Changgyeong Gung : Palace of Tragedy

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Changgyeong Gung had been built in King Seong Jong of Choson Dynasty at 1483 AD.

This palace had been used for the official ceremony of the Kingdom, for example coronation and welcome ceremony for the foreign diplomats.

It was said that Changgyeong Gung had suffered several fire disasters in it’s history.

Changgyeong Gung was a stage of tragic struggle around King.
One Queen was sentenced to death amongst the struggle.
She was described as an wicked women, but as you know, history is a record of the winner.

The most tragic incident was this palace turn into a Zoo under the Japanese Rule.

The major buildings had been destroyed by Japanese Imperialist for making parks for ordinary people. But at that time, everyone knew very well the reason of making Park in Changgyeong Gung. Japanese Imperialist had tried to weaken the Royalty of people to Choson Kingdom.

As Changgyeong Gung had been changed into Zoo, the name of Palace was also changed into Changgyeong Won. Here Won means Park.

Up until 1981 years, the decision turn the Park into the Palace was made.

Zoo and animals were move to Seoul Grand Park. The palace had been rebuilt for years.

I had been in Changgyeong Gung for 40 years ago when it was a Zoo Park last time.

So it was amazing to look at real appearance of the Palace.

Changgyeong Gung was located in eastern part of Chang Deok Gung what I posted last time.

In my guess, the pics explain better than my poor English.

Let’ s go.

I looked at Sun behind the trees walking over from Chang Deok Gung to Changgyeong Gung.

Scene at dusk was awesome

I could look down the Palace on the way from Chang Deok Gung

There were several extraordinary stones on the road

I took some pics of main building of Changgyeong Gung

One of the best Pavilion
The name of this pavilion is 'Ham In Jeong' which means 'Pavilion of Filling Goodness '

Interesting name of gate 'Accepting Sunshine Gate'

View from opposite direction.

Thank you so much

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Thank you @slowwalker for your interesting historical tales about Oriental culture and memorials.

Happy New Year, my friend!


thank you happy new year

Nice story, with nice pictures.
But i got no idea where it is.
Have you ever have heard of ?
Maybe if you would mark the spot on that service, your posts would gain even more value and attraction.


Oh my mistake!
There is Seoul , Korea.
I am posting on Korea in a raw.
So I didn't write place.
Thank you so much for visiting


Well said Boss, well said; is definitely a place to announce a beautiful writeup like @slowwalker's post in order to gain the rightful attention this beautiful post deserve. Cheers Boss for always taking out time to discover useful writeups as you scan across Steemit. Following your leads all the way Boss. Smiles.


Nice story, with nice pictures.
But i got no idea where it is.
Have you ever have heard of ?
Maybe if you would mark the spot on that service, your posts would gain even more value and attraction

Thank you for posting @slowwalker, nim.

What lovely photographs and story to bring to Steemians....sounds like a perfect ending. So lovely to see a place especially a palace restored.

The age of it is remarkable indeed.

Happy New Year to you and yours. Cheers.


Thank you so much for visiting.
Happy New Year

사진 멋지네요~~ 좋은구경 하고 갑니다~~

It is fun to travelling so nice places. I wish I have enough time to travel.


Me too, i hope to visit korea this year


Thank you for your spirit

창경궁 안가봤는데ㅎㅎ 가보고싶네요

Great post and interesting place. Thanks for sharing :)


Looks like the photo is coming from here. It's a wonderful place to do. @slowwalker


thank you for visiting

great capture! I really love nature photos!

Very interesting shots. History in action.

Nice Place ...
I like the Way You Explain it Nice Move !


thank you

오늘은 창경궁에 가셨네요
사진들이 너무 멋집니다.
좋은하루 되세요


Hi, are you from korea ?


감사합니다. 홧팅

Wow, you made great photos, thanks. I like China)

Thinks it traditional beautiful place to see @slowwalker


Thank you so much

Interesting story and impressive pictures. Thank you!

It's so ridiculous that the palace was turned into a zoo under the Japanese rule . but everything can be changed at that time. a history tragedy . thanks for your sharing .


thank you.
history is a history

مرحبا اخى @slowwalker
تصوير جميل اتمنى ان تكون بخير

happy nwe year

This is perfect🔥🔥

Very good story and photography is too good you would gain more value and credit to these type of post.

