🌞Hiding 🌍From the Rain☔

in travel •  7 months ago


The other day a storm came over. Starting pouring. Found this great place to watch the #worldcup & have lunch. Though this looked cool with all the mirrors in play. What do you do when it rains?

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Hi man. Hope you and your are well. Good to hear from you.

Ha ha ha I love to walk in rain...

Never get out!



Cuddle myself with a cup of coffee and a good book. Oh my, the small things that make my heart melt. Need I say it?
Russia suits ya Huskie ;)


That nick name is starting to stick. Several people call me Huskie now. Hahaha

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What was the place called?


I don't know. It was a sky lodge like a space port. Hahahaha


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Nice post sir