The Most Beautiful Place in The Most Beautiful Garden.

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The most awesome place in Garden was where we stopped by at first. I already had posted one part, the pond and the island, on them in last posting.


This place was so beautiful, because every things and facilities were harmonized and balanced.
The pond and the island was located in the center and the pavilions and the official building were arranged around the pond and the island.



In this posting, let me introduce the buildings and pavilions.

This building could be said the main theme of this posting.
Two story wooden building was a library of King.
In Choson Dynasty, King must be a Confucian Scholar. So the prince had to study very hard.
King often wrote the books.



In the King of Jeong Jo, he ordered to establish the library for king himself and the academy for young officials. And King named it ‘Kyu Jang Kak’

King Jeong Jo had reigned 1776 - 1800.

This Kyu Jang Kak had played very important role in the reign of King Jeong Jo.
He had taught the young officials and appointed them to the important place.

He’d like to reign his country according to the ideals of Confucian philosophy, for implementing his project the academy was essential. In fact the officials had been trained in the Kyu Jang Kak had played the role of king’ supporter.

Thanks to the Kyu Jang Kak, Korea became the one of the country having the most materials and books in the world in 14 - 19 century. These books and materials were moved to Seoul National University. Now these materials and books were translated from Chinese letter to Korean. The period for the translation is to be said for more than hundred years.

King Jeong Jo did his best to cultivate the young officials, so he established ‘Kyu Jang Kak’ in the best place in the Garden.
According to story, King Jeong Jo had banished some officials who could not solve his question to the island in the pond.


There was a wall of bamboo in front of Kyu Jang Kak. Bamboo wall shows how they thought the harmony with Nature important.


There were three gate in the wall. Only king could use the main gate, other officials used small gate side of the main gate.


The other side of Kyu Jang Kak, there was a pavilion had been used for kings healing place.
King sometimes enjoyed fishing on the pond.



Kings family had took a rest around the pond, this was a place for kings family.



All of these buildings and the pond and the island composed the best place in the Garden.

With the death of King Jeong Jo, Kyu Jang Kak was dismissed by the old officials who hated King’s reformation.

After death of King Jeong Jo, Choson Dynasty lost it’s internal dynamics and power to overcome the threat from outside.

So this place was not only the most beautiful place but also the last place of dynasty’s glory.

I could not take enough photos due to the schedule by the guide. We needed to finish walking around the garden in One hour.

(Another posting on the Garden to be continued)


Garden that harmonizes with nature without damaging nature
I think it is a proud Korean culture that never lingers anywhere in the world.
I have not seen all the gardens of the world, but in my opinion it is certainly one of the best gardens in the world.

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Absolutely gorgeous. I would love to go see it one day.

indian culture also like this guys i am proud to be an indian

For a solid portion of human history, people have been cultivating flora in gardens for both practical and aesthetic use. But we’re not just talking about tiny plots in your backyard where you grow tomatoes. Gardening is an art form, from the Zen-like gardens of the eastern tradition, to perfectly manicured Western sanctuaries. Here, we take a look at 10 of the most beautiful from across the globe.

Absolutely agreed.
Each culture has it's value.
What we need to do is understanding for the different culture.
I wish my posting is a start of this understanding

a very beautiful place, I really wanted to be there. do not forget to follow me yes, I'm new user steemit.

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"So this place was not only the most beautiful place but also the last place of dynasty’s glory"...this statement made me read the post again and made me appreciate such beauty nature is to man. Looking forward to the next post on this.

It is as historical as it is beautiful.

Thank you for your comment

i love the way asians generally are able to preserve and maintain every bit of their tradition, the architecture, fashion, food,basically everything.

i love how each part of the garden has a story and history nehind it.
so beautiful

Thank you so much

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Sweet looking image and I wish one day I may get to visit Korea myself.. Thanks for sharing

I would love to visit this beautiful garden someday, am so much in love with nature

Thank you for posting @slowwalker, nim.

Lovely photographs and story of this very harmonious royal setting. A very beautiful and tranquil place indeed. To imagine the finery....the pomp ....the formalities was a delight.

Confucian philosophy is full of it not?

If you desire a hot cup of tea...begin one perhaps.

Steemians appreciate enjoying the day out with you.....thank you.

Wishing you and your family all the best.


Thank you so much for your comment

Indeed. I can only imagine being able to spend my mornings in deep thought in such a beautiful place. Mesmerizing.

when man allies himself with nature he makes very beautiful things ...

Beautiful pictures. Great camera work.

very nice place... looks so soothing...

Great gardens I hope to get to Japan for my Bit Coin Bucket List This one of places follow me and let me know where else i should visit thanks

This is beautiful

is this photo shop

wow, amazing.
South Africa maybe?

Its in China Rainbow Mountains

oooh. ok
its Beautiful

Travel bucket lists are good to have. Keeps you fresh to see new parts of the world.

Wow, is that real? It reminded me of a scene from the movie "What dreams may come"

Looks very nice. Looks like a Ninja training center.

Very beautiful! I can imagine how beautiful it is in the spring, when everything comes to life. The architecture is unusual.

very good dear have good time

“A garden to walk in and immensity to dream in--what more could he ask? A few flowers at his feet and above him the stars.”
― Victor Hugo, Les Misérables

these things look really interesting!

Love traditional Asian architecture

Great pictures! thank you for sharing...

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My post;


Beautiful place and good photography.

So beautiful garden!!! I loveit

Wow. What a nice place

The place has nice feng shui.

What a peaceful scenery. This looks like a place you'd only see in a movie.

Friend, you have a very good way to write posts. Your stories are mega interesting. You have very bright and amazing photos. From your posts, I'll learn a lot of new, about the different cities. Reestemed, @bugavi

long time no see, How are you ?