I like always your post this is also one of the best post keep it up hope you will do goo thank you dear @slowwalker happy new year 2018 @tuhin201.

This is exactly why I like Steemit so much. I would not have seen these pictures otherwise and now I did and enjoyed it very much. Thank you and a Happy New Year.

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Wowwwww! Amazing piece of information. That is a good background history of the place. You are good and those pictures you shared are of professional quality. Nice work friend, I love your post.

You took some fantastic pictures, very good!

Beautiful photos and text. Really appreciate your hard work :). Keep it going

Good information and picture _

Nice Plase and nice photography....

Awesome Photos . you are best photographer

very good beatiful photos

I like always your post this is also one of the best post keep it up hope you will do goo thank you dear @ slowwalker happy new year. I always wait for your post

Great post dear with the awesome picture. All of the pictures are really nice.
It's really the super-historical place to visit....

오늘은 유독 사진이 더 멋진거 같습니다
잘보고 갑니다



is it a Korean or japanize?
This place is amazing and I love to see such an amazing places. It gives me a motivation to leave the comfort of my own home and travel the world.
Great pics too!

history is just a record of the winter.

hahaha... agreed sir @slowwalker !

thank you for always sharing those history with beautiful photos.



I'm so surprised that I could see "I had been in Changgyeong Gung for 40 years ago when it was a Zoo Park last time." I want to hear about what's the biggest difference between past and now. Always thanks for sharing an amazing seoul historical place @slowwalker ! :-)

Thank you for the great post that provides so much valuable information. Your post has been Upvoted and Resteemed so that more people can read your blog.

good friends, I really enjoy your story friends

Nice timeless pictures as always :)
Unfortunately most original cultural relics like these have been destroyed by wars with Japan or China, but this also reflects the history of the country.

The photos of the sunset are amazing!


I think that too


thank you

Good Job .....Amazing Place

다산다난 했던 한해가 갔습니다.
아직 지나간 여파에서 자유롭진 못하지만
최선을 다하는 삶에 의미를 두어 봅니다.
올드스톤님을 그리워 하는 주노가 새해 인사 드립니다
새해 복 많이 받으시고 골치아파도 좋으니 올드스톤님의 정치글 이라도 뵐 수 있었음 좋겠습니다. 기다리고 있겠습니다.

beautiful place! I don't think I've visited here since elementary school

I want to jump on the plane and go to the Korea.After seeing these photos in these photographs, I do not know how to do it on my room.Great photos and writing.Thank yo my friend.. @slowwalker


That is what I called Epic writing. That author is good and the pictures great too. Wowwwww


Your welcome ! I hope you will continue to share these.. @slowwalker

Nice post. I like your post. Its interesting. More posts like this is very valuable for us all to honour the memory of the history of the civilization of the ancient kingdoms. Relics like this we should keep posterity we are able to see and study the history of Nations.

I really like it, thank you!

I love your photos and how you give information/history on places you go to. I am learning a lot. Thanks for your post.

increíble me gusta mucho este blog

i really like to watch the tv series based on Korean history..some of them are very famous in our country..when watching them and reading these posts i wonder about the greatness of your history :)

Interesting photographs where the ceremonies are held. I appreciate you taking the time to share and I'm hoping you have a great and wonderful start of your new year and as always you have my continued support with resteem & vote @mannyfig1956


thank you so much for your good words

so beautiful

Personally i Like your post and your picture most beautiful . than you so much

hola..feliz año un reportaje muy importante @pedrolavado

Great photos!

Love it, thank you for another wonderful post;)


thank you so much

Great and interesting place. Been there as well.

I like your photography, especially from the sun, thanks for teaching us with your post, greetings Lena!


thank you

thank you visit for korea :)
I will follow you

gracias amigo, ahora puedo decir que conozco algo mas en la vida, bien respetando lo que ya comento en este post. que la historia la escribe quien la gana... excelentes sus imágenes y descripción. mucha suerte con su publicación.

@slowwalker always a good read wity great photos . Hope you had a very good xmas and new year

Most interesting post, beautiful pictures with complex history behind them.

This is incredibly gorgeous. It is my dream to visit South Korea with my family. The love how the culture has great respect for elders.

