BEACH DAYS A GREAT DAY! Roadtrip, Sunshine, Sand, Fish & Chips

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Hey Steemit Fam! Just wanted to share with you all my day-trip down to the GOLD COAST on the beautiful coast of QUEENSLAND, AUSTRALIA!

Monday was a public holiday here in Queensland so my friend and I made a spontaneous trip down to Main Beach on the Gold Coast for the day. We're very lucky to live in Brisbane as we have so many day-trip destinations to choose from. We're only just over 1 hour away from the beautiful beaches on the Gold Coast. Let the pictures of the endless sandy beaches speak for themselves!

Today's Quick Itinerary

  • Road trip!
  • Fish & Chips
  • Beach time & sunshine
  • Pearl Milk Tea
  • Back home

Road Trip to GOLD COAST!

The sunshine, blue skies and warm-ish weather all made for a great excuse to drive down to the Gold Coast for the day. I hadn't caught up with my friend for a few weeks so today was the perfect excuse to chit chat and catch up on life. As soon as you start entering the heart of the Gold Coast you're surrounded by picturesque views of the water, the boats and the lush palm trees.


But first, FOOD!

No trip to Main Beach would be complete without first picking up some fresh seafood, fish & chips at the locally famous Peter's Fish Market. The lines can be very long at times and today was no exception. The line went out the door and a staff member was needed at the door to usher people in and out to control the number of people allowed inside at any one time. We probably lined up for at least 20 minutes and then waited for another 15-20 minutes for our food to be cooked.

We hand-picked our fish and opted for a set that included fresh hot chips, crumbed prawns, calamari and a seafood stick. Our favourite fish is Barramundi so we picked 2 fillets of Barra and asked them to batter it for us.

Peter's Fish Market is also renowned for their selection of cooked and ready-to-eat seafood such as prawns and crabs. There's always so much I want to eat when I go here but I only have one stomach unfortunately 😆.

Front sign

Waiting patiently in line. The line extends inside as well

Ready-to-eat prawns

Pick your own type of fish

20 minutes later! Time to head over to the beach!

After waiting patiently for our food to be cooked, we made our way to Main Beach, a short 2 or 3-minute drive away. We found a picnic table and settled in to feast on our long-awaited meal. Not the healthiest option but it's sort of a tradition for us to pick up some Fish & Chips before we go to the beach.

It may look like a pile of fried food but it "hit-the-spot" perfectly and was delicious - especially with my favourite tartare sauce.



Beach & sand time

Sadly, the wind started to pick up by the time we actually set our feet on the beach but we braved the winds anyway and found a nice spot on the beach. We soaked up the sun's rays while we could and I settled in to read some Angels & Demons (Dan Brown).

After reading for about 10 minutes, as our (bad) luck would have it, the clouds started to darken and it started to rain lightly. So we ended up packing up and calling it a day. A short day at that haha. Oh well, the journey is what counts and I still enjoyed the drive itself and devouring a tasty lunch.

View to the right

View to the left

Panorama of Main Beach

Reading time

Pearl Milk Tea

My friend was craving some Pearl Milk Tea so we took a short drive into Surfers to get some drinks from No. 3 Dami that specialises in Milk Tea being served in a "Lightbulb" cup. For the sake of pretty pictures and sharing on social media, of course I got the Bulb Pearl Milk Tea. The store was cute and operated from a hole in the wall. While the service was slow, the drink that I picked turned out quite nice so I was still happy.

While we were waiting, the nearby Clock Hotel's Clock started singing it's hourly chime at 2 PM with the little Australian animals (kangaroo, emu, wallaby) at the top going round and round in circles.

Bulk Pearl Milk Tea

No. 3 Dami

Clock Hotel's Clock Chiming at 2 PM

Can almost see the beach from where we parked

Home time!

We collected our drinks and started on our way home. It was a short but fun & spontaneous day filled with talking, laughing, great food and great company.

Thank you for stopping by and I hope you've got a taste for the beach now and perhaps some delicious Fish & Chips as well!

-Frances aka @supernovastaffy


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Nice post! I loved the pics and now I'm hungry....LOL. Looks like the food was well worth the wait!

Happy to have made you hungry haha. The food was definitely worth the wait and the drive. Thank you for stopping by!

Thank you for taking me with you on this beautiful journey! It made me hungry for seafood, haha! :D And made me miss boba tea!.. :'-) You live in an amazing country, my friend!

You should get your seafood and boba tea fix! Any excuse for yummy food & drinks.

Very blessed to live in such a lovely country. Thank you for stopping by!

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I have the exact same Kindle :) it has been my best friend for many of my trips :))

I've only had it for just under a year now but it's just so compact and convenient to take everywhere! I had to be careful to keep it away from the sand so it wouldn't ruin it. Thank you for stopping by and commenting

Looks like you had a fantastic time. Too bad your time at the beach was cut short by the weather. The pictures are beautiful though. The fish and chips look amazing by the way. I hope one day I get to make it over to Austrailia to try them. It is very cool that you get to pick out the seafood you want right at the counter and then they cook it. Thanks for sharing!

I would've loved to have spent more time at the beach but I'll take what I got, it was still a great day. The fish and chips were perfect! It makes it more fun I suppose to be able to pick out your own seafood for them to cook.

You'll enjoy visiting Australia. Lots of great beaches if you like getting the sand between your toes and going for a swim. Thanks for stopping by and commenting

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