The Scenery from Baek Ryeon Sa in Gang Jin of Jellanamdo Province in KoreasteemCreated with Sketch.

in travel •  16 days ago

There are two kinds of Scenery from Buddhist Temples, one is the scenery of the mountains, the other is the scenery of the sea.

Bu Seok Sa Temple is famous for its mountain scenery, as I already had posted before.
And the Scenery of Baek Ryeon Sa is very nice especially relating to the sea and mountain.
I could enjoy those scenery of the mountains and the sea together in one place.


The scenery from Man Gyoeng Ru pavilion was extraordinary amazing.
The name 'Man Geyong Ru' means literally '10thousands Scenes Pavilion'


I never’ve heard of the beauty of the scenery through the window of the pavilion.
But it was the one of the best scenery among Buddhist temples.
The scenes of the windows seemed to have its unique beauty.



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Like you said, yeah this temple is well located on thousands of beautiful scenery! With the name of that temple it means very well! Without your articles these places are unknown for the rest of the world! So, thank you very much for sharing such great photography of your great travels through Korea!


The beauty of the scenery Is more than amazing and looking at the Man Geyong Ru, I was wondering why the name means 10 thousand really, the view towards the woods is more than amazing and very simplistic as well, what a splendid shot really.

It is sometimes the small things in life that capture my attention. Nature and how their imperfections become more beautiful to my eyes.

The view is truly unusual, with the mountains and the sea in one eyeful. The palaces and temples were always built with peace and tranquility in mind, weren't they? Perhaps now, more people will read and know about its beauty.

You have captured the essence of its meaning, ten thousand Scenes Pavilion. A nice evening to you.


At one time I practiced martial arts, and the style is supposedly from Tibet, from the monastery on the wudang mountain. I'm really curious if it really is there, I would like to visit Tibet someday.

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There is always something so appealing seeing both mountains and the sea. For me, seeing water is always calming.

Wow.... Very beautiful... I always love you photography my dear friend @slowwalker

@slowwalker, Glad to hear two kind of scenery of mountain and sea from Baek Ryeon Sa in Gang Jin. Sea visualization brilliant. Man Gyoeng Ru pavilion impressive looks indeed. Inside pavilion seems some paintings.

interesting scenery.

I even saw stems, branches and twigs at the bottom of the window incarnate as animals in legend forming snakes that clustered together as if they were chatting or even fighting each other

the beauty of shoot from the room that produces


with window frames.
I really appreciate your efforts, @slowwalker.
Thank you for sharing this post.

Thank you my dear friend.

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good view out !

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Very interesting post :)

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