China #9: Off the beaten track – Breathtaking Hike on the Great Wall of China (1/3)

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Today, the big adventure is finally waiting for us: The Great Wall of China. This is, of course, an absolute must-do when in Beijing.
The imposing, the famous, the majestic - Great Wall of China

Before we decided on the actual tour, we spent a lot of time thinking about how, when and on what section we go. Because there are a lot of different tour operators. Finally we have chosen Great Wall Adventures
Mark, our host from the hotel, advised us against the tour we finally booked.
"What, you pay 2200 Yuan for a tour? That's too much! Normally, it costs 500 yuan per person. You are crazy!"
1100 per person is about 135 € - Yes, that's a lot of money.

But if we had followed Mark's advice, we would have gotten a run-of-the-mine-Wall Tour. We would most likely have had to quarrel with thousands of other tourists for the best photo spot, we would have been transported by gondola up to the Wall and back down and would probably have an "oh-my-God-never-again-something-like-this"-souvenir.
Instead, we had a unique, never forgetting sunset hike on the Great Wall of China
On our way up the hill to the Wall

We had a private tour with a unique guide and a delicious meal on top.
An old watchtower

We hiked on the 500 years old, untouched wall of Jiankou that is, normally, closed for the public.

That was an incredible immersion in China's history. Without kitsch. Without tourist crowds.
We had the Great Wall for ourselves.
The unrestored section of the Wall

The restored section of Mutianyu



Did we catch your interest?
Then follow us, walk with us from the unrestored section of the Wall in Jiankou to the restored, imposing Wall section in Mutianyu - let's go!


German (same post)

Abseits vom Mainstream: Atemberaubende Wanderung auf der Großen Mauer in China [1/3]

Heute wartet endlich das große Abenteuer auf uns: Die Chinesische Mauer. Dies ist natürlich ein absolutes Muss, wenn man in Peking ist.
*Die imposante, die berühmte, die majestätische - Chinesische Mauer *

Bevor wir uns für die tatsächliche Tour entschieden haben, haben wir wirklich sehr lange überlegt, wie, wann und auf welchen Abschnitt wir gehen. Denn es gibt viele verschiedene Touren und Anbieter. Letztendlich haben wir uns für Great Wall Adventures entschieden.
Mark, unser Host vom Hotel, hatte uns von der gebuchten Tour abgeraten.
„Was, ihr zahlt 2200 Yuan für eine Tour? Das ist viel zu viel! Eigentlich kostet das 500 Yuan pro Person. Ihr seid verrückt!“
1100 pro Person sind umgerechnet ca. 135 € - Ja, das ist eine Menge Geld.

Wenn wir Marks Rat befolgt hätten, hätten wir aber eine 0815-Mauer-Tour bekommen. Wir hätten uns höchstwahrscheinlich mit tausenden anderen Touristen um den besten Fotoplatz schlagen müssen, wären mit der Gondel bis hoch zur Mauer und wieder herunter kutschiert worden und hätten allerhöchstens ein „oh-mein-Gott-nie-wieder-sowas“-Erlebnis in Erinnerung behalten.
Stattdessen hatten wir eine einmalige, unvergessliche Wanderung zum Sonnenuntergang auf der Chinesischen Mauer
Auf dem Weg zur Mauer

Wir hatten eine privat geführte Tour mit einmaligem Guide und einem super leckeren Essen obendrauf.
Ein alter Wachturm

Wir sind auf der 500- Jahre alten, unberührten und der Öffentlichkeit nicht zugänglichen Mauer von Jiankou gewandert.

Das war ein unglaubliches Eintauchen in die Geschichte Chinas. Ohne Kitsch. Ohne Schnickschnack. Ohne Touristenmassen.
Wir hatten die Große Mauer für uns alleine.
Der unrestaurierte Teil der Mauer

Die restaurierte Mauer von Mutianyu



Haben wir euer Interesse geweckt?
Dann folgt uns, wandert mit uns von dem unrestaurierten Mauerabschnitt in Jiankou bis zum restaurierten, imposanten Mauerabschnitt in Mutianyu – los geht’s!



I believe it must be breathtaking to be there. Really nice photos thank you for sharing.

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it really was! thanks for swinging by

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Amazing photos! Very glad you took the more unique tour. Definitely seems worth it. Love some of the angles and views you captured in your photos.

thanks :) yes, it definitley was worth every single dollar.

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Thanks so much for your support! We feel honoured :)

the Great Wall of China. impressive, photographs. Thanks for sharing your adventure. excellent post. I liked reading you.

we are happy that you had a good time reading it, thanks :)

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challenge accepted ;)

I was reading something that said this wall could not have been used to keep people out and that maybe it was used to keep people in instead.

Looking at your photos, some of the areas look very low. Is that a trick of the camera or were they as low to the surroundings as they look?

never heard this point of view ;) Actually, the wall wasn't that low :-D to get on it, we had to climb a little bit. I think it looks quite low beacause of the trees around - if I remember it correctly, the wall is 10 m high and 6 m wide!

I think someone could climb the trees lol, but they probably were not there when it was in use.

Good picture!!!

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cool! thanks so much - so happy abour your support :)

When you travel so far away to see something so monumental then I think it's better to pay more. And it was absolutely worth it. There is no one! It must have been a surreal feeling to stand there on your own and enjoy such views. Your photos are beautiful!

Great hike, private tour guide and delicious meal. Your money was well spent ;)

Looking forward to see/read more from your Chinese adventure!

thanks :) Oh yes, it was - it is difficult to describe that feeling and the memories are unforgettable. But that really is the phenomenon in China - go to the best known spots and you will be overrun by tourists, go little bit off the beaten track, and you really can enjoy these moments on your own.

I'm glad that you told me about that as we're planning a trip to Asia and I was afraid of many tourists. Now I know how to get rid of them :)

Unfortunately we had to go to China in August. If you can avoid the main season you will have an even better time ;)

Thank you for the tip!

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You did catch my interest. The Great Wall is one of the most amazing human feats.
You had a great experience there by getting to walk along the unrestored section and have those amazing views catured in your photographs.
Looking forward to the rest of the series.

Yes indeed, it was great. Be excited about the rest of our trip, there are still a lot of Highlights waiting for you ;)

wow that is an amazing destination! something you have to see once in life, great reportage thanks for sharing

Such an awesome adventure it was. Great scenes with lovely clicks that can blow up the mind. How I wished I could visit those places one of these days

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I love this photo from the top of unrestored section.

Fun Fact:
Well known world class techno DJ and producer, Nina Kraviz played party at The Great Chinese Wall in May 2018

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