appreciate whilst parents can takee a break from intellectual stimulation for a couple of days. I remember as a child, I thought cultural travel was a very painful experience, whether it was museums, art galleries or visiting historical sites, I couldn't hold my attention to them, even when I knew how important they were. All I wanted to do was wade in a sunny place with pools of water everywhere, and fun activities to indulge in. Growing older, that desire hasn't really changed, but the difference now is I appreciate the cultural side just as much.

So, with that said, today we'll be having a look at the water park at Land of Legends and what activities and attractions you can expect find in this all-in-one resort.

This is the map of the entire resort. As big as the hotel is, it is but a small part of the resort, the larger part belonging to the water park. This is the main attraction of the Land of Legends. In-fact, more than half of the visitors to the water park do not stay at the resort, and are either coming from the Rixos Downtown Antalya, or other hotels in the catchment area.

The water park cost around $1 Billion dollars to construct and occupies approximately 280,000 square meters. The wide array of attractions mean that there is something of interest to everyone, whether you're a 5, 13, 30 or 50!


Probably the most striking feature on the map is the huge wave pool in the very heart of the water park, around it are many different adventure bases, dolphinariums, and safari parks.

At the Land of Legends, there are exactly 72 water slides or water chutes. Some of them are constructed high in the sky and resemble roller coasters, winding around like giant snakes in the air. Other slides are more akin to water flumes, with gushing flows of water pushing the riders at immense speed down the slippery pipes.


In many ways, the design of the water park compliments the hotel. It's adventure theme coupled with greco-roman architectural elements help to keep the entire resort consistent in it's look and feel, but also gives the designers a great deal of freedom to experiment with crazy rides, slides and wave pools.


Children under a certain height have their own area with their own downsized water rides. Parents only need to lightly supervise their children whilst they paddle in the shallow pools, and get splashed by the overhead bucket of water which tilts over once it is refilled.


Shallow pools of water can be found in each of the areas. After-all, who doesn't enjoy lounging around or paddling in the water whilst cooling off? With the temperatures soaring north of 40 degrees Celsius, each pool becomes like an oasis for those seeking a sanctuary from the blistering heat.


Other rest areas are also available, for example, this little area in the center of the park is where you'll find some shade from the sun, but also many refreshments from ice cream, slushies, to regular soft drinks. Even this area makes use of outrageous numbers of colours. The roof, the tiles, and even the pillars, all extremely contrasting in design as well as usage of colour.


This little corner is called the Secret Lagoon, it's the less garish part of the park without any of the large rides or water slides. It's perfect for people who want some peace and quiet. Naturally most of the people will congregate around the big water slides and big pools.


This is Wave Shock, the tallest slide in the park and one which starts from inside the rock.

Beside Wave shock, it's younger and more tame brother, My dive.

Magicone, the cone shaped slide which makes you rock from side to side like a skateboarder on a half pipe. It was really fun but the queues were immensely long!

There are also a variety of rides with floats; river rapids, sea voyager, flow rider, tower falls, and the abyss are all very good options. A good way to 'break the ice' is the river rapids. It's a very light 'ride' which involves doing nothing but sitting on a float, and drifting around the fast flower river around the park.

Two of the pools in the resort have the ability to create waves. The first, is called Wave Ball and is a miniature pool for the younger children under the age of 10. The waves here are as shallow as the pool which even for me is only knee deep. This is a taster for the larger version..

Named Wave Shock, this is the larger pool and the one which the majority of people will hang around. Not only does it have the most amount of "space", it is also where the largest waves are created. They are so large infact, that "shockwaves" can be felt right to the edge of the pool.

This is an apparatus made for little children, although I did see a few adults having a try as well. The idea is move through without getting wet. The bucket at the top is constantly being filled and when it reaches a certain amount, will tip over and splash everybody below.

Another one of the pools you can visit is the Stingray pool. Although you have to pay for this opportunity, I think it's worth it to have a swim with these very friendly and tame animals. They will even come over and eat from your hand if you offer them food.

This water fountain features Poseidon, the god of the Sea and Water. His statue is very large, colourful and formidable. Since the park has elements of Roman and Greek history, it is quite fitting to have the Greek God of the Sea and Water watch over this mini water kingdom.

