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The mountain god is the traditional Korean religion. So when accepting Buddhism, at least they had to tend to respect local traditional religion. As a result of those history, there are the place for the mountain god in each temples.
The mountain god was the one among the the 3 Holy Divines.
So if there is 3 holy divines shrine, there is no need to build mountain god shrine in same temple.
Actually the mountain god was believed as the protector of the temple.

It was so strange that there were 2 shrines serving for the mountain god in one temple.
The style was quite different each other between 2 shrines.

The mountain god shrine was quite different from the 3 holy divine shrine.
The mountain god in this temple seemed the attached building of the large buddhist hall.
It had an independent style, but this shrine was linked through the corridor with the main hall.
The mountain god shrine was small though, it had the entire elements as the buddhist building.

2018-12-25 12.32.50.jpg

2018-12-25 12.32.40.jpg

2018-12-25 12.32.24.jpg

The 3 Holy divines shrine had an ordinary style of the building like that of other temples.
One thing unique is it has its own wall.
The building in this temple having its own wall is the most characteristic thing in this temple.
It could be supposed that the concept of the space in this temple must be different from others'

2018-12-25 12.20.27.jpg

Anyway, why did they build 2 same meaningful shrines in one temple ?


Wow..nice place..I hope in this place have hidden meaning also..But last one.awesome photography. I like so much.Thanks fo sharing.
Have a nice day sir.@slowwalker

Yeah it my country there are believes of few gods with Buddhism! I think that's the way Buddhism respect religions that were existed at the time it was born! Agreed with what you said about it! Nice photography and a location!


Wow sir its a amazing photography. I always follow your vlog and get inspired. Thanks sir @slowwalker for support me

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Sooo cute and lovely photoshoot...i love it my dear friend @slowwalker

I heard from friends that korea great country now when i see your post i believed what friends said

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Another Beautiful Post to Start The New Year off Right. Thank You @slowwalker for helping me to Learn about Things that I never knew about until you brought these wonderful temples to us..............

@slowwalker, I'm surprising to see 3 Holy Divines Shrines in Seon Am Sa Temple. No need to wonder Mountain God Shrine there coz God was a protector of the temple. Your guess better to understand coz I haven't more knowledge of Koreans Buddhism. I think there has different look than others. But it's only my point of view. You visited more times temples and have better knowledge. Thanks for sharing different kind of thing to me.

That looks great and historical, a quiet place to meditate

Thats interesting! I havent heard about this religion before, but I will do more research about it, as I am curious about every single religion we have on this planet :D
Happy New Year!

interesting photo shoot. taking a good angle makes the image of the temple so strong that it is old and religious. the depiction of two shrines at the temple is also able to give us knowledge as readers.
so this post is very interesting and enlightening
Thank you @slowwalker
Thank you Steemit
Warm regard from Indonesia

The architecture is amazing. And yes, why only two shrines and not 3? Maybe the temple itself counts as 1?

The artwork on the ceiling they do look very nice and dont know why did they do that but yeah they do sure have a meaningful reason behind it though !!