Lovely photos. Interesting architecture of houses.

Korea is not about the culture alone, the beauty of nature there is also amazing, friendly people, as well as other unique things make korea so special, many excess korea that is not owned by other country

culture and history is a result of mutual influence in my guess

yeah, it is a decent place to visit

It is a historic building that embodies the architectural culture of the 18th century, especially the garden design, it's one of the best gardens in the world

Yes, exactly you are right

I think if i had money to travel to a place like this, it would be a glad to stay a lots of weeks there. Persons of that place usually be to much calm.

When you visit korea,
let me know, I'll guide you

Congrats! You are a very good researcher.

Thank you so much

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Slowwalker... in an aggressive world, rush and careless... i loved it!
I think about it!
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Thank you.
I really would like to visit Iran.

This pictures of the garden is really beautiful when visited one can't forget, because there are places you visit and you feel better

So Beautiful, what a neat history!

Very nice my Respekt for the photos

this is a very interesting post, exploring places that make eyes, and hearts become legit, and many benefits encountered, I think this place is very historic, I am very happy with travel, hopefully I can also travel there to see the beauty there

Reading your post and watching your pics I'm feeling in this beatiful place! Yes, as you wrote everything looks really well harmonized and balanced. I hope one day to visit it in real ^_^

Beautiful pictures Thanks

reality is they are killing mother earth, population, pollution, they cut tree's too and many more.

Indeed, One of the best place in one of the best garden !!!

Long Live the King and family :) !!!

Life on earth would feel better if every garden was like this

Amazing ! Time seems to have stopped 200 centuries ago..

Wonderful this photography....i appreciate this architecture.and also good this traveling.......upvote resteemit done

This photos are great.
Thanks for shearing it with us

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Thanks for this, interesting read!
I love those traditional curved roofs. The tiling and the ornaments are crafted so well.

Thank you, hahaha

The beautiful scenery, the most let a person yearning

Its like im in the era of Kublai Khan

I hope these places never change, would be a shame for future generations not to experience these things in person, hopefully I can visit places like this sometime too.
P.S would be cool to see a marker where this would be on a map in the world, not really necessary but would just save me the time of looking it up myself =)

Thank you

Those building are in good condition and there's actual culture.

Beautiful posts.

sounds such a unique place, so natural and so beautiful !! Loved those awesome #PHOTOGRAPHS and trees there. Thanks for sharing this on #steemit.

Thank you so much

Very nic posts.

It is absolutely beautiful, I love the oriental buildings everything is in harmony.

I really need to visit korea on november, got my plane ticket already, wish me luck it'll push through. What a beautiful sightseeing

Hahaha, good luck to you

the building is very sturdy and amazingly beautiful. from the time of the king dynasty until now these buildings seemed to take us in that century.

I have seen so many beautiful photos on korean lines, and korean lines are very popular in these places and we have a great admiration for the players

Thank you so much

I am writing a book as well !!! Seems like I was a king in my previous birth :p Hehehe

Nice place and a cool post !!


I love your pictures, beautiful gardens.

quality photos and posts

every place has a story, this island is full of korean mystery!

always love to read your post sir, even im struggling to understand english.. ^^

No problem.
My English is also poor

😊😊 i didn't see that on your writing skills sir @slowwalker ^^

I really appreciate the way you have described all about it in pictures along with the text as well. Awesome!

Wow its amazing place & photography i like it

Oh heavens! what beautiful photos and above all that beautiful place. I ask to be able to have the opportunity to visit that garden. Congratulations for your images.
Greetings, if you like, visit my publications.

Read the post fully and gained a vast knowledge on the beautiful history of #Koreans.... From the post I came to know that Koreans were most creative since time immemorial. Awesome photographs.
UPVOTEd and resteemed successfully my friend @slowwalker...........
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Nice place, photos 💯💯

This is a beautiful place,

Seems you travel alot.
You must be an explorer, come to my side of the country dear

Thank you for your invitation.
I'd like to

being in the park is the best thing to fill new inspiration :)

Beautiful. This place something. I think can go to here

The royal kingdom of the king👍

I really like your writing. do not forget to follow me @hazrami. thank you

beauty at its best, good work buddy... keep up

It is beautiful... And historical place too...

indeed its a very beautiful garden.
i will visit it one day to fulfill my wish of seeing it.
Thanks for the awesome post

Thank you for stopping by

Wow how nice garden I like this place
Its really nice and beautiful garden ...
Thanks for sharing your great post (3).jpg

Thank you for posting

Hopefully i will have the opportunity to travel to some of these amazingly beautiful places. These kind of relaxation gardens are so hard to come by around me.

It's nice, it remember me my visit of temple in japan

So much history engraved on these walls, rich architecture.
fuses mind and body.

I really love to live their but it would be more horror in the night :D

Don't worry.
If you stay, there would be so much night watcher outside

garden is the best nature place. nature very important to us. ... Thanks your post very good.

Thank you for comment

Great places with wonderful photography! Great photography!

i pray hope to go there place... inn sya allah.

negeri sakura (jepang).

the way you described those places really great, you should be a writer, thanks for sharing your journey

It's so beautiful.

The architecture is very impressive. When we watch movies from this your part of the world, we are able to see the insides.

I am especially fond of the low tables.

Thank you for bringing history class on Steemit today.

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how old is this ?? still at the best condition :)

about 600 years

The roof is so beautiful. Dope architecture

I really like this history. thank you

wow amazin photo

It is the perfect place to live for me. I hope one day I will move there and buy little house.

Can't wait for the day I go to Seoul again and then I write a travel post on it for ya!

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