This was a really interesting pool within a pool. It's called the Infinity pool because from the side of the entrance, it looks as if the water runs off to the edge into infinity. In reality, the opposite edge uses a sheet of see through glass instead of the black curbs to form the pool walls.

This of course means some really interesting picture opportunities!

Aside from the water park and it's respective rides, the park also sports several wildlife enclosures for some exotic animals. We've already seen the Sting rays, so now lets take a look at what other animals you can see.

First up, the the gorgeous Siberian Tiger. Watching it from far, I realised that they are not too different from my little family of cats at home. Each idiosyncrasy of my cats would be mimicked by the tiger, except on a much bigger body.

Next we have a small colony of penguins. If you book in advance, you can have the opportunity to feed them some fish and pat their heads. Of course, I couldn't turn that opportunity down. They are remarkably intelligent, lining up and taking turns to be fed. Once you obtain a certain level of trust, you can touch them and they'll even reciprocate with a head butt!

Probably the star of the animal kingdom atleast at Land of Legends, is the big friendly Walrus. Two long teeth with a Chaplin-style beard, the Walrus looks almost like an artist. His eyes are big and exude friendliness.

He also knows a lot of tricks, such as waving his flippers..

Doing push-ups (kind of!)...


And even sit-ups!

With such so many talents, of course I needed to get up close and congratulate him personally, as well as get a fan-girl picture with him! I'll be happy to report (and show) that he was happy to oblige!


Perhaps the most unexpected animal encounter was with these two Beluga whales. Prior to seeing them here, I had no idea that these species even existed. I was particularly surprised by the sounds they could make, resembling almost a birds tweet.

When you move your hands above their head, they rise up to meet your hands as if they want to feel you touch them. Given they were about 10 times larger than myself, I was a little frightened at first, but they were so friendly and even welcoming that the unnerving experience quickly became a thing of the past.

I'm glad the Beluga whales came over to say hello, otherwise, I wouldn't even know about their species!

Check out the video!

And that wraps up our visit to the Land of Legends water park and aqua kingdom! Perhaps the most impressive feat of the resort, is making the entire water park accessible to people of all ages and backgrounds and does so, with a strong sense of style and consistent theme. I loved the Greek and Roman history in Turkey, and I'm glad they've chosen to keep this their main style.

Of course, the most appealing attractions to me were the animal interactions. It's not everyday that you can come that close to Penguins, Walruses and Beluga whales, and so, it was a treasured experience getting to know them intimately.
Whether you're looking to splash in a swimming pool, take a ride down a slide, or get to know some of natures most beautiful animals, the Land of Legends has it all.

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This is one of my favorite posts I have ever seen on this site. I already thought this would be a dream spot for my family and I but this water park pushes it over the top! My kids and I love water parks so much (my wife tolerates them). This one looks amazing! The pictures with the animals were incredible. I hope this gets a ton of views from outside the site.


hanshotfirst, thank you so much! This is surely a place which will carve unforgettable dreams for you and your family, especially your children! Honestly I'm so happy that you found the post to your liking, it's so encouraging to me! I really hope that this virtual experience can materialise for you soon and i'll be really excited to see your perspective of it in your blog when you do !


all pictures and place is soo beautifiul


Oh Man. That place is epic. You captured it nicely. I love the photography.


What a beautiful place it is like a piece of paradise, greetings @sweetsssj


Hi @sweetsssj I have questions about steemit can you help me please !!


is it harmless to the seal's health if living there? instead of the animal in the north pole


Hmm you are absolutely right.I want your dream to be true


Love the seals, too.

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Another beautiful travelogue piece from @sweetsssj.

The Land of Legends in Antalya, Turkey is a new concept resort combining a luxury themed hotel suitable for families with young children, as well as a shopping arcade and water park to boot. It is the largest of it's kind in Europe and looks to be a compelling attraction to visit for all travellers to Turkey.

I've been thinking about visiting Turkey for a vacation, you know, checking out all the beautiful places, the people there and their culture, the beautiful scenery etc.

Infact, I was still Googling about some wonderful places in Turkey until your post popped up - call it coincidence.

