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RE: Guatemala - Jungles, waterfalls & volcanoes

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Heya, just swinging by to let you know you're being featured in our Daily Travel Digest!

This is in all honesty one of the most undervalued posts I've seen! You're still a new user of course, so it takes time to build up an audience, and with these kind of amazing posts you'll rack up a following fast enough!

I wish I had known about your post earlier (pretty close to payout time now), so I could have given it more exposure! I'll see if I can get some more attention specifically for your post though!

Congrats on getting engaged by the way (even if it's from a while ago, haha!)


Did as much as I could here, I think you'll appreciate the effort, haha!

I would like to ask though, to provide some verification it is really you and not someone else ( which is not to say I don't believe you as I do think it is you)! But a little note on your blog linking to Steemit or anything like that would be good! Your future posts should be getting better rewards in that case too!

Hi @martibis, I realise you likely wrote the comment from @steemitworldmap too but I wanted to directly thank you as well! I very much appreciate it and it is definitely motivation to put more time and effort into the platform. I wasn't sure my content was suitable given it wasn't as regular as some others who have a big following but I enjoy the writing and its great getting feedback and comments from people.

The existing content was originally just for myself as more of a diary of memories and also for family to keep up to date from back home but since returning I've been asked by many people (both friends and strangers) for tips, information and even itineraries on each of the countries I visited on this trip so I realised it could be valuable or interesting content for the public.

I'm happy to add a reference/link somewhere to further validate me as the author. I have many more posts and photos to come so anything I can do to improve the content and increase followers I'm happy to do.

Thanks again!

Heya, yes I'm @martibis as well!

You're so welcome, I saw your post at 2 SBD only and couldn't believe it, so figured I'd round up some help, haha!

That's great, definitely let us know when you have a reference or link from your website to your blog on here! Keep in mind that in general original Steemit content will get higher rewards though!

Also if you really want to succeed long term on here I suggest you do a bit of networking in groups like PAL as well:

Also getting in touch with other people from who you like the content is a good way! Just leaving a genuine nice comment goes miles in establishing some nice relationships on the platform!

Hey @martiibis & @steemitworldmap,

Sorry for the delay, I just wanted to let you know I have just added a SteemIt reference and link at the bottom of the travel section of my website.

I wanted to get it up before my next post which I have also just published.


Thank you so much for the kind words. I've only just discovered the platform after being referred by a friend so I'm still getting familiar with how it all works. Any tips on being recognised?

I was browsing similar travel posts yesterday to get an idea what works and the formats others are using and I noticed the @steemitworldmap. Great idea, I only wish I had found it earlier for my previous posts. Nevertheless, I have many more travel posts to come so I'll be sure to add it.

Thanks again, and hopefully you'll like the coming post in the next day or so.

Just following up, I managed to get my next post up quicker than expected. Added this one to @steemitworldmap too 👍

El Salvador - Sunsets & pupusas El Salvador

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