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It is on in Toronto. Incredible speakers, presenters, workshops, & so much more. Meet & network with Steem users from all over. You don't want to miss this.

Thank you.

@ogc #mypic @joepate47 @larrymorrison @scottshots shout out!

Steem Creators Conference: SMT Summit Sept 5-8, 2018 Toronto, Canada. It will be amazing. Tickets only $149.00

Do you have a new app, product, or service for Steem? Would you like to speak at the conference. Hit us up. [email protected]


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I can't buy a ticket with $149...I will have to pay $1,000 on plane tickets..

I would love to visit Toronto. Would make there interesting photos . Sadly I live in Szczecin , Poland. Ticket there would cost me fortune

Hell yeah it’s going to be amazing! Maple syrup, crypto, Mounties...I’m in!! My PIC!

Toronto we are coming for you. So fortunate to have you as a speaker & part of the team @ogc. You are going to smash that stage. 20180703_113520_0001.png

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I dig the new logo for the conference! Happy 4th!

Thank you my good friend. We are busting our butts to make sure the the conference is successful as possible. That we have incredible speakers and the attendees have a heck of a time. Happy 4th to you too.

We're out here hoping someday you'll come to Uganda.

Looks like a fun and knowledge building event!

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