Turkey to me is a wonderful country and one thing that interests me about Turkey is that it's a non secular country and that the earliest form of Christianity realy started and thrived there.

The pictures you shared are beautiful and it really makes the place looks so real - like I'm there right now, and I really can't wait to go there, have fun, socialize and share my story too.

Your travelogues are always interesting @sweetsssj and I always make sure I don't miss any of them.

I like travel stories a lot and yours are exceptional.

Thanks for sharing this with us

Happy Steeming


This is a beautiful post and looks like a fun place but please keep in mind how much of a role it takes on the animals who are being used for our entertainment. They will thank you 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼


Thankfully, someone who is willing to call out the elephant in the room. Wild animals should not be used for entertainment. I would kindly ask you, @sweetsssj, to educate yourself on the treatment of these creatures. Keeping animals in zoos, when done correctly, can contribute to their conservation. This place, however, is not a zoo, it is an entertainment park where the animals are forced to perform for food while trapped in inadequate enclosures. They suffer mental stress and other physical ailments because of their treatment. Please do not promote this kind of behavior. Thanks for reading.


SO GLAD YOU MENTIONED THIS - up until the animal part, I enjoyed reading - the minute Sweetssj starting showing performing animals she lost me - I strongly dislike anyone encouraging and paying to watch animals perform unnecessary 'tricks' for peoples entertainment - the mental stress, physical ailments these poor creatures endure is horrific - if people stopped going to these 'entertainments' then eventually they would be out of business ! hooray....


thanks enolife, which animal did you like the best? :)


As a steemian i think you are the most cutest and tour lover in steem community, best wishes from my heart,,, go ahead.


mohsin01, thank you so much, really means a lot to me! <3


fino es verdad


Hi dear, the siberian tiger did it for me. I'm always fascinated anytime I see them.

I research everything about them and I've even got animal or wildlife documentaries that dedicates some of their episodes talking about the siberian tiger.

Big and powerful ferals I must say.


Ferals indeed being locked up


Hey all pls help me i am new on steemit but my post are amazing see my post and upvote me and follows w me ❤❤❤


Interesting blog and nice pictures :)


So beautiful place! 😍


Thank you sweetssj,
My kids and I enjoyed the video :)
what a great place!
I wish we had the nice weather in Germany too like in Antalya!


thank you for watching the video harungerman, sometimes I wonder if people actually see the videos I make, but atleast you found it fun!


Hy so sweet...
Follow me and vote e


I like the use of Gifs, ill have to think about using that myself


Thats a huge walrus haha. Cool!


it's not as tall as me though! :D :D


very beautiful place....


This is a good blog and i got a lot of good insights about Turkey. I have heard a lot about Turkey and do appreciate your comments.


Enolife, if you want to go over in Turkey, you can see more than you can imagine. Mother of Jesus, Santa Claus, Troy, The place of decision of Bible etc... You can discover more and more on this link.


Oh! Thank you very much for this. I'll sure take a look at it

Very colorful pictures! Wonderful scenery!

Lovely ..
Beautiful pictures ..
Turkey Greece Cyprus is truly amazing tourist sites
Thank you for sharing our experience with us

Land of Legends Antalya Turkey
It is a concept for a hotel for tourism
It is one of the nicest hotels in Turkey
These images really are beautiful

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Wow what a beautiful waterpark

At first, I thought that the seal was just a statue because it looks so friendly. It’s heck of a show! Thanks for sharing.


you not alone in this @hiroyamagishi i commented also of the seal. nice comment and steem on!


haha thanks hiro, it's a really calm walrus, and very friendly!



谢谢呀,原来是这样,我说呢,白鲸很有美人鱼的气质 :)

Hey sweetsssj, you are back again with another great post.

I really liked this land of legends. One thing which I found interesting was they have git almost something for everyone regardless of their age which as a result help them to attract people from all over the globe.
I am going to put it on my bucket list.
Thank you for your post and for how many days you are in Turkey? Have you been to Istanbul.


hi suf1an, i've already left Turkey for quite a while now.. my blogs are from backlogs and I still have quite a lot to write about!


Oh okay. So looking forward to read them.

