Tierra Alta- A Standout Idyllic Setting. Dumaguete City

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Our second day in Dumaguete. What to do now?

We didn't have any plans set for this trip because we love the “bahala na system” -However, sometimes this causes us to waste valuable traveling time. If you remember from my last blog, @bonjovey amd I spent at least an hour in our hotel room trying to decide what to do on our last day in Dumaguete. If we had a plan in advance, we would have saved that time sitting around.


“So, what now? What to do? Where are we going?” We were both just laughing at each other because we almost sounded like a broken radio repeating the same question, and neither of us could make up our minds nor come up with an appealing plan.

Since I had yet to have my liquid energy, 'coffee', - My brain couldn't function, and I was still feeling exhausted from not getting enough sleep the previous few nights. We Googled some information online on some things to do around the area, but the Manjuyod sandbar which we really wanted to see, was located too far off the coast, and would have been too much of a hassle to plan and to get there without your own vehicle.

Then suddenly at the same time, we both remembered that our intial motorbike driver (that picked us up from the airport), gave us his phone number and offered his 'taxi services' for a reasonable price if we ever decide to do a day tour. I jumped out of bed, got his phone number from my wallet, and dialed his number. Since he was a local, and sounded knowledgeable about the tourist spots in his own province- We decided to let him lead the way.

5 minutes later, our day bags were packed, and we were eager to start the days adventure. Hopefully, the driver had some good spots planned for us. Things we couldn't do or see in Cebu, so it would feel like we were on a real vacation :) We left the hotel at 9:45 am sharp, and the driver was gassed up and ready to go... It's adventure time!


Our first stop: Tierra Alta

The road getting to this resort was very steep, so getting to this place is best by motorcycle as many taxis and small vehicles would have a hard time on the ascent. At the top, the overlooking view of the city below was absolutely breath-taking!

Panoramic view from the clubhouse entrance.


This resort is situated 800 feet above sea level, and it's actually located inside the nicest/richest subdivision in Dumaguete, but its 25 minutes away from the city proper. This is a great location, because up this far there isn't much traffic nor pollution, and the city isn't too far away if you wanted to go out and have dinner or take care of your errands.



When we entered the place, I felt like I was a little bit underdressed. As a tourist, I noticed this was a problem many others before me have also faced. Lesson learned- Even if you are going to an island, and planning on spending most of your time laying in the sand- You should always bring some nice shoes, and a casual dress :) (And if you are @bonjovey, make sure you bring along your big hat!) lol!

The Pool




@bonjovey and myself agreed that this resort and the grounds looked and felt like it didn't belong here in the Philippines. The initial feeling I got when we entered, was undescribable. I have travelled around Asia a bunch, but this was the first time I felt like an actual tourist in my homeland. The view from the top was spectacular, and the grounds were immaculate- We couldn't help but to fall in love with this place and @bonjovey said if she ever won the lottery- She would buy a lot here for the both of us! Haha!


Fun fact: Tierra Alta means upland or high grounds.

All Photos are taken using my Google Pixel XL

Entrance Fee: 50.00pesos per head (sightseeing only)
Website: tierraaltaresort.com
Room Rates: 2,500 - 4,500
Pool Rates:
Adult -₱500 with consumable of ₱200
Child -₱350 with consumable of ₱150
Operating Hours: 7:00AM – 7:00PM (Daily)

Have a wonderful week Steemians!




Excellent pictures. Thanks for the tour!

Such a clean and bright place.

Great story! Well deserve to be upvoted!

thank you for your support, @steemitfriend!

Love the username by the way ^_-

thank you very much! it's a very nice compliment from the puresteemian! :))

Great story! Well deserve to be upvoted!

You"re such a wild explorer, @purepinay .

And always the nicest poses!


I missed you big time, Elena! Thank you for dropping by. I hope everything is well with you and Ale. Safe travel always!


ate @purepinay, try to go to samal island its nice there too.

Beautiful place my belove Phillipines.. thanks for sharing love to go and experience the beauty of Dumaguete.

If the travel time was wasted and,
Gives a joy.

Beautiful,i love all the pictures!safe trip my dear,looks you love travelling,that's sweet.

@purepinay you travel blog is informative, pictures are clear and wonderful. Makes the reader want to go to that place. Ive never get the chance to explore the whole country but by your travel blogs I can see what places I want to go next.

thank you, Philip!

