Nottingham by Night...and Day, UK

in #travel4 years ago

@danpaulson and myself travelled to Nottingham two days on the trot to check out some interesting things in the city!

Last night was Light Night, which has a huge number of light installations and other events including storytelling, poetry and music all over the city.

Today we returned for a heritage and cave tour of the Malt Cross Inn, followed by lunch at the veggie/vegan Alley Café.

It is, as it's name suggests, down a narrow alleyway in the heart of Nottingham. I had the vegan burrito, while Dan decided on the tempeh burger with facon.

Nottingham has some pretty, old streets, with pubs dating back to the 12th century! This interesting old clock was above the Pit and the Pendulum pub.

It is a lovely city to visit if you get the opportunity; full of history, art, music and it is also a great place to shop.

All photos taken by me. If you have enjoyed this glimpse into Nottingham please follow, upvote and resteem!

Until the next post, Nikki the MaskedBlogger. x


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Cool ur post ,,,, I hope to spend some time in such a beautiful city ,,, good luck my dear @maskedblogger 👍

Thanks @samer484 I hope you will get the chance to visit Nottingham some day. :-)

The first two pictures are very beautiful. Great colors!

Nottingham Light Night offers some good photo opportunities @enja18! :-)

I liked the photos very much, lotus flower looks amazing and flying horse😍

Thanks @sudefteri, the 3D Pegasus horse makes a great shop sign! :-)

You have made it look attractive. Funny how food is always a part of the memories of such a day.

You're right @arthur.grafo! I find most of my memorable days revolve around food!

Beautiful city and amazing photos...those lights at the beginning are it ^_^

Thanks @leyla5! Followed you. :-)

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