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Travelling to a store? What’s the big deal?

Life is exciting and amazing, and travel makes it all the more so. However, driving across the country can be a time-consuming, uncomfortable, and draining experience. Any opportunity to get out of the vehicle and stretch your legs can be a blessing.

I’ve traveled from central Wisconsin to south Texas multiple times before and from Wisconsin to California and back as well. When a trip takes more than a day (24 hours +) of just driving, sometimes a lengthy break can help.

This is where Bass Pro Shops comes in. Since they just bought Cabela’s, I’ll mention that store too, because what they have to offer is similar anyway. As a family, we have stopped at multiple Bass Pro Shops and Cabela’s stores over the years, and here is why.

Basically, these stores are huge, and the Springfield, MO Bass Pro Shops is no exception. They have become more than just a store, and are an entire experience. I’d compare the store to a cross between a store, museum, and zoo. A lot of interesting animals can be observed alive or admired mounted.

Recently, when we were coming home from our trip to Wisconsin, we decided to stop at this store even though it was late and we were only an hour and a half from home. Here are some photos from our time there.

Live alligators are always neat to observe. Where else can you pull over to stretch your legs on a cross country trip and check out some alligators for free? Perhaps in Florida or Louisiana, but this was Missouri.

I'll just share the gifs and pictures and let you enjoy, but there are Bass Pro Shops and Cabela's all over the United States, and people are free to just come in and explore. Notice the amazing decor around the store, all the incredible animals, and the great selection of outdoor gear!

That was just some of what we got to see and experience at the Bass Pro Shops in Springfield, MO. You can see why I consider it to be more than just a store, it's a whole experience!

What is your favorite free spot to stop and enjoy on your trips?

I think that making GIFs with the pictures is a great way share a lot of photos without making the post really long. What do you think?

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Excellent choice of travel friend, @papa-pepper congratulations
Beautiful photos, to enjoy the days with the family


I agree, it was an excellent time together.

Your cute children looked tired in the first pic. Finally, they smiled. That's good. I also enjoyed with your pics. Great papa :)


Yeah, I had them "pose" for the photo and look extra unimpressed!

That was taken in anticipation of stopping at Bass Pro Shops later, as it was still light then, but dark when we showed up.

I thought it might make a good post even before we stopped in!


looked like the kids enjoyed it


We all did!

Thanks @otisbrown!

You SO shoulda got a hold of me! My kid loves it there!


Maybe I'll stop in to record that podcast for you!

Thanks for the heads up!


I grew up two blocks behind there. 😄

Crazy how big SteemIt is in SGF!

The GIF's work really well! Great post, and it certainly is a lot of fun going to the bass pro shop!


Thanks for the feedback!

It is always fun!!!

Pretty awesome I had no Idea! WOW! And what a great advertising for those guys! You did an awesome job! Steem on! 🎏🐟🎣🐟🎣🐟🎏


Yeah, it's a really sweet store with a lot of amazing things to check out!

Always a treat to hear from you @papa-pepper !


Thanks for that!

I have been to the Springfield store, too. It truly is an experience to take in. A person could spend a lot of money there on things they really don't need.

Rumor has it the new world record whitetail buck was just killed here in Iowa. I wonder if it will appear at Bass Pro Shop. My father-in-law shot the second-place state record buck in 2002, and Cabela's and Bass Pro made extremely generous offers to buy it, but he declined. Now that buck watches over all of our holiday get-togethers from it's home on the wall.


Yeah, Johnny Morris, who now owns Bass Pro Shops and Cabela's sure buys a lot of neat things, so I'm not surprised about that offer.

In my current line of work, I've worked on some of his projects, and they are amazing.

Did you see the @narrowminded post today?


No, I did not see that post.

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Wow this is a mega post! I love the photos. This is less a shop and more a theme park! I love the little alligators (am I crazy or are they actually cute?)


I think they are cute too.

Since you don't have to buy anything, it's like the best free theme park around!


I wish we had one here. It reminds me of Florida:)


They had an albino gator there for a while, but I think it got an eye infection and they had to move it out. My wife worked there for a few months about 5 years ago and said that gator used to watch her. lol

I think that Springfield store is Bass Pro's biggest. Cabela's giant show-stopper store is in Sidney, Nebraska and is worth the stop, too. It will be interesting to see how their merger goes. Our local Cabela's folks think it will be a pretty good thing. Whichever one is close, they are all worth a stop!


I agree...

From what I heard, they won't really be changing Cabela's which is good.

I've been to the one in Green Bay, WI and one out in Montana (i think).

Been to a few Bass Pro Shops, but I do think that the Springfield one is the best.

Came to to say I'm looking translating this to Chinese because I think this is a fun trip and interest to share.

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