Bronze Buddha Statue and The Metal Stupa of Goryeo Kingdom in Baekje Museum of 88 Olympiad Park.

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The unprecedented relics were waiting for me. It was a surprise those relics were appeared in the corner of the exhibition room. I could not understand why they displayed those Buddha statue and the metal stupa.

Maybe, those relics were not related to Yeongkook-sa temple. It seemed that the relics in this room were rented to fill the exhibition hole, because the relics excavated from Yeongkook-sa temple were not enough for the space.

But the relics in this corner space were astonishing for me.
The Buddha statues made in Goryeo Kingdom were considered low quality in the view point of the Art.
But in my thought, this Buddha was well made as much as those of Shilla and Baekje Dynasty.







The metal stupa was made with elaborate.
How did they make complicated ornaments of the stupa. How did they attached those complicated items to the stupa more than 1000 years ago. How did they have such a excellent technic ?

The balance of the stupa was perfect.

And decorations and ornaments were very detail and excellent.
It was wondered how they made this beautiful stupa at that times.








It was great pleasure for me to look at those masterpieces.

It was the very last day of the special exhibition of Yeongkook-sa temple.
So you cannot see the relics anymore in Baekje Museum.

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The Stupa is very painstakingly done considering that it was made a thousand years ago @slowwalker and I believe that a craftsman with a deep devotion to his work can only do that like the modern Koreans with what they have done to modern Korea today.


Your detailed photo's are appreciated.

That Stupa is beautiful.

I think that Buddha's statue had 2 gems and they were stolen. Like you said it's a perfect craft work and when you talk about the Stupa, I had another thought. Coz in my country stupa are in different shape! But in here this is unbelievable! The balance of that metal structure is so perfect! After 1,000 years of time, it still exist as it is and could balance the entire structure perfectly!
The craft man of that Stupa should master that knowledge to do this work! It's great to see something that i really don't know! Moreover, this is the first time I have seen this type of Stupa in metal! My country (Sri Lanka) we couldn't find this form of Stupa!
Great photography and description! Specially it's a great to see articles related to Buddhism and it's histories! Thank you!


Fascinating to think about these ancient cultures and the people of those times. To think that craftsmen worked on these items so many years ago and we will know nothing of them, but their art still survives.

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Nice addition to this post on buddhist artifacts and relics.

@slowwalker, Glad to watching variation of Buddhist culture of Koreans. I'm wondering special exhibition looking photography of relics and metal stupas and Buddha statues. It's greatest technology usage. Yeongkook-sa temple has impressive designs & decorations. I got massive historical knowledge through your behind story indeed contents. The Lord Buddha has religious hand expressions. Nice you decided to shared daily basis. Triple gem bless you.

The religious significance of the Stupa and how much it contributes to the meditation of the individual is important to me in a personal way, as I seek to find a clear state of mind as I go about in my life. Great post!




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Este arte maravilla a cualquiera @slowwalker ese Buda y el Templo con sus figuras son espectaculares

Very beautiful and attractive shape You have just visited this Thank you

I find the history of your country very interesting, like many other countries, its beginnings always focus on disputes with the Indians and people who abuse power, so independence begins, reading this helped me a lot to understand why it is important to know the history, Teach to open your eyes and have your own judgment.

The relics look very good and I am surprised by all the details that it has, it is an inexplicable job for me because of the way they did it, but it is very well done.

I really do not see the relic of the Buddha of low quality with respect to art, in my opinion it is a work of art and the level of detail, I love it. It's my opinion, but maybe it's wrong. 🤔

Well these are never of low has been done with attention to detail...I don't believe any Art is ever of low quality and I want to thank you for sharing these amazing work...
Awaiting your next post :)

Wow,... mantapppp.. nice work slow, so beautiful ;)

You made it very carefully.
Thanks to you, it was a great tour.

I have been there long time ago.... I could not take photo like that though :(... amazing ones...

That was indeed a great find for you.
Thank you for sharing that with us.
You always have very interesting work for us.
That is why you do so well on Steemit.
Thank you


Truly beautiful relics its like looking into the past. I like the close up picture of details like the hands and little statues. :)

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Look at this post to see the city with magnificent artworks.

Very Nice post 👌,Thanks @ slowwalker

I have wondered often how anyone, could have created such masterpieces, worked with such precision, did amazing things with architecture and even used complicated math that was not taught at the time.

It has always and forever been a mystery to me!

I wonder about the quality of the Buddha that was in the corner of the room. It does not seem to fit the quality of the rest of the exhibit. The stuppa and the precision and technique that was used. I wish I had an answer for that age old question.

The stupa is meant to cover the statue of Buddha, is that correct?


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Extraordinary .
Good job my senior friend

These works of art are real masterpieces. Thank you for telling me about them.