This is huge.
I love the animal in there.
It is definitely one stop amusement park.
Enjoy and keep on steemit.

LOLOL !!! :D:D:D:D

Made this specially for you!

hahah i love the pics of you in the scuba suit! its incredible, you're like a time traveler from the future where Steem is $1000 Each! You're coming back to Beg everyone to Hold ON to your steem!

Whats this about @segyepark and his iworldpark SMT for the Korean Disneyland like Amusement Park ??? Aquareum Theme Park Smart media token?? Its on his github! @inertia showed me.. Maybe it is a system where tourists can earn free tickets to get into the Amusement parks for free as long as they take pictures and post them on the steemit community page for iworldpark ? Maybe its a way to allow people to earn
tokens to buy products at the giftshop and free ticlets to get into the park? And in return they post about the place and therefor provide some free advertising? I believe this could be an incredible system but I am just guessing :D

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Been there a couple years ago on summer vacation...

  ·  last year (edited)

Wow that’s owesome !
What Camera you use to capture your photos ?



thanks josteem, I use a Sony A9 !


Beautiful photos and videos, thanks for sharing @sweetsssj.


Your SP is really high, pink you.

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@sweetsssj I live in Sweden 🇸🇪 but I traveled really a lot all Europe and almost all Asia before. I had tons of photos and I want to do my blog like you .. you really inspired me ! However, I think I should blog new fresh photos for fresh trips. Currently I am in “Thailand” for the 7th time in 3 years :) But I think my next adventures should be the “Latin America” area ... which will be good for my blog :)


josteem i think you will do just fine, remember the stories you tell don't have to be fresh, some of the best ones will likely come from a period of recollection. Hope to see some of these blogs soon! :)


Thanks for the encouragement you are a really nice person. But I bet my photos will not be as beautiful as your photos :)

Good to know

這張照片真漂亮! 🙋

nice trip......
amazing post as usual

Wow @sweetsssj ! I definitely need to go to The Land Of Legends Water Park some Day ! Another fantastic post , so full of awesome colorful photos and information ! You make everything look like so much fun ,mgetting up close to the Walrus / penguins and the Beluga Whales , I wish I was there as its currently snowing here for three days now ! Lol ! One day I will get rich on Steemit and join you hahha ! Thank You so much for sharing with us , Upped and resteemed !💕💕💕👍👍👍😀


karen, thank you so much for the support all this time. You know i think you have such a good and (positive) thing going with POP, i'm so glad you are a shining example of positivity the community can lean on, especially when times are down. Thank you!


Awe ! thanks for you kind reply , it really means a lot to me !😀💕✌👍

Also upped and resteemed your awesome post @sweetsssj ! from @karenmckersie and @momskitchen , You are blessed ! Your posts always Cheer Me Up when im feeling down , Thank You !!😀💕👌✌👍

great piece!

what a beautiful resort - i hope to go someday...

awesome place!

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A lovely and warm greeting to you @sweetsssj! Another glorious travel you have right here, Turkey is such a wondrous and magnificent place indeed. The sights are just jaw-dropping, i felt like you were in a Disney movie for the place is so vibrant and lovely, just like you... :)

You definitely enjoyed your company with the dolphins, they are so welcoming and playful! And of course, the rare sight of the Siberian Tiger, that majestic cat, oh what an experience that is. Cats, big or small, are just love!! <3

And by the way, i just want to share you about our 1st Steemit meetup here in Makati, Philippines. It was a blast! And the new steemians are really having a great time here, and i'm happy they understood my small presentation. :D
If you have free time please do check it out :)

That looks... legendary!

I saw, that you had a great time :D I wish to have much more free time and money for traveling like you :D

While people are freezing in some parts of the world, you are having fun with your swim suits. This post makes me feel proud to say that I am Turkish. It's certainly a beautiful and adventurous place and you have outdone your self with the great shots yet again.

Beautiful pictures as always - makes me long for the next holidays. So long to go though...

This is an Amazing post and @sweetsssj is a very beautiful girl

Wonderful pics @sweetsssj !!!

