7 Stars Hall in Sil Sang Sa Temple

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In every temple, there is a hall for serving mountain god who was believed as Korean traditional ancient religion.
I explained several times on the meaning of the mountain God in Buddhist temple in Korea. It seemed to be accepted by Buddhism in the process of accepting by Korean people. So it could be said as the result of the negotiation.

Here in Sil Sang Sa, there was an another example of the negotiation between Buddhism and local religion in ancient Korea.
It was seven stars. Here seven stars mean the Big Dipper.

There was only a seven star hall in Sil Sang Sa temple.
Other halls

I’d like to look inside of the hall, but regrettably, the hall was closed.
It was too late to see inside, time passed over 6 o'clock pm.

Even though this 7 stars hall was small building, people seemed to use so splendid style in this hall. This sincerity told they thought this hall important.



The hall of mountain god seems like a wonderful view! Pretty cool to see that place and you made a nice photography as well!


good story I like to read history of stories like this.

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The 7 Stars Hall in Sil Sang Sa Temple is awesome I must definitely say it looks smaller than I even imagined and I'd really have loved to see how it looks inside because outside looks more than colourful wow, amazing shots by you too.

@slowwalker, 7 Stars Hall in Sil Sang Sa Temple seems very small. But very unique style indeed there.

Here seven stars mean the Big Dipper.

That's very interesting meaning behind story. I really attracted to roof style here. Every temples built hall for mountain god and I already understood what's reason via your explains.

이 나이 먹도록 칠성당이 무슨 뜻인줄 모르고 살았다는 걸 깨달았네요 ㅠㅠ 칠성사이다랑 동명일 줄이야 ^^

wonderful story sir,i really admire your works sir @slowwalker

The House of mountain God always be awesome in view and it's very important house for those people who believe in traditional ancient religion. In our country most of the buddhist are tribe. In our country there have some very beautiful temple in Cox'sbazar, Moheskhali island and Ramu. I like share with you some picture form Internet.

img src

img src

Hope you will like to visit our country one day to see those great buddhist temple. Because i saw that you have great interest on temple.

It is really looking very wonderful and I am trying to feeling the inside beauty. I am really amazing to know the great historical temple place of the great Korea. Nice capture.

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