The Scenery of Back Yard in Dae Won Sa Temple, Jirisan Mountain, Korea

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After looking around the entrance area, I walked to the back yard of the temple to see the jars for the traditional condiments.
They prepared for the soy source and the fermented soybean paste for the next year.
So the jars in the back yard could be the interesting sight for the tourism in Korean Temple.
Especially Dae Won Sa was the temple for Nuns.



The Jar place was located in relatively high place. So I could look down the roofs of the halls.
As I posted before, the roof scenery was the most beautiful place in Korean Traditional architectures in my view. Especially you could enjoy the impressive appearance through overlapped roofs.




I saw the tree growing on the side of the chimney.
The power of Nature is great.
It grow the pine on the cement chimney.



On the front yard, one stone pillar attracted me.
There was a hole on the top of the pillar.
The lantern lamp was placed on the hole.



It was too cold to walk around outside that day.
After taking the photos of the stone pillar, I jumped into the room.

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the roof scenery is indeed very amazing from the various angles I've seen you posted them, the jars also are carefully arranged, I don't know what material is used in making the jars, but they seems so strong and brown, it's definitely beautifully taken, I love this

A lot of amazing scenery captured into a single article! Specially roof tops and the pine tree! Thank you for sharing such great visit information with us!


Wow ...... Excellent post 📪and ... Wonderful photography..i like it my,dear friend @slowwalker

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Those jars have so many stories to tell...soybean paste for next year...🤔 People still use to it or it was just part of to explore such untold and unexplored story.

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@slowwalker,The jars for the traditional condiments nicely arranged back yard in Dae Won Sa Temple. I don't know what's inside or what purposes the nuns arranged these jars, but you explained better it's source for paste soybeans to next year. Great purposes they had for next year. More temples of Koreans never show jars. Here's more jars arranged. It would be point for attract tourism as you said here.

the roof scenery was the most beautiful place in Korean Traditional architectures in my view.

For my view I most attracted for Koreans roof styles. I more and more times said it form my feedback. From the back yard clearly showing outstanding mountain view. Finally you catch stone pillar lantern. It's amazing monument.

That was amazing place, loved to be there...
The history talked that the ancestor are great.

Such a lovely time to visit Jirisan, very jealous.
I wonder how much soy sauce and dwenjang you can grow in those pots?
Happy Korean New Years @slowwalker, 새해 복 많이 받으세요!

I always wanted to visit places like these. Very iconic. And most important is the value you gain after the visit. Thank you for sharing!

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I like the curved roofs of the buildings. Timeless beauty.

Beautiful photos! What is fermented soybean paste used for? I've never heard of that before.

It is just amazing that they store or ferment foods for their needs for the temple's occupants @slowwalker