Upvoted and resteemed. Thank you again sweetsssj. Great pics. And you are in good shape. Keep it up!

what an incredible life you have i don't know when the time come for such things in my life hope steemit helps me

this waterpark must be every childs dream :D

nice wish I was there .and like the pics

Hello @sweetsssj how are you?

I hope you are doing good. I have been waiting for your post for almost eight days already. I understand i know you are so busy. Now i decided to have a pictures of TURKEY in my rooms, in order for me to attract. Hoping someday i can visit TURKEY. I love all your pictures, you look gorgeous. You can be a model @sweetsssj i am your big fun. You also loves to go is nice to know that for we have a lot of beautiful beaches here in PHILIPPINES. Always take care @sweetsssj

By the way, kindly visit my blog and please upvote

I always love your travel and blog and all your post i have always resteem.

P.S TAKE CARE @sweetsssj

Your friend



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Hi Ms.@sweetsssj! I would love to try the wave shock and all the other slides 😁. I have read many of your travel blog and it inspired me to try write about one of my travels. Thanks 😄👍

excellent water park, we were there this summer, you can read about it in my blog, especially liked the speed slides, thanks for the story )

Hello dear @sweetsssj How are you? Your Present Travel story is very interesting. You looks water nymph when you in water in photograph. As a traveler you gathered a lot of experience. Am I right? I liked the most interesting thing yoga. Thank you @sweetsssj for sharing the Traveling blog. Always be well off as my great supporter and sweet angel.

wow sweet i been waiting for your new post..its worth for waiting..

i love the place, its very relaxing and the views are so cool..what a kind adventure you have sweet.

i love this photo ^_^ you look so lovely.

also the Beluga whales are so friendly..

you enjoy a lot interacting to all sea

how i wish i have funds to go on that place..

thanks for sharing with this to us..

you give us a chance to see it..
your passion captivated us ..thank you once again


i'm so happy to see your new so worried about you because your post takes so long..but its worth it to wait..i love it..

super thumbs up of upvote and resteem @mrblu page..


Hi, I guess you might also like mine posts?? I am new to steemit.

@sweetssj this is indeed awesome trip. I never knew Turkey is wonderful for vacation, but your post has been shedding light on the beauty of Turkey

What a adventurous place ! You are looking like a mermaid on the water land !! hope you enjoyed a lot !! 😍👏👌👍😋📷👼

Are you doing much Traveling? Where are you headed next? Is there any schedule? Would you ever come to Canada?

Your posts are always stunning me @sweetsssj will all those cool photos and places. Nice video too I love watching it. I wonder where your next travel will be :)

The person took those pictures is very professional.

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That's it I'm going!

you are beautiful i love you @sweetsssj

wow so interisting, beuty and love travel. i love it 😍 @sweetsssj

I'm very happy right now. A tourist to visit and share the beautiful country. It's a great feeling that can not be told. Antalya is the busiest city of summer tourism. It is also very beautiful as you share. You are take photos and the typography (page layout) are extraordinary. Thank you for coming to my country and showing it to other people. I live in the city of Trabzon in Turkey. Maybe you could have heard. You might be gone. :)))
I thinking you wasn't go. I would like to invite you. @sweetsssj City ​​of Trabzon in Turkey's green found in nature. It is located in the Black Sea region. Uzungöl made his name to the world with his beauty. Uzungöl is a town of Trabzon. Also in Trabzon in the world famous Sümela Monastery. The winter season is a bit cold. July, August is the perfect place to visit.

I may have praised I own country a little bit. :)))
But he really deserves it. I want to show you Sümela Monastery and Uzungol.

This is Uzungöl

This is the monastery of Sümela.


oh my gosh my dear, i'm so looking forward to visiting this place.. thank you for showing me!


You're welcome. We are honored to welcome you in our country. I thank you again. For introducing you to the people who don't know the country in the most beautiful way. I hope I can be as successful as you. @sweetsssj

Nice. so good moment

awesome post suweetsssj

what a nice park. i would love to swim there.

Whatever you do... Don't watch the movie Tuskdownload.jpeg


lol y u say that?


You will never look at a walrus the same way again, trust me.

Have missed your blog series on travels, glad I saw this one. Great thing you've got going on...

