Pretending To Be A Baller

in travel •  2 months ago


We came, we pretended to be baller, we conquered.

On my newly enforced weekend work detox days, I do things like crash the W hotel with friends and pretend I'm spending bookoo bucks there, but really I'm not. I'd rather invest my money than buy an overpriced cocktail.

I could post pics like these, not tell you how little I spent ($0) and you'd totally get jealous and think I was totally rolling in the dough!

This is a reminder to not believe all the BS stuff you see online.

Next week I might try to make you jealous by standing in a really expensive villa! It will be dope, and you'll be so jealous of my Bali life (but don't fall for it. I will definitely not be paying to stay there).

I hope you'll remember to call my BS on it!

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Lol!! I met you! You are a total baller!!

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haha not a baller at all!!!

LOL!!! I will be thinking... gosh... I want to travel like her... she goes to all the fancy places. How I wish I was rich! HA!


Hahaha exactly!!!! You fell for it!!!! That was my evil plan all along!


Hahah! I was thinking... wow I wanna be like her, travelling and all. That's why I asked you what u were working as!

hahaha! Ball on MS.


haha you're so cute

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We gon' ball even after 53!.


haha yeah!


That's my darling.

Hahaha ! thats awesome @nomadicsoul ! Great job, its fun to pretend and is exactly what I would do, not only because im broke , but why not hqve fun showing how deceiving photos can be and Fake News Lol!😀✌💕😂