Now why does every person love to travel? Can travel be the means of learning?

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 Travel as a means of learning- nice thought. You need to define what kind of learning are we talking about here. By just visiting a bridge you can't learn the engineering principles applied in its construction. Camping out in a forest will not enlighten you about the species of plants and animals in that habitat. For that you need to go to college (or just Google in your laptop). But you do get to know the history of the place and get a view on how different lifestyles are practiced in different areas. You get inspired by the great works gone through in building the Burj Khalifa or any other man made wonder.You can’t stop but marvel at the skill of an artist just by looking at his paintings in a museum. By interacting with people on road or even in a tourist place you get the knowledge of different society beliefs and their mindsets.  


Nowadays in our age of social media, travelling is also a means of showing off your lifestyle. For many it becomes the objective of the year to have one foreign tour so as to add to their collection of Instagram Stories. Many travel to find their purpose in life, as going to a completely new place and getting out of your comfort zone gives people a reflection on their own perspective of life. Those bitten by travel bug can't stand to stay at one place longer than they need to. Others who excel at travel writing make it as their means of living.

On a personal note I always make sure I take out some time now and then to travel alone and independently. Not only are you left with a basket full of memories but you always learn a thing or two from the experiences. 

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Nice article. I work for Verizon and my job requires me to travel all over the United States and on my free time I love going out and exploring, and for me it is about the experience. About the wonders humanity has created or nature had created, and I'm often alone when I'm traveling from place to place, and you get to know yourself, but I tell you some of the things of beauty I have seen on many of those occasions I wished someone else would have been there to experience it with me.

I haven't never traveled out of the country, but I will. The only two places I want to see before I die are the pyramids of Egypt and Machu Picchu in Peru. One day I'll get there.

I too sometimes wish I had some one with me there to share the experience when I am overwhelmed by the beauty of a place. But it is very critical that the person or group with whom you travel also share the similar interests or it becomes a drag for both parties. An incident happened with me on one occasion where I had planned my holidays in a tourist area along with my friends. During mid tour our group was divided into three separate factions due to differences in opinions. One faction wanted to visit an ancient church, the other wanted to party in a club at the same time while few of us just wanted to laze around on the beach. Even though we did have some good memories at the end, I could sense some of us were irritated over the others. After that I have always loved to travel alone and on my own terms.
I came to know about Machu Picchu through the book 'The Motorcycle Diaries' and saw it in the film based on same book. The scene where it was involved was breathtaking and I can therefore understand your enthusiasm in visiting that place.

I too like to travel. Do join IndiaUnited if you wish

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