I hope you get to see a lot of places in the Philippines when you go home to visit ;) btw, that photo with the food on your recent blog made me hungry, and a beautiful photo of you and your hubby. I didn't know he is also on steemit, glad you both joined the platfrom. Wish you all the best! ;)

hihi :) ok, if/when i go there, i'll remember to bring nice shoes, and a casual dress and my big hat! :P

pls tag me so I won't miss your photo wearing the nice shoes, and a casual dress and the big hat! haha

this is in bold letters by the way, so I'll remember haha

@bonjovey said if she ever won the lottery- She would buy a lot here for the both of us! Haha!

Or if Steem goes to lambo moon! Which is more likely. Hahahaha ;)

It's so nice to have someone who knows the area to guide you in your tourism! The times I've done tourism, the experience can be roughly divided in the times I got a a friendly native guide and the times I didn't. When I didn't, everything was expensive and full of tourists. When I did, I got to look at the most exotic and more homely things I've known in my life.

I'm glad you had one to begin with and had such a lovely experience. Your pictures seem very warm. I need a little bit of sun hahaha. Thank you for sharing your experience, Gilaine. You have a way of pulling your reader into it.

haha! true! Steemit will... let's give it some more time ^_-

Sometimes it's nice to have a tour guide, we learn more from the locals during our travel and save you some time too. The driver was really nice and very patient, we are lucky to met him.

Thank you for always reading and engaging with some steemians here. I hope you can start traveling again soon! ;)


The places you visited are all beautiful @purepinay. Tierra Alta is like paradise. Your travel escapades in Cebu and Dumaguete are really awesome. Thank you very much for showing us the beauty of the south.
Truly you are the Travel Queen of the Philippines here on Steemit! ☺♥

Thank you very much for all your support @purepinay!♥♥♥tenor1.gif

aw! thank you for always dropping by, Leah

I saw you sent a gift on my wallet with a note, that's really nice of you for thinking of me. It means a lot ;)

It's my pleasure @purepinay to read and see the awesome photos on your posts. And since you have your passport I know you'll soon show us the world!♥ Thank you very much Gorgeous @purepinay! :)

What I want to know is, how did the driver fit u two on his scooter? Lucky man indeed.

ahaha! could even fit one more ;D

one time I saw a motorbike with 7 people on it... isn't it more fun in the Philippines! lol

It is more fun in the Philippines. Especially with fun people.

Wow sobrang sarap maligo jan sa pool, nice blog ganda! Sana super maenjoy mo jan sa dumaguete! Happy travel😍😘

hello, ganda. how are you?

hindi nga kami nakaligo sa pool kay baka kulangin kami sa oras at wala kaming dalang swimwear haha

Very fine naman ako ganda! Ikaw kamusta pagstay mo sa dumagueti?
ay sayang naman gada parang ang sarap pa naman maligo!😍

WOW very relaxing place. thanks for sharing..


i post it also on our chat group on steemitdavao for support.

thank you, @mrblu, tell everyone I said hi.

p.s. voting power is still tight will be throwing more upvotes very soon. Hope you are doing well.

hi gel, we are so sad because of cryptocurrencies problem on Bitcoin, the sbd and steem are very affected on the dawn fall on giant bitcoin.

Sbd will/might go back to the pegged dollar.

I understand where you're coming from, @mrblu,
Seven months ago the whole market was red, it's a cycle. The whole market is correcting it self but what goes down will go up.

@foovler is right... SBD might go back to a $dollar that's why they call it Steem BACK DOLLAR, it should really remain at a dollar.

Don't worry, mrblu it's not a loss if you don't sell and Steemit is will RISE! :)

Really beautiful places. I think u did not read my comment in of your first post of dumaguete city. Another nice post. Thses places are really adventures. I like to reach there.

hello there, my friend. Am sorry if I missed you before, it's really hard to go through everyone's comment but I really try my best

but hey! I see you now, hehe

I hope you can visit the Philippines someday. Thank you for dropping by, enjoy your week! ^_-

yes i really want to visit there. yes it is hard to reply everyones comment especially if it is 50+. but thnks for replying me . Really great post . i think next post is more good thn now . thnks

Man that place looks gorgeous... I don't know about riding around on a motorbike though, sounds to risky for my taste, I've never gotten the nerve up to get on one.

very good travel dear @purepinay


i love your post,, all time,,,

wow..what a beautiful travel,, I like your post,,thanks for sharing,,,

i just #Resteemed your post,,,

thank you for the gif, I should do this sometimes with my photos instead of a collage. what app did you use?

dear friend @purepinay
I am your friend,,,You may not recognize me,,
Because, you have a lot of followers,,How to recognize me from among so many followers,,But you are my best friend,,Thank you from my side,,Because in many of my posts you Upvote and comments,,, many many thanks dear @purirepinay
I made this gift,,By Gift Maker App

Wow very cool I'll continue to follow!

