Balinese People Get Two Birthdays

in travel •  2 months ago

Balinese Birthday.png

Two birthdays? Sounds like a tradition I should've talked my mom into when I was 5 and could've cashed in on a lot of sweet presents. Some genius Balinese kid had to have come up with this idea.

But yes.

Balinese people have two birthdays. The regular one and the "Balinese one."

I asked Nari about the Balinese calendar and how it works and she said "I'm confused a little bit."

Which totally explains why I was confused when she tried to explain it to me! I thought she knew what she was doing! Haha the woman cracks me up.

She spent several days weaving decorations out of palm leaves for the ceremony for her son's Balinese birthday.

Look at this bird she made:

I asked her in broken English that imitates the way she speaks:

"What's mean?" (the bird)

"It's for keep the body clean." - Nari

"Really?" - Me

"I don't know. I just make make." - Nari

Hahaha never a boring day around Nari and her family, that's for sure!!!

If you really are dying to be educated about the meaning behind Balinese birthdays, a quick "presearch", a decentralized search engine, should do the trick.

Obviously, Nari and I are failing at teaching you.

But we had fun!

And that's what counts maybe!?!?

These pics are blurry but I like blurry pictures, because I think they're proof of fun.

They're not all posed and sterile (like your urine. or a hospital room).

Here are the decorations for the Balinese bday:

Yeah, Nari basically did all of this herself. That's what I can an ACTUAL baller, as opposed to people like me who just PRETEND to be baller.

Everyone at the homestay got to participate in the Bday party and eat
Nari's homecooked food.

She makes stuff like Gado Gado (eggs, peanut sauce, sprouts and amazingness) and Nasi goreng (spicy fried rice).

Forgot to take a pic of her food this time around so thank you internet for picking up my slack:

Much <3 to you from Bali from all of us (even though I'm not in the pic haha).

The moral of this story is two birthdays are better than one.

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Hey awesome birds you create
Balinese People Get Two Birthdays thanks for sharing awesome information ♥️

Haha, that sounds like so much fun! And I'm totally down with the moral! Love your writing, definitely a new follower <3


aw thanks!!! You just made my day @frejafri! Since you're new, just letting you know I'm doing a giveaway of 10 steem monsters packs. Some of the cards are worth a lot of money, so if you want to enter, you're not too late. You can read the instructions here, but basically enterting should only take 1-2 mintues.

You don't even have to resteem or write anything haha.

Here's the link to the contest stuff:


thank you :D

I think it's based on Balinese year which I recall called saka
I am glad you're having fun in Bali 😀 I'll be back soon there!


ohhh yay thanks! haha why do you know more than Nari?!? Lol!

I hope so! I may leave I can't decide. Hey do you want steem monsters packs? I'm doing a giveaway

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Perfect! In India, many Hindus have two birthdays as they follow a different calendar. Which is why some hindu festivals are on a different date every year if you follow the normal calendar.

That's one hell of a celebration @nomadicsoul. ;) Cheers!

I wouldn't mind getting two days either! ;-)

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Thank you!

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I love this morale! Two birthdays are so cool!

When I was young we were celebrating Christmas twice. Once based on the Julian calendar and the other one based on the Gregorian calendar. The reason for it was that part of my family followed Catholic religion and the other part Orthodox religion. As for a child it was awesome! You get your presents twice and you don't have to go to school for a few more days than other kids :)