When I was not registered with Steemit, your post was the first of one I found by clicking on "Travel." Thanks to you I can travel while sitting at home!=)) Thank you for this opportunity!) I'm from Ukraine. In Ukraine is the largest water park with an area of 60 thousand square meters. It is called "Treasure Island" and is located in the city of Kyrylivka.
But I am against zoos and animal training, as in the "The Land of Legends". Walruses do not like to entertain viewers, but they do it for food and from loneliness in captivity, where they are deprived of a family and communicate with their own kind.
They are need large spacesThey swim for a day to hundreds of kilometers, if they want, and very much depend on interaction with their loved ones and relatives. Usually they are caught at the age of 2-3 years, when they are actually children and go together with mothers, can already eat fish, but still continue to eat mother's milk. The reason is simple: young animals are easier to transport and easier to train. There is an opinion that dolphins, walruses themselves like to do tricks - this is not true. If the animal had a choice, it would prefer not to communicate with people. Sorry for my bad English.329eb8774b810d63956aac3b3de9826f.jpg


You are a great blogger. You describe the place so nicely and you captured every shot perfectly.. I always look forward to your posts.

you are so pretty @sweetsssj, I would love to travel someday just like what you do and also you take really good pictures and the way you put everything in detailed, I like your writing style too :)

This is like Sea World and a water park combined! Awesome.

Again I'd say you are very pretty.. The resort is amazingly wonderful with everything they have to offer. The pictures you shared are even more beautiful with you in it.. The way you pose with those animals so lovely and if animals could talk for sure they'd agree with me.. I so appreciate you sharing all these here at steemit. Actually one of the reasons to be thankful for for joining steemit. For people like me who loves outdoor activities and animals it's so inspiring. I could only dream that one day perhaps I'd be able to go there or at least experience something close to that :-) because I think going there is quite expensive.. :-D

Please keep posting and sharing your wonderful experiences..

Thank you so much @sweetsssj


@sweetsssj I missed ur upvote. Could you refund it?

@sweetsssj thanks for sharing... i live in africa Nigeria to be precise and i have been to other parts of africa, if you wish i'd suggest you take one beautiful trip to the coast and witness how beautiful and endowed these places are. i bet you it will be one of your memorable trip ever cos we have natural things here like the hills, mountains and different parks such kruger parks filled with friendly and wild animals.
i put it to you , you will come back and post it here there encourage other travellers to do so too and i'm pretty sure they are going to like it too...

hope to see your beautiful post here someday about your experience here in Africa.

best wishes.

Wao...a nice place to we still have a nice place like this in this world and planet earth..this is a place to be with your family for holiday..nice photography @sweetsssj hope to get more pictures of nice and beautiful places like this.


there are a few other places with lovely water parks and water slides but none so far with animal experiences and themed hotels. I think the combination is quite unique..


Oh really !!!
I am very motivated to visit those places.

Hi 🙋..I live in turkey I know the place Turkey is a beautiful country to make the holidays I suggest you all friends on holiday in Turkey ☺🙏


hi dear, I agree, it's a beautiful country and one which I am looking forward to coming back to soon!

  ·  last year (edited)

I would recommend a very nice city in Muğla ☺@sweetsssj

Looks amazing, you made me want to go on vacation! :):):):)


makes me want to go back! :)


I have no doubt at all, an amazing place ... a real vacation!

Wow this looks amazing!! the water park looks like it would be a great place to spend time with family & friends!! People, You have to take your kids here!! Incredible post.

this is so amazing.. i hope one day i'd be able to go sure it would be very awesome and wonderful.. thanks very much for sharing..

what a beautiful ................................................ ................................................seal. ...and you :)

walrus purrrrrrr :) :)

nice animals,,,with you,,,,


which was your favourite?? :) Mine was the Walrus :D

exellent and place is soo beautifiul


Wow! Nice post! Keep Traveling, and share more!

Nice post, beautiful girl.

a very pleasant place, I hope one day can visit and enjoy the beautiful place with my family.

This is so beautiful just like the world of are living your life honestly...


Woww amazing. Is this right? Amazing I am very interested in what is in this post. I hope there is free time coming to my blog @ fajrinurdin1990