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Remember the "work hard, play hard" motto?
Truth is, work and play are awkward bedfellows. Until now I was using one account, @sorin.cristescu to blog about both. I now got around to create a dedicated account for more "playful and lighthearted" topics and keep my main account, @sorin.cristescu for more "involved stuff" such as blockchain projects.

What about the pictures? As I have touched upon, I spent a week in Barcelona in July. There are dozens of Steemit posts already about Barcelona, including from @flamingirl and @gabrielatravels. But aside from typical tourist destinations, we also went to a less known spot, the ABaC restaurant (Michelin 3 stars, chef Jordi Cruz) - second photo.
And then we did a tour of Romania (third photo).

And I'm sure I have interesting things to tell everybody about these (and future) topics, things that you will enjoy learning.

So I'll post in more detail here about these travels and avoid mixing topics on the main account.

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Hi @sorin,

I now got around to create a dedicated account for more "playful and lighthearted" topics ...

That is a great idea.. we need more people playing 😊 perhaps bringing more light into our job-world? Children are learning by playing - we can copy them.
I wish you good luck with your new account!

Play - is the way! ;-) Kadna

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Dear @partiko I've tried your app and then uninstalled because it had high-jacked my steemit URLs.

Specifically when opening a Steemit link from Discord I wanted the page to open in my browser (as it normally always did).

However after installing Partiko, steemit links would automatically launch Partiko and display in Partiko, which is something I don't remember asking or even agreeing to and I do not appreciate as a matter of principle. Could you please clarify ? Thank you


Hello @sorin.lite,

Thank you so much for your feedback! This feature is call "deep link" and is widely adopted by many mainstream Android apps. We're pretty sure once done properly, Partiko won't "hijack" you link and will help you increase productivity by a lot.

To give you an example, this is what happens when you click on a Discord link:

Once you choose Discord, it will bring you directly to Discord which is very convenient. Keep in mind that you can choose "Just once" here, that way every time you click on a Discord link, the Android system will always ask you choose again, therefore you won't be "hijacked".

Same thing with Partiko, when you click on a Steem link, this is what it looks like:
Once you choose Partiko, it will bring you directly into Partiko, where you can view the post, upvote using our cool sliding vote feature, and make comments very easily. If you don't want to go to Partiko, you can still choose your browser here.

Hope that helped! Feel free to ask any other questions you might have!

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That is a great answer, you might want to turn it into a full post ! Thank you
I'll try Partiko again and watch carefully if it gets me the option to not open a steemit link in Partiko. Being able to choose could come in handy when using multiple accounts (as I do for "separation of concerns" reasons with @sorin.lite and @sorin.cristescu) ...


Partiko will support multiple accounts soon. Stay tuned!

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I've never made a post about Barcelona, you are making a mistake :D


Well then you definitely should ! :-)

A steemit search returns 10 full pages of posts about Barcelona (my previous one as @sorin.cristescu is only on page 5) so what are you waiting for ? :-)

Everybody AND their dogs have posted something about Barcelona already !

Maybe I'm mistaking with a post by @laviniatherapist ? Or @lymepoet ? It was a post about Barcelona's free attractions anyway ... Couldn't find it in the 10 pages of search results so there are probably more that are not displayed ...

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Hey,, I seem to remember that you are @bycoleman's bot.
I hope your master has not completely lost hope after being hunted down by thick killer whales for transparency bot ...
The steem blockchain is much more than a group of dense whales ...


I like how you "talk to bots" I do that too sometimes...
"-I hope your master has not completely lost hope after being hunted down by thick killer whales" that's funny! Steemit is like a "Syfy movie"...

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I've tried to join @qurator with my main account (@sorin.cristescu).
I thought I have some good quality content that deserved to be read widely. But I was snubbed by @brumest for what were, to my eyes, trivial reasons ... Oh well, I think I'll manage without ...


I'm sorry to hear that, I hope you can try once more and maybe talk with @scrooger


It was not for the upvotes, it was more as "badge of honor". The more I need to plead for it, the lesser the resulting honor, in my opinion

Hi @sorin.lite! It's nice to see you here!