  1. Your pictures exemplified your story
  2. Very fun and spontaneous story
  3. By your description I felt as if I was there!

Absolutely beautiful pictures. Looks like a wonderful location to visit. Thanks for sharing!

Wow this place is beautiful and it's not that expensive.. i hope i can travel there with my family this summer.. looking forward to your travel post. :')

I hope you can visit this place with your family, it will be nice.

thank you, dear. I'll see you around ^_-

Thats a beautiful resort! The pool looks also quite big and the design is extraordinary! I wouldn't mind to spend my free days overthere! 😂

thank you, @byiriss ;)

I know right, now a bit guilty for not swimming that day lol

Sorry if I missed some of your lovely posts, I look forward to your next one soon ;)


Thank you for sharing this. Your photos made me miss Dumaguete more. I spent my University days in this city. Did you get a chance to visit Silliman University? :)

you're welcome, @memebibiboboo ;)

oh only saw it from outside, at first, I thought it was a resort lol, the building looks really nice. You are lucky, it's one of the first and oldest American university in Pinas!

thanks :) I do love my dear Silliman ^^

What i love the most is the pool. So inviting. 😊😊😊

Safe travels @purepinay

so do I, how I wish I brought my bikinisssss lol!

thank you, dear
May you have a wonderful week!


gel this is wonderful place.. its more fun in Philippines .. uPVOTED

thank you, dear!

Wonderful resort here the pool and the administration here will surely be choice here, I think Dumagete is an astounding spot for movement
Good post @purepinay

thank you, dear ;)

Wow nindot lage dha!
I’ve been to Dumaguete but usually just to pass by going to Siquijor.

thank you, @iwanderela.

I've never been to Siquijor, I've heard they have nice beaches ;)

You’re welcome @purepinay 😊
You should go to Siquijor, it’s one of my favorite island. It’s very laid back and they an amazing sunset 🌅


This was taken in San Juan. The beach is amazing 😍

geezz am so jealous, that's a very nice shot! I would love to visit someday. Thank you for sharing this... for it made me smile ;)

I'm going to look up Siquijor now, that's an awesome picture!

For reeeal? Please go there. All the Filipinos I've seen who go there go back home to tell the stories of their great experiences. Being able to go there and not going sounds like an extreme waste!

bagus menawa bisa buat rancangan

a fun holiday, use a fun time do not waste it

Yup-yup, it's better to set up a schedule so that more tourism can fit in one day! If not, you'll risk getting much less of a positive experience out of your trip.


good point and I could have gotten some coffee that morning hehe ^_-

Awww, well, now you can do this for your future days. :)

thank you for the advice, I have to remember this next time I travel ;)

Haha, I'm glad you wrote about that part, where you were both just like "I don't know, what should we do?" I am trying to get better at planning because that happens to me too much, too. But it's also fun to not have a plan sometimes and just see what happens! Thanks for the reminder

Thunderous lord Jehoshaphat!! The pool is simply breathtaking. I wish I would one day meet with whoever designed it. Some people just take excellence to a whole new level.

Riiight? It's so amazing! The design of the whole hotel seems as if it had been made with the specific purpose of making the ultimate exotic place to stay. The pines, the views, the pool, the ambient in every section. It's just a place to give pleasure to your soul.

I love people with an excellent spirit. Its what I aimed at everyday with what ever I do. The Philippines really do have amazing places for one to give pleasure to his soul....

thank you @lordjames. I hope you do maybe you can have them design your home too ;)

It’s been a while I’m following your travel escapade. You did it well and all your photos are awesome, so inviting that makes me wanna go there ASAP! Thanks for always sharing your experience @purepinay

It's really nice to take some time off for these trips. :) and it's very well documented too, thanks to her awesome description skills and the all-encompassing pictures. Now I want to go to that pool and take a swim and sit there and watch time pass by.

hi, soulbella, how are you?

I wish I can upgrade my time, lol so many stuff to do. Thank you for your support, I hope you have a wonderful time here!


I do. Spending most of my vacant time here on steemit is a wonderful experience to me.