Your posts totally bring me back to the days I was living in Korea. What good memories! Thank you for sharing! -Dan


thank you so much

i need to go there especially when its so close to beijing

I really enjoy your history postings. I can also enjoy the beauty of historic photos from you in great detail. But I really like the word in this paper "History is the record of the winners". Thank you very much for sharing @slowwalker.

Best description with details about the authentic historical and traditional place of Korea. This always requires a hard work to write such a great post like this. Keep going on! and Thanks for sharing the Korean culture in the overseas community. Hope this reaches to more of foreigners so that they understand the culture and history of Korea and being attracted to visit to Korea !

Very good photo!

Interesting story with nice illustratsions. Love it!

Good work! Thanks for sharing your insight and pictures

The photos look beautiful

Super nice story.. I like it..

Great post!! and i like history of korea, I also know a lot about korean history by watching Korean dramas and i hope to visit korea this year

Nice place, nice photo.. i wish i can go there someday
Keep up with good photo

traveling is good for health. I love to travel.

A very interesting story .. What I like best in this story is about the death of the evil queen .. What a very peaceful country korea .. thanks and I will wait for the next story ...

I have always been fascinated by Korea, thank you for sharing and allowing us to get a glimpse of this beautiful place

Beautiful place, I love this, having many good memory in old times ...

a memorable journey of history, then captured with a picture that tells the story, the palace pillars to be silent witness length of the period that he has passed, @ slowwalker posting is very amazing. good luck for you.

Very nice post with beautiful pictures.. and palace of tragedy... Looks very beautifull but the story you told us.. seems scary.. would love to visit someday..

fantastic content! thanks for the work put into this. would love to photograph here one day !


Wow cool....😊😊😊😉
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luar biasa, korea merupakan negara yang kaya akan budaya dan sejarahnya, saya pernah disana walau tidak lama, foto yang anda abadikan juga sangat sangat luar biasa

Wow! This is such a beautiful picture... I wanna travel to Korea now and also take pictures.

This is one of the reasons why I want to visit South Korea. I happen to be a big fan of Korean Period films like War of Arrows and Kundo. This scenery looks like those films could have been shot here!

The other reason why I want to check out South Korea... all the banchan and yuk kae jang!

Thank you for the beautiful photos and narration :)

Great post,after seeing the photos and read the post I will put this location on my travel list for sure !it`s amazing how much history is out there for us to discover

I love places like this. I always wantoed to visit japan or china and go chceck out all those places. I have to do it someday. Thanks for sharing.

So nice pictures! Thanks for sharing this post!

I think you do very good in English, and it completes the story told by your photos, great work--keep telling your stories

Very nice story, beautiful pictures my friend.

Changgyeong Gung was a stage of tragic struggle around King.
One Queen was sentenced to death amongst the struggle.
She was described as an wicked women, but as you know, history is a record of the winner.

우리가 알고 있었던 역사도 사실이 아닐지도 모르죠..

멋진 창경궁 보여주셔서 감사합니다. 올드스톤님 포스팅을 보고 있으면 유독 한국이 더 그리워지네요.



very nice work done by you please keep it up Nice post dear and it is rewarded so enjoy the reward
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Hello from a little minnow from the island of Malta
wow, great story and great pictures too!!

you have a follower in me!

I like travelling..
Great content and interesting place..
Hope that I can visit it in the near future..


Thank you
Let me know when you visit korea

I have a novel with a story story in the palace that you write it.
the author is a korean man with a background of war stories, honor, devotion and betrayal.

I had read the dark history of the Korean nation when occupied by japan. this is the same with our country, aceh and indonesia that ever felt dark due to colonized japan.

but as bad as any colonist, history must be straightened out. and the relics that had been confused must be rebuilt.
but the Korean nation has mupu menta herself. they are advancing economically, technologically and culturally.


Wowwwwwwww. This is a beautiful comment, straight from the heart! The korean nation are strong people doing excellently in the world today. Nice comment! Cheers friend.


I think, it is a comment of the children of the nation who have heard the story of the imprisonment of the same nation.thank's my friend


You are welcome dear friend! Smiles.

Its such a beautiful place.
I have to show my friends the pictures