I fell in love with New Zealand πŸ’™πŸ’šπŸ’› Part VI: Magic Camping at the end of the world...πŸπŸ‡πŸ“πŸ•

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As you know In February, together with my husband and one-year-old daughter, I traveled around South and North Island of New Zealand. You can read more about our journey in my previous posts: Β 

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Today I invite you to an amazing camping, where the lama is friendly with the peacock, and hens are sleeping in the trees. Such a place exists and I visited it in New Zealand!Β 


On the Northern Island, more green and less mountainous part, we found a unique place. Camping located in the area, where there are many geysers and hot springs, in which you can take health baths (sulfur and mud).Β 

A place hidden among forests, you can stay here in a house, tent or your camper.Β 

We found such a view at the entrance to the reception and information point for tourists:


Β At the campsite live animals, extremely friendly to visiting guests :) Meet some of them:Β 


Rabbits live in the boxes left on the meadow 🐰 

The hens live great camp life! The most tame that I had the opportunity to meet :) To my great surprise, when evening came, they went to sleep ... in a tree!Β 


Bless you!

Moni 😍


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It is sooo green and beautiful out there!! I would love to visit NZ someday! I have heard so many awesome things about that place!

Awesome animal shots!!! 😍

The first photo looks very peaceful.


New Zealand is a really peaceful and beautiful place.

A fun trip ,, surely @ monika-homa likes to star cattle ,, like poultry yes ,? .

Beautiful photographs friend @monika-homa.
I love how in your photographs you show nature, the colors so impressive and most importantly very well cared for animals.


Thank you very much 😊
I am always happy to see nature and good living animals.

So beautiful :) I hope you get to enjoy those hot springs!


Thank you!
Yes, I really enjoyed mud and sulphur bath :)

Beautiful trip in awesome country @monika-homa is there in the last picture sunrise?

No doubt NZ is a beautiful country but the sad part is that most of the animals like ships, chicken, rabbit, cows etc are a part of animal agriculture and these animals are tortured to death for human consumption. Recently I heard a heartbroken news that NZ gov. is planning to kill 150 thousand cows due to some virus issue.