Am happy you find this community a great place. I wish you all the best and I'll see you around ;)

Beautiful resort here the pool and the service here will certainly be top notch here,
Well I couldn't agree more, you and @bonjovey are having quite a swell time of fun, I think Dumagete is an amazing place for travel

hello, @josediccus! how are you?

it was a good time, @bonjovey is fun to be with, glad she joined me ;)

It certainly is! I've heard so many Steemians from the Philippines talk about their warm experiences there. It feels like a touristic heaven. I'm sure they'll enjoy their stay. :)

I hope you can visit the Philippines someday, @cryptosharon ;)

WOW very relaxing place. thanks for sharing..


i post it also on our chat group on steemitdavao for support.

looks nice! i learned this place from my friend and we have plans to go there too soon... its nice that there's not many people around. Pretty affordable entrance fee too!

thank you, dear. If you happen to visit this place, you might want to try the 600m zipline, we didn't do it coz I didn't want to start my adrenaline rush on the same day of our flight, lol

yay.. i will sis.. thanks!

when we see the hidden beauties of our country we really feel as if we were tourists of our own land...keep on travelling and sharing to us the beauty of our beloved country Mam Gelaine, thank you for inspiring us...God bless!

nice place @purepinay,hope i can go on that place

very well post dear and great writing i like and support your post all time.but very miss you dear.so 100%love and 100%vote and resteem.

keep it up dear

Great photos! Enjoy your trip!!! :D

Another awesome photos and great place,Ate.
I'm sure the driver so love to take a ride with beautiful ladies.hehe (For sure, na hyper kananaman age ka ura ura ka excited, haha)
By the way Ate, when are you coming here in Manila?
I'm so excited to see you.hehe (Lalakat kita ah)

I miss you
Love you,
Henay kaw perme. Mwuah!

Lil Sissy💕

hello, dai! thank you! waray it ka hyper dida kay permi piraw, hehe...

diri pa ak maaam kun san o. matxt nala.

Miss you more! Love you!

Fantastic photo,,,
nice view.........really great

wow!! what a wonderful place, i would love to visit there, may be someday i will have enough money... :)

It's soo much beautiful, just like you are !! @purepinay

wow ! ganda naman ng place nayan :) I'm looking forward sa uban pa nimong journey @purepinay

Hello, I like your story, I think that happens to everyone, when we leave our homes to meet new places, but when the day comes we do not know what to do, sometimes because of the distance from where we stay to where we want to go, it is the factor and other times because of the cost that comes out of the planned; That's why it's best to get ready, and as we get to know the place we are incorporating our plan, for that it is also important to leave one or two days off to include the unexpected plans, and enjoy, good photos ah, I felt that I travel with you.ah I'm from venezuela I do not speak English very well

That place looks real nice. It is surprising how many great places there are in the USA.

The place is so unwinding and invigorating. omg a debt of gratitude is in order for sharin'. I may visit the place the soonest!
I concur with that "Bahala na" thingy..

the picture above is almost the same in my place ,,, but I am in aceh image

perjalanan yang sangat luar biasa @purepinay... Salam Komunitas Steemit Indonesia....Semangat Terus...

The city is beautiful, enjoy your stay there :)

I've researched this and saw the place on their website. ^^ it's a very elegant looking place. Did you go swimming? ^^

Why don't you invite me over ? ;)

"bahala na system" What does this system mean?
hahaha you should have planned it before going to somewhere :p next time be carefull :p

Tierra Alta has greatly improved, my colleagues have visited this place November 2012 @purepinay! This a good place for recollection in which we had some really quite time spending our thoughts and hearts about our workplace! Thanks for remisniscing me with this lovely post! More power and God bless!

woow bellas imagenes amiga, muy hermosa saludos..

Muy pendiente de tus publicaciones me parecen interesantes y de muy buen gusto, estaremos en contacto. saludos!

This is so much fun my friend. Wow. I can join the party too, right? See that amazing pool...😊😊😊😊. Waiting for the food part, haha

this place is beautiful

@purepinay the pool is so gorgeous. I want to visit this place maybe my next visit to Philippines. I can imagine myself taking a suntan and sipping my pina colada already. Look forward to your next travel fun journey. Cheers

That was a good read. Thank you

Wow..such a beautiful place to visit. Hope you have a good time there. Is it near Manila? Thanks

Wow! Beautiful place. Ang ganda talaga ng Pinas! Thank you for sharing this @purepinay

wow, this place has a California vibe to it. gonna visit this soon

So sunny!💛💛enjoy!

Greetings friends return the vote for me

Hello @purepinay, honestly if you have enjoyed in this beautiful earthly paradise of Dumaguete; simply with two beautiful living stars: @purepinay and @bonjovey the place was transformed into a celestial atmosphere. May God bless you with a lot of life and health so that you may continue to enjoy life to the fullest.

Greetings friends

wow... what a beautiful place to come and see.. its more fun in the Philippines.

nice place!! :)

Beautiful place and thank you so much for this great sharing now punta talaga ako jan hihi so nice and such a paradise, love it so ,much cool and fresh. Gwapa ng lugar gyod parehas ng 2 binibining pinay .

I just love the way u put your blogs together, very simple and sweet, great job :)
Im working on a cruise ship so im doing reviews of ports im visiting maybe stop by and check where i am, maybe u get idea for planing your next trip 😁

Ill see you around have a good one ! 😁👊

Please have a meal in hayahay, their chili crab meat is the bomb! ❤️

Chili crab meat O.O I've never eaten crab. It sounds like something I'd love to try hahaha, but putting chili in it sounds terrifying! Well, I've never had anything with chili. Living in Latin America I've heard about how crazy Mexicans are about it. But I've also seen the tongue-burning experiences that follow after trying it hahaha.

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This is definitely my kind of resorts. Free from the worries of what to eat, where to go, packing up for busy sight-seeing schedules. I rather sit on a beach chair, a lazy day and call it a day :D Now this definitely reminded me of the beach holiday I went in Oman. Urghh! Need another holiday soon! Nicely documented, good job :)

@purepinay :) Hiii, great post! Great pictures, the atmosphere of tierra alta seemed soothing. Best wishes girly.

The place looks magnificent. I'm from Negros but never had the chance to visit Dumaguete yet :-( I've seen this place being posted by some of my friends from the province and they took great photos as well. It was not the editing, it was the view. Glad you were able to visit this place. Looking forward to your Sumilon or Siquijor blog soon. :-)

Wowww. I like this photo

Plenty of photos to look at here! Did you like more than one? :P

hello purpinay ,, may we greet each other.

An astonishing beauty. Picture quality is wow

Greetings @purepinay, first of all let me tell you that your photos reflect the wonderfulness of your visit to the city of Dumaguete, I can appreciate that it is a beautiful place. Life must be enjoyed with travel as well as yours and without planning much things go much better, Greetings from Venezuela

Your post is much better, I like it very much, like every day like this, a better word, if you are always with me,

wow that is so good

this is so beautyfull. like a dreem house. jast awsome place. i naver seen this again.

i love your travel dear @purepinay. God bless you

I love lighthouses! Maybe one day I will visit one.

Huuuh, I've never climbed a lighthouse. It must be fun to watch the sea from the only place ships can see of the coastline. Maybe the horizon is farther when you're up there. I'll do that next time I see one.

wow....excellent fun....& i love travel...thank you for sharing...dear @purepinay

Very nice place! next time when me and my group have an another Long rides to Dumaguete City i suggest to visit in that place...

It's really beautiful

I have upvoted you by 'betbuddha' from minnowbooster.
Beautiful resorts.

fun holiday times ms @purepinay...
continued success😁😁😁😁

thanks buat postingannya

kaka relax, love the pool at ang view!!
so much green. I love PH. missin' my land.
Stay beautiful, miss you a lot!


good morning sis:)

Thank you sis! How are you?

Kelan ka ulet babakasyon?

Miss you!

thanks sis:) im fine a bit sick and still recovering:)
but all is well. bakasyon? nakupo ipon muna.
kung pwede nga lang lagi bakasyon hehe haaisttt

misss you toooo.
How are you?

Wow its a great place i love to visit such place. I will be touring with steem money

hahaha. I agree with that "Bahala na" thingy..

The place is so relaxing and refreshing. omg thanks for sharin'. I might visit the place the soonest!

This post has received a 35.59 % upvote from @booster thanks to: @purepinay.

Thanka for sharing your experience and contributing in steemit

Ohh that is a heavenly view. I have been to dumaguete but I never knew that there is sometbing like that. But, looking at the rates, I guess it will take a lot of time for me to save (just exaggerating to be noticed) . But it will be awesome. Enjoy!

Wow! this is beautiful as you are as well :) Stay gorg! Waiting for more <3

Ah. You found another gem. Great decision to get help from the driver. I will not forget this place if I ever get to Dumaguette. Nice pics. Did you go swimmimg in that awesome pool?

Nice place, looks like a good spot for a photoshoot